Signs of Heart Problems That You Must Know - Tamil Health Tips

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Signs of Heart Problems That You Must Know - Tamil Health Tips Heart problem has become a common problem and obese people are prone to heart disease. In today's situation we need to know many informations about heart disease which we may not know. We are going what are the facts through this video. Doctors would have said that walking is good for heart patients and how much time you have to walk and never exceed the limit. You should avoid walking fast and walk after food as it may create health problems. There are many tablets available in the market for heart problem and we think that only costly medicines are effective but some cheap medicines are also effective. Heart patients should monitor their food habits and they can divide the food intake into five times.

For eg. If you take 4 idlis for breakfast and 4 roti for dinner then take 2 idlis at 7.30 AM and 2 at 9.30 AM. Take 2 rotis at 5 PM and 2 at 9 PM and take the prescribed level of salt.

Heart problems come to people who smoke, obese people, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetic patient. So we should follow the doctor's advice to reduce chances of heart problem and if smoking people stop it the chances for heat problem will reduce. You will faint if the blood pressure is low or high. Some people think that drowsiness comes due to High BP and take tablets but get your blood pressure checked by a doctor and take tablets.

Doctor would have prescribed a tablet to keep under your tongue when you get sudden pain and take this tablet only when you are lying down or sitting. Diabetic patients should keep the sugar level under 100 mg before breakfast. It is better to keep average amount of glucose in blood should be 7 % and some has below 6.5 % and it is too good. Diabetic patients may not feel chest pain but find hard to breathe, may also faint and it is called painless heart attack.

Signs of Heart Problems That You Must Know - Tamil Health Tips

If you have this problem consult your doctor immediately. Patients with high blood pressure, diabetics and heart problem should keep cholesterol and control.

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