Staying Up at Night caused by Adrenal Fatigue


Most of us, after a long day, are tired at night. The body is ready for rest. The body needs rest time in order to regenerate and rejuvenate, and to clear the toxins out of our systems in a quiet and undisturbed mode. This is Dr. Lam, founder of Today we are going to discuss this phenomenon where even though you are tired, you are not able to fall asleep, and you do not want to go to sleep.

A lot of physiology is involved in calling the hormones; let's go through this a little bit. Cortisol, which is responsible for helping to handle stress during a 24-hour cycle usually is high during the morning. In fact if you don't have enough cortisol you are not going to be able to get up from bed in the morning. So cortisol starts to rise about 4, 5, 6 o'clock, and then you wake up. Then it hits its peak around 10 o'clock and starts falling throughout the day until the end of the day around 9, 10 o'clock when it hits a low point. When cortisol is low, you are supposed to go to sleep, that is the way that nature intended it to be.

Now, in many people, while they may be tired physically around 10 o'clock, they resist going to bed. Number one, because they cannot go to bed, meaning they go to sleep, but they are still wide awake. This often times is the result of a lot of sympathetic overtones that we experience in adrenal fatigue. Number two, there can be a second wind of cortisol that comes up in the eveningtime that prevents the body from going to sleep, so there is another possibility. There are many issues to look at with this, one thing is for sure if you are having a long day and you have finished the day you should be able to go to sleep. If you cannot go to sleep naturally, then something is going on and something is happening and that is the way the body is telling you that you need to look into the detail. It could be a cortisol issue, it could be a metabolic issue, it can be other issues with adrenaline. So we need to sort it out, and say okay which is the real problem? If you do not understand that we often times start taking sleeping aids, or sleeping pills to force the body to go to sleep during the sleep time,; but that is not solving the problem underneath.

It is just patching the symptoms. For example, if you have underlying overactive adrenaline that is preventing you from going to sleep then yes, if you take enough sleeping medication to zone your body out, so to say, then yes you will sleep; but, 2 to 3 hours later you will wake up, and that is quite typical of people with adrenal fatigue. But before we get to that, even if you don't want to go to sleep because you feel energized that is usually a second wind of cortisol - like we talked about earlier. So, this simple thing of being tired but resisting going to bed may appear to be a very innocuous thing, but actually it is in a way a signal that the body is telling you that the biological rhythm is disrupted.

Staying Up at Night caused by Adrenal Fatigue

There's a metabolic component, it can be a hormonal component, it can be a neurotransmitter component, once you understand these mechanisms and sort it out which is which and take preventative steps to help rebound them, then things will improve tremendously. So, knowing this, and the ramifications is an important part of your education to pick and identify symptoms of adrenal fatigue that you otherwise could have missed. I hope you've enjoyed this video. For more information on this topic, head over to where I have written over a thousand articles to help educate people.

You can also call me at 626-571-1234 for more information on Adrenal Fatigue and how to navigate it. Finally, if you enjoyed this video, please subscribe to my YouTube channel. Thanks for watching.

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