Stroke Survivor Nicola Talks About How Stem Cells Alleviated Her Symptoms

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I’ve got better control over my knee and better control over my balance so that’s good. And I’ve not been as tired. No definitely fatigue was a big thing that we wanted to tackle so, as she starts yawning, but fatigue has been a lot better you’ve been a lot more energized you have more range of movement and you’re quicker at doing things, so that’s very positive. Yeah Nic always had a bit of a disparity with walking which again is probably a right thing but they’ve kind of worked it so it’s absolutely a lot better. That’s’ the good thing they stretch out all the muscles so you feel like you’re tall as you should be. When you stroke it makes everything all cramped up and it makes everything lengthen out and stretched.

Yeah the spasticity you get after a stroke is really quite debilitating and painful isn’t it but you’ve managed to lengthen out your forearms your biceps and your triceps and my legs as well which is nice. Ok great. The previous treatment at home was mainly physio and occupational therapy and what else did we have? Related to physio you had some pilates, acupuncture and you’ve done some swimming as well, also some gym work to strengthen her core get her back into using rehab get her back into some kind f place we were before isn’t it? We tried a variety of thing really before we heard about this particular item. I think initially we didn’t know about stem cell therapy at all. It was a case of Nic likes to do a lot of research around the next technology what’s happening and where it’s happening in the world. And we kind of looked at literally putting stem cells into a google search and it came up in America it came up in Serbia and then finally it came up here in Bangkok, in Thailand and we looked at the best possible package bearing in mind cost as well because that’s important and we looked at the best possible package and this by far was incredible the wraparound support the complimentary support. Wasn’t just stem cells was it, the others were just stem cells.

No exactly you’re absolutely right you’re absolutely right, this was more about that wraparound service not just stem cells and away you go home there was 24-7 you’re in the hospital you have all the support from the nursing staff the doctors the physical the OTs the aqua and it was all there it was such a good package. We felt that we had to give it a good. It was very smooth you completed some kind of online form and you sent it off and within 2-3 days Hanna would come back to us we were kind of interested and getting more and more interested and we said can we have a conversation on the phone because there’s question we need to ask that you can’t always put down on email. And we made a time and place and she rang us bang on spot on time 10 o’clock in the morning convenient to UK time. And we had a list of questions that we wanted to ask and Nic asked the questions and Hanna was great straight upfront transparent upfront honest didn’t hide anything didn’t try to conceal anything very straightforward pinpoint great. Well the injections I’ve had IV stem cells and I’ve had lumbar puncture which wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. I’ve had Physical therapy which has been going very good, I’ve enjoyed that. I’ve enjoyed the aqua therapy it’s been really good in the water and occupational therapy has been hard work that’s the hardest one I think it’s the occupational therapy and the about the figure stimulator RTMX which is good but I don’t like it it’s too noisy like a woodpecker tapping on a peg.

Ok anything else? Well, oh acupuncture yes I like the acupuncture that’s nice ok good good. The rooms ok the showers fine. Yeah the walk-in shower’s fine it’s cleaned twice a day they’re in and out they can’t do enough for you. The cleaners the people who bring you food they’re so polite and courteous aren’t they. They’re fantastic I’m really really impressed with the attitude of staff have been second to none I mean really polite courteous and well mannered. So the room’s ok really and it’s got a great view, it’s got a great view of course of downtown Bangkok isn’t it? The room is functional it’s adequate, no complaints no complaints. And the hospital’s nice isn’t it oh yes it’s quite unique stuff isn’t it? Yeah hospital’s very nice.

Stroke Survivor Nicola Talks About How Stem Cells Alleviated Her Symptoms

All the facilities they’ve got all the stuff that you want and you’d expect. Which is good. Even the ITMS is a piece of kit I’ve never seen before it’s quite cutting-edge stuff I think there’s only two in Thailand or something.

And Beer who works here is fantastic isn’t he, really supportive as are most of the staff I’ve got to say most of the team you’ve got around you, fantastic. I would tell them to give it a go. Most definitely look into it research it but do not discount it because it’s a cutting-edge technology and it’s here to stay and I think it’s only going to get better. We’ve been delighted with the whole setup from start to finish it’s very professional it’s very well run it very well managed you’re kept informed they communicate well I think it’s really worth looking into it rather say no because you can say what if for the rest of your life you realize that money isn’t everything health is everything and you take it for granted you just say oh well it’s just one of those things in life but it’s not it’s absolutely everything and when you’ve got a chance to get your quality of life back then you take it every time.

Stroke Survivor Nicola Talks About How Stem Cells Alleviated Her Symptoms

I’ve got better control over my knee and better control over my balance so that’s good. And I’ve not been as tired. No definitely fatigue was a big thing that we wanted to tackle so,…

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