Short but Sweet Blackhead Extractions with Dr Pimple Popper

By: Dr. Sandra Lee (aka Dr. Pimple Popper)

- [Dr. Lee] Do these bother you at all? Like or do they bother your wife maybe a little bit? Or... - [patient] No I think they bother her more than... I don't seem to notice them, I don't see them. - Oh, she won't take them off for you though, huh? She doesn't like to...or you won't let her maybe? No, she's not interested in taking them out. Well, she's gonna notice you're all cleaned up! - She hasn't offered yet. - Oh, she hasn't? - (laughs) No. - Well, she...maybe she was letting us be nice and leaving it for us.

So i'm going to put a little pressure on you, okay? I just put a little numbing there to see, aha, that's why they're not so easy to take out you see? I try to see if I could do without... ...maybe one little baby pinch you might feel. Then a little pressure we're gonna just push against it. - Okay.

- ...against your little orbital bone here and I just do a little wiggle. I think I took something off this eye before and I already gave you a black eye so I don't think i'll give you a black eye this time, but I've done it before already. There we go! Yeah, he's been under there awhile. The top of it turned dark and underneath is still light colored. (whispers) There we go we got it all.

Oh, you're gonna be a new man now! (laughter) There's one right here too... These are actually deceptive. They're a little bigger, I think, than they look on the surface. - Huh. - You need a good, what we call, a "popoholic" at your house.

Short but Sweet Blackhead Extractions with Dr Pimple Popper

Somebody who's gonna pin you down and pop these for ya. - These are the fun ones! - Yeah, see? She's gonna move in, she's gonna become one adopted daughter. This is like a dilated pore. It's, uh, probably, uh, will fill up that one. There's some little ones here. Here i'm gonna push on your eye. Yeah, those are coming out! There is no popoholic in your house.

They would have gotten to you. - No. I don't even know if you know what a popaholic is! That's a person who loves to pop these things. Tilt uh..

Your forehead and there's two right here They would have pinned you down. I can tell because they come up pretty easily, so I know if you had someone in the household there they would have definitely gotten a hold of them. Either that or you hate it and so normally you wouldn't let people do it, but now... - No, no, no one's offered, so we'll see how she reacts to it.

- You have little ones there I took. Oh look! There's little, little baby ones. We're gonna clean you up a little bit! - The one on the right side though. That's... - Yeah, that's a bigger one under your skin.

I have to nick that and I might have to put a little stitch under there. It's actually a little bit underneath there, so we'll have to... Let me see this one up here real quick. He's so tolerant, too! That''re the ideal...oh, there's one on your chin. You're the ideal victim! Okay, good! Nice and clean!.

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