Stephen D. - Diagnosed with Asbestosis |

By: Environmental Litigation Group, P.C.

I had worked in that environment for a long time, and one of the areas out there that was close to were we were working was where they dumped a lot of the bad products that came out of the furnaces. And it was smokey and, you know, floating up in the air all the time, and, I just always wondered about it, you know. I didn't really, didn't really know. I still get shortness of breath now, you know, and I've never smoked, never used any kind of tobacco products or anything like that.

I was at work, it was before I was retired, and a couple of guys that worked for me were talking about it, and I asked them. They gave me the scoop on it, and given the fact that I've worked in a foundry for 40 years, I thought, well, I'll go get checked and see, see how it works out. Everybody is so kind, so sweet, I've never had one problem. If I've ever made a phone call and, they'd never get upset with you, they just, you know, say hey, you know, things are gonna work out, just hang in there, you know. So they have always been very up-to-date, very positive.

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