Story’s Tale: Toddler survives rare brain condition, surgery

By: KCRA News

Nd a mother's instinct helped save the toddler's life. good to see you. good to see you. Mike: a joyful reunion today for joy burger and the doctor who helped save her daughter's life. story woke up from a nap and really lethargic.

Mike: story burger's left eye was a little droopy and her mom noticed that her left pupil was unresponsive. parents need to follow their gut. You know, i had a professional tell me it was a stomach bug and i still went with my gut. Mike: and her gut was right. It turns out story had a very large hemorrhage in her head caused by an abnormal tangle of blood vessels that burst. She was airlifted to uc davis medical center on june 16 for emergency surgery.

it's a hemorrhage into the brain. By definition, that falls under the category of stroke. Mike: story was diagnosed with arteriovenous malformation -- avm for short. It is extremely rare in toddlers but there's no doubt the condition is serious. And if not treated immediately what can happen? she would have died from this. Mike: it was a frightening experience for story's dad. it was really shock and awe for the first day or two where i just could not believe that this was happening to our little girl. Mike: to see this lively little girl fighting for her life was emotionally draining for her family.

she was like a rag doll there on the table. It was unreal. Mike: but thanks to Dr. Zwieneberg and her team at uc davis, story survived, and after three weeks in the hospital, she is flourishing today. Story was back at uc davis today to have her sutures removed. But her prognosis is excellent, and like her namesake, one day she'll have a remarkable story to tell. she did great.

Story’s Tale: Toddler survives rare brain condition, surgery

You saw her today and she's wonderful, like a normal child, and it's the best gift she could give me.

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