Teen Unable to Digest Food Seeks Help for Rumination Syndrome

Author: The Doctors

- One of the reasons you're here today is because I know this is something that is taken a big hold on your life. But I applaud you for this positivity that you exude. (audience applauding) We haven't talked about this on the show before but knowing it was a mind and body issue, we sent Mya to board certified gastroenterologist, Dr. Su Sachar, and a psychotherapist, Dr.

Mike Dow, for some answers. - [Mya] I've been to multiple doctors and no one can figure out what was wrong. A couple months ago they figured out that I had rumination. - Rumination syndrome consists of regurgitating food back into the mouth.

Sometimes a patient will actually spit it out, and sometimes patients will actually re-swallow it. I'd like to run some extra tests to see if we're missing anything. Is that okay with you? - Yes, ma'am. - The first one will be a blood test to see if there's any electrolyte abnormalities, any evidence of malnutrition. The second test will be a H. Pylori breath test and it will tell if she has a bacteria in her stomach. And lastly, we'll do an ultrasound and make sure there's no gallstones. (suspenseful music) - You've been through a lot, almost a hopelessness.

- Yeah. - It was this perfect storm of this physical illness with the rumination, and then it caused depression and anxiety. Tell me how bad that depression has actually gotten. - It got really bad this past year, and I almost did commit suicide. - What is that like to hear your daughter say that? - This isn't your fault, and you know that. I just want her better. - I see that.

Teen Unable to Digest Food Seeks Help for Rumination Syndrome

I also see how heavy this burden is for you. This is dangerous. One of the things that I would like to teach you today, is diaphragmatic breathing. Place one hand near your chest and I want you to just take 20 deep breaths, through your mouth and through your nose. And we're gonna try to slow it down. One, two, three. What I see is that's it's natural for you to breath up here. - It's hard to do it down there.

- It's hard, right? We're gonna, now, add the next step. We are going to give you a little weight. But we're gonna start with one book, and we're gonna try to move that book up and down as much as possible. There ya go! See that book movin'? Two, three, four, five. Keep goin'. You just keep feelin' really hopeful that you're going to be able to beat this.

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