Severe Ankle Disability: MRT® Treatment Success

By: Mettler Institute

Um, the pain that I was having was, it was tremendous. I could only do stairs periodically. And... At the end of my therapy and the end of my conditioning, I could run up and down the stairs with no pain. Everyone over there was so good to me, and they knew the struggle that I had gone through and they helped me along each week.

As soon as I finished with conditioning, life was just beautiful. I, I started to be able to walk and I got back to work full-time, full duty. I was able to do everything that I couldn't do before... I got to be a person again.

You know, for so long I just felt like a blob that I'd just sit on the couch and be in pain and... Y'know, I, I try not to feels sorry for myself, but I did feel sorry for myself. Just to go through life and be that way, where you can't spend time and play and do the fun things.

I only have one child, and I only got one chance at this. And I really wanted to enjoy it, and I felt like I was missing a lot. And I got back to doing everything.

Severe Ankle Disability: MRT® Treatment Success

We jog and swim and ride bikes, and... We do everything together. I believe that the Mettler Method changed the way that I live.

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