Steve Medical Marijuana Patient Testimonial ADD ADHD Bipolar ajnag TV

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Steve, ADD, ADHD, Bipolar disorder Hello, my name is Steve. I'm a 50 year old medical marijuana patient. I live here in San Diego, California.

Welcome to the boys room. I get together with my brothers and we live our boys life in this little area. And at the same time, at 50 years old, I can respect my wife, stay out of the living room or whatever with my buddies, smoking pot. I've been smoking pot since I was 15 years old. Self medicating myself for problems I guess I've had since childhood. Where I went through therapy for ADHD and bipolar disorder, manic depression. So I would buy pot because I knew when I smoked it, it calmed me down, allowed me to work inside a frame of mind that was productive. I have arthritis, like I've said, I have ADHD and bipolar disorder.

I have taken every anti depressant you can think of. And all of them work to some degree but they have these horrible side effects. Your hair falls out, parts of you don't work. Like I've said, I've been self medicating for a long time. I didn't like feeling guilty, I wanted to be above board and after the proposition 215 I guess came, I decided I wanted to get my license and referal. What was nice, was how much I discovered once I became above board. The different types of strains that were available to me. The different way's that those things respond to me.

A pharmaceutical, I call them really hard drugs. When you take those, you either go to sleep or it messes you up. There's problems, metabolically the way they work for me. Medical marijuana is an opportunity to have a great medicine available to help people cope with the problems they have every day. The advantages of knowing the different strains, It's like different medicines. You got to have a caregiver who understands the dynamic and magic to your symptoms. That's when it all kind of comes together. Nothing ever worked for me the same way.

Steve Medical Marijuana Patient Testimonial ADD ADHD Bipolar ajnag TV

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