Should I go to the movie theater?

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Hey guys! My name is Jaleesa and (squeak) I'm back for another video. I am truly, truly sorry for how long (hm, squeak) it's been since I've filmed last (fidget). I do have some other videos filmed. I just filmed my Tourette's story and it's just taking me (fuck) a really long time to edit (squeak), so that should be out soon. It's just taking me a long time.

And I got sick again with my fibromyalgia. Then I was really busy. I was trying to get all these doctors to get their you know what together.

Yeah, it's been a little crazy, but I am fine (fidget). I should be making videos somewhat regularly now, I hope. I say that all the time and then I don't , I know. But (squeak) it shouldn't go another month without filming. Sorry. On to today's topic of the video.

Now, in a few seconds, prepare yourselves, I'm about to say something that is a little bit controversial. So, here it goes. I have Tourette's, I have very prominent vocal tics (squeak) and I go to the movie theaters. (ngup) Basically, there's a lot of different people on various social media sites on the internet (squeak), including Tourette's-specific groups like support groups, who've said that if you go to the movie theater (squeak) or some other places that are supposed to be quiet or if people are supposed to be concentrating, then you are a selfish person. (fidget) You are ruining somebody else's time and, like I don't know, (fidget) it's annoying or something (fidget) and you're supposed to be quiet, so if you can't be quiet and you're in a space where people expect you to be quiet, then you shouldn't be there.

Should I go to the movie theater?

I'm not sure if I'm wording that right, but... Basically, I'm trying to address going to the movie theaters when you have Tourette's. I probably should've said that in the first place. So, as I said, I myself do go to the movie theaters (hmm), but I do try to go on weekdays in the morning (frigid) and to movies that have been out for a while. (frigid) I don't really go on Saturday afternoons to a popular movie. I try to go when it's gonna be (squeak, hey) a lot less crowded. And admittedly, if there was something like a relaxed screening or something like that for people with disabilities like mine, I would prefer to go to that, where you would expect people to make a noise, but that's not really (squeak) a widespread thing and we don't really have that where I live (frigid), so my choice is either go to the movie theaters with my vocal tics or just don't go to the movie theaters.

But honestly, I have to admit, for the like 8 people that are going to see a movie on a Monday morning that's been out for a while (frigid) that are in the theaters with me, I don't really feel that bad for them to be completely honest. Let me try to put this in perspective for you. If you find yourself in a movie theater with me, you are only going to have to deal with the few of my vocal tics that aren't drowned out by the massive surround sound in the theater and you're only going to have to deal with it for one movie. Maybe you'll see me twice and have to deal with it another time a few months later if you're really lucky and you happen to be (squeak) in the same theater with me twice (frigid, click), but you're probably only going to have to deal with it for a couple hours, for one movie out of your entire life (click) and that's only a few, few tics. I have to hear these sounds all the time.

I'm the person making them. I can't stop making them and I can't walk away from them when the movie is over (squeak, ha, hmm). Not only that, but I have to deal with the motor tics that you're probably not even going to see (uh) most of them (squeak) or be paying attention to them (fidget). You can't even really see a lot of them on this camera because it only films (frigid) from like my chest and shoulders up, but I'm the one that's going to have to deal with the movements and the pain that those movements can cause throughout the entire movie. That also includes eye rolling tics which can keep me from even seeing the movie. And that's not even to mention the premonitory urge that I feel every time I tic.

You know that feeling when you've been holding your breath for a really long time? Imagine having that all throughout your body 24/7 along with the movements and the noises. And yet, somehow, with all of this going on, I can still enjoy the movie (squeak). It could be argued that it's much more distracting, impactful, painful...whatever. You could argue that it's much worse for me and what people are telling me when they say I shouldn't be in places like the movie theater or church or libraries is that they can't deal (squeak) with the tip of the iceberg, the little vocal portion of my Tourette's, for a couple of hours maybe, so much so that they don't want me to be in the same theater or, you know, any quiet space as them (fidget) because they might be bothered by it.

It's a wonder that I'm made out to be the selfish one in this situation. I just honestly want to get out and enjoy my life (frigid, click). And to be honest, I've never had (hm, squeak) anyone even bat an eye at the movie theater, which is really rare for going out to any public place for me (fidget), but I really have not had problems with it. And if I've talked to people afterwards (fidget), they usually say that it's not a problem or that they completely filtered it out. If you yourself have Tourette's (fidget) and you have this opinion that you shouldn't (squeak) go to the movie theater per say when your tics are bad (fidget), then I sort of respect the opinion a little bit more (frigid), but if you don't have Tourette's (tds) and your problem is that you don't want to be in the same theater as me, what you're saying is that you value your own comfort so much that you don't want other people to enjoy the same things that you do (squeak) just because they have a medical condition that they can't help.

You're saying that you can't endure my tics for one movie when I have to endure them for all of the movies that I see (fidget). And I think that's it for my little rant today or whatever you want to call it. Please leave a comment below on like, if you agree with this. Do you disagree? Do you think that (fidget) if you have a medical condition that (squeak) makes you make noise or whatever, that (fidget) maybe you shouldn't go to the movie theaters (fidget)? I don't agree with you, but I'd be open to hearing what you have to say. And if you have Tourette's, please tell us in the comments (fidget) what your experience (squeak) in movie theaters or like maybe churches or libraries or anything like that is like, so we can educate more people (fidget) about what our experiences are.

Do you go to the movie theaters? Do you choose not to so as not to disrupt others? Let me know (hm). And I think I've babbled on enough, so I'm going to shut up now. Like, comment and subscribe if you want to see more of my face and I'll see you guys in the next video.


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