Supplement Alert: Review of Enzyte 24/7 and Review of Extenze Maximum Strength

Author: IMPRESS!® Dietary Supplement for Men

Today we will compare two of the oldest major National brands to IMPRESS! Dietary Supplement for Men as Enzyte 24/7 and Extenze go under the MaxLabs US microscope. Welcome to Supplement Alert sponsored by IMPRESS! I'm Charles Kraft RN, Vice President of the MaxLabs US Functional Health Group.... These two competitors are among the most visible brands.

They've faced their fair share of bad publicity, but we will put that aside today and take an objective look at the content of both. The first analysis looks at a total dosage per serving- On the graph you see our IMPRESS! with its 1600 mg dose to the left. Comparing the total serving content, Enzyte comes in nearly 58% less than IMPRESS! and Extenze at nearly 78% less- Clearly, IMPRESS! delivers more in terms of overall content. The next example illustrates the value of ingredients specified for these polyherbal blends- Current wholesale pricing for the ingredients (exactly as listed on the supplement facts panels) was used to determine their relative cost.

IMPRESS! specifies expensive branded, high-potency extracts. Enzyte and Extenze come in with ingredient costs a staggering 93% and 77% less respectively... The objective is to provide customers with the highest quality and we feel the result is well worth the expense... Let's line these up and compare side by side, starting with "the routine." IMPRESS! offers "flexible dosing"- It is perfectly safe to take it every day if desired, but it is not a daily commitment like these competitors. Highlighted here are the milligrams per serving for each supplement, along with the percentage difference for the Enzyte and maximum strength Extenze. Looking next at the total number of extracts in these supplements- It's important to understand that "extracts" can offer higher potency than just powdered plant material and there can also be higher and lower levels of standardization (or strengths) within these extracts.

You see at the top, IMPRESS! lists eight extracts, Enzyte specifies five and Extenze in it's tiny 358 mg formula has specified 11- We will cover the implications of that in a second... This second column labeled "premium extracts" is where the men are separated from the boys - premium, branded extracts come with manufacturer mandates to use minimum quantities that they have established as beneficial and these premium ingredients offer the confidence of increased testing, quality control and often-higher levels of standardized bioactive compounds... In the case of Enzyte and Extenze, you can see neither product claims use of any premium branded extracts on their supplement facts panels... Let's circle back now to those 11 extracts listed in the Extenze formula.

Supplement Alert: Review of Enzyte 24/7 and Review of Extenze Maximum Strength

It might be easy to think "WOW, it's got 11 extracts instead of eight so it has to be better" - right? Keep in mind that those 11 generic extracts are spread out across their tiny 358 mg serving. Maybe a few of you like to drink- we will use this margarita as an analogy to show the difference between these two products. Impress, if it were a margarita would be one that came in a big, heavy 28 ounce souvenir glass, each of the liquors would be double shots, And each of those doubles would be from the top shelf. So let's see what type of margarita Extenze maximum strength would be. Rather than the big heavy 28 ounce souvenir glass it's in a mere 7 ounce glass... Instead of those doubles you were enjoying with IMPRESS! you're getting half shots. And to top it off those half shots are the rotgut from the rail... IMPRESS! is the premium choice for men.

The last place where IMPRESS! brings clear advantages is with "energy and clarity." Instead of making just another herbal erectile dysfunction product, we also addressed the lifestyle needs of our customers- They work hard- They're stressed and many party and keep long hours- if you fall into this category, we're certain you will be delighted... Looking quickly at the safety profiles, we want to call out the fact Extenze lists yohimbine HCL as an ingredient. Yohimbine has a horrible safety profile. It has been linked to numerous health problems up to and including heart attack... What must be considered is why so many of you have looked for a natural alternative. Many avoid Viagra-type drugs because medical conditions don't permit them..

Well, aside from all the nasty side effects, Yohimbine carries many of the same contra-indications as Viagra. Guys with prostate problems, PTSD, blood pressure problems, heart disease, diabetes should steer clear of it... Looking now at Enzyte, we examine ingredient choices. With IMPRESS! we considered the available space in the capsules too valuable to waste on dietary vitamins and minerals that most guys get in their regular meals. Consider Enzyte dedicates about 5% of its content to nutrients plentiful in the typical American diet.

Niacin for example- if in a day you eat a hamburger, some guacamole, and a decent size piece of chicken for dinner you've taken in 153% of the daily value of niacin... Look also at Enzyte's ingredient choices. Most are fairly popular in men's health products and stem from traditional Chinese medicine, but if you compare what's specified to quantities that have been reported as potentially beneficial, it would take around 5000 mg of such a mixture to possibly provide any benefit... With respect to ingredients, we are proud to tout our supplier partners who are among the largest and most respected in the business. Please take a sec to visit and check out the features and benefits associated with each of these upscale extracts.

I want to thank you for joining Supplement Alert sponsored by IMPRESS! Dietary Supplement for Men. IMPRESS! offers flexible dosing rather than a program. IMPRESS! means sharp and energized today, IMPRESSIVE tonight and clear tomorrow.

With IMPRESS! you are two capsules away from. Two great days. Please subscribe for more and follow us on your favorite social channels. We look forward to seeing you again soon. Take care.

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Supplement Alert: Review of Enzyte 24/7 and Review of Extenze Maximum Strength

Today we will compare two of the oldest major National brands to IMPRESS! Dietary Supplement for Men as Enzyte 24/7 and Extenze go under the MaxLabs US microscope. Welcome to Supplement…

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