Stargardt Disease Treatment (Medical report- healthy vision after treatment) FIRATLI CLINIC

Author: Osman Fıratlı

Hello ; I am a Stargardt's patient (I suffer from Stargardt's Disease) Last summer I started this treatment I already showed you my result after 40 sessions of treatment ... I had to take a break due to school season of my children ...I returned to Izmir ( a city in Turkey) So the school season has opened and my biggest aim was to study with my children For me it was very important that my children would say : Our mother is with us, she is helping us, supporting us and I succeeded in this. ...and I was with my children during this 11 months. I gave a pause for 11 months ..and during this 11 months; definitely there wasn't any deterioration (worsening) in my eyes in fact, I felt it was even going better. One time I called Dr.Osman and explained : '' I feel like I had another 20 sessions of treatment'' So; this has also motivated me. I really wanted to go to Istanbul to continue my treatment from where I left. Finally; in summer I came with my family to Istanbul It was important for me; I had some targets; I wanted to see like a healthy person. I knew I was close anyway.

So I received another 30 sessions in this 2 months and went to make a new visual field test. This time I was really stressful. Because I felt it; I knew I could do it , but I had to prove it. That was my main purpose I went.

And did the visual field test Let me tell you something you will not believe... ...before my right eye vision was very bad, it was the worst. Central vision was totally closed... ...This time I got the healthy vision report. I achieved this !! From now on ; I will continue my life like a normal healthy person. I just have a small red area on my other eye ; left eye... ..

I don't want it either; Therefore I will come again next summer and clear that too. Now what I want is ; to get a driving licence. Maybe you will laugh at me; but I say why shouldn't I drive? why not? I have got so many things in my life that I didn't, couldn't do or couldn't take the liberty to do because of thinking whether someone would make fun of me or not. I was afraid of making so many things as I thought that people would say you can't see , you can't do this etc.

Stargardt Disease Treatment (Medical report- healthy vision after treatment) FIRATLI CLINIC

From now on ; I will do all of that nothing will remain in me. I have been dealing with this since 14 years old let me explain you like this... ... So many times I was late to my appointments in hospitals, because I waited in a bus stop for hours.

And couldn't dare to ask which bus was going where Patients with eye diseases are a little too proud... I mean its heavy for them to hear the word '' blind'' In fact; once I asked the bus driver that already had stopped : '' Where do you go ? ... ... He answered me: ''Can't you read this huge signboard '' It was devastating for me This year; when I came hear in summer... ...I decided to go to the clinic with Bakirkoy minibus.

I was curious if I could read and see; and if the bus would stop for me... I was both afraid and wanted to do wanted to try. I told my self '' Ilknur break the devils leg, and read this board'' ..I looked and read ''Bakirköy'' so I stopped the minibus. I felt; I will no longer have to ask where it's going; I will raise my hand instead. I don't have any obstacles anymore... I hope everyone to be able to see Being unable to see is really very bad its very hard for someone to live dependent.

But let me tell you something... Don't forget this 3 things when you come here... ... Trust ; Faith ; Love... Bring those 3 things in your pocket ; and you will see the positive atmosphere here and get the greatest results from this treatment. I don't want to be the first or second one to have this healthy report... ...I want for everyone to be able to see because everyone deserves this. I will also show you now my visual field results; and share the differences with you.

You will also feel how happy I am thanks to these visual field tests. Now ; I show you my visual field test. This is the first field when I just started the treatment in the first place. Look; the central vision is totally black... There is absolutely no vision here. Blind Spot... Purple, dark red areas vision was foggy, cloudy. Red areas vision was blurry; and green was good..

So; in time as I couldn't see on the central vision ; I had to look into peoples eye with my peripheral vision. This created strabismus (cross-eye) especially; lately it was even worse; I started to escape my eyes from people. ..but now ; I want to show you the miracle... This is my visual field now; after 70 sessions in total look ; its yellow and white in the central and side vision I got a healthy vision medical report from my ophthalmologist after this test. Now I see like a healthy person ...and I want everyone to reach this goal. ...Look this is my left eye. This side of my left eye visual field is black the sides there are purple; and black fields has reached the central vision So I was also about to lose my central vision like on my right eye and this is my vision after 70 sessions This vision now is also very similar like my other eye now. Now; I aim to drive.

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Stargardt Disease Treatment (Medical report- healthy vision after treatment)…

Hello ; I am a Stargardt's patient (I suffer from Stargardt's Disease) Last summer I started this treatment I already showed you my result after 40 sessions of treatment ...…

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