Shin Splints Self-Treatment

By: PhysioPrescription

A large amount of shin pain is from where the calves wrap around and attach onto your shin bone Pulling, tugging and causing you pain and further injury. So, let's unload it. Get some massage cream, moisturizer or oil and spread it down the inside of your shin bone Now with your thumbs work your way way down the inside border of your shin (not over the bone). There absolutely will be some discomfort here, but don't push so hard that you bring tears to the surface - That's not the aim. We are doing this to: 1.

Increase blood flow, to help healing. 2. Break down adhesions and normalize the soft tissue fibers. 3. Decrease the pull on your shin bone (less chance of stress fracture) You can also use the heel of your hand to work through this area too If you do find any nodules or knotty areas, stick around there and gently work into them with heel or thumbs This something that you need to stick at - do it every night for two weeks to really feel the difference And DO NOT get put off by a bit of tenderness after doing this for the first time - you have just loosened things off and got the blood flowing.

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