Springing forward health effects


Look out the window and nature will tell you change is coming.but that change doesn't just affect the weather.... It affects time. More so our internal clock. Recent studies show springing forward could affect your health.

"no i did not think about it but now you pose the question i can see where it does affect people." RESEARCHERS IN EUROPE SAY PEOPLE WITH UNDERLYING CONDITIONS ARE MORE LIKELY TO HAVE A STROKE DURING THIS TIME OF YEAR. And the c-d-c's website reports men with heart disease are at higher risk for a heart attack days after springing forward. "i believe it even the slightest change in someone's schedule could cause stress." DOCTOR LARRY BURNS WITH LEXINGTON'S URGENT TREATMENT CLINIC SAYS THESE HEALTH RISK ALL GO BACK TO A DISRUPTION IN OUR SLEEP PATTERN. "my thought on that it's some kind of jet lag effect your body is out of balance some metebolic changes so you are at risk for medical problems during that time." DOCTOR BURNS SAYS CHANGING YOUR CLOCKS....NOT THE MECHANINAL ONE BUT THE INTERNAL ONE.....IS LIKELY TO PUT YOU BREIFLY ON A 25 HOUR DAY. "when we lose an hour sleep we are going to get essentially an hour earlier so the next day it would be like 25 hour to adjust having to function and even though we sleep the next day we will not go to sleep earlier." "i know it is just an hour but it feels like more than that when your whole life is pushed forward an hour.".

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