SI Joint Fusion | Cara Strickland Testimonial | Sacroiliac Joint Fusion at Texas Back Institute

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I'm Cara Strickland, I'm a mother, I'm a coach. I have two horses, I love horses. I was riding at 5 years old, so, you know, it's something very important to me. They're very peaceful, I like looking out the window every morning and seeing them out there. My back pain originated when I had my first son, he's now 13, so it's been quite a while ago. During the delivery I had some complications and really, that's where it all began.

I went through a series of injections and physical therapy, and went from doctor to doctor to doctor. I went in actually to see a different doctor, and when we realized that it wasn't necessarily a disc issue but it was a joint issue, that same day, he just literally walked me down the hall to Dr. Rashbaum, and I interrupted his entire day.

I was a brand new patient, a complete stranger to him, and he gave me a big hug and he sat down and he got all the models out and he explained to me what was going on, and I've been suffering with this for 12 years, I have never had a doctor greet me that way or take the time to explain things to me the way he did. You know, after thinking it over and discussing all my options with him we came up with a plan with what was best for me and that's how we got to our conclusion of the SI joint fusion. It's obviously with great pleasure that I had an opportunity to review Ms. Cara Strickland's successful surgery. When she presented to me, this was a young woman with children and an avid equestrian that had to give up all of her physical activities because of what I perceived to be insufferable pain.

The diagnosis of sacroiliac joint disruption became apparent after simply listening to her, watching her walk, and physical examination. When I realized after everything I've been through, and I knew there was going to be some resolution, it wasn't a Band-Aid solution, it wasn't something that was going to come back that I'd have to come back in another you know month or two months when the shot wore off or whatever. I knew that this was going to resolve my problem and that I would not have to battle this every day putting my shoes on or taking the laundry upstairs. When I woke up from surgery I was pretty groggy, came home, and the first time I remember getting out of bed and not feeling like I had to use my arm to lift my leg out of the bed or I could bend over and put my shoes on. That was absolutely an a-ha moment, I just I never felt that pain since. Gradually I was walking up the stairs, I never felt the pain and I'm kind of thinking, "Is this my body? Did they give me a brand new body that I didn't know about?" I'm really looking forward to riding my horses again. That's something that I just absolutely have not been able to do whatsoever and so that's the thing, I want to go on a big long trail ride, or I want to go on a vacation and go ride through the mountains.

SI Joint Fusion | Cara Strickland Testimonial | Sacroiliac Joint Fusion at Texas Back Institute

I really am looking forward to that. My name is Cara Strickland, and I went to the Texas Back Institute to find the most advanced treatment for my back pain.

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