SCI Patient Zdeněk, tells about his treatment experience with Global Stem Cells

By: Global Stem Cells

I really got something from where I can move on something like the base because in one way to come here it was a like my dream, but I expect some progress that I can feel better or I can start to move and.. I got it! I had a little improvement in my armwrist and with my trunk and this is the base on which I can start to build my dream because now it's up to me, how I will practice every day, how many times... To... You can say sacrifice, but because I'm here voluntarily this was the main intention of mine, to come here My trunk muscles I feel that during the physiotherapy when I was working on my balance, that my muscles looked a bit better. I was able to make movements before Before it was really hard for me to do and now I came to know that I can move a little bit better to the extent that before it was really hard for me difficult or impossible now I feel mainly in these two things, there's progress. Then a little bit I feel about my left heel I feel more sensitivity there.

Generally I have sensitivity but now it's like more, the feelings there are more intense. So I can mention about my triceps before it was like it didn't work at all now maybe there is a small percent I think it's about to start to improve in a good way. Generally I feel more power after this treatment whenever I do the exercise for three hours daily. I feel tired but I feel that I am able to regain my energy more fast than before. I went to India for the treatment I had there acupunture, acupressure and some ...treatments and massages so that's for me interesting. I already get the money to undergo the treatment and well as well the inner feelings that if not now maybe never if I would still wait like people say "wait, you know maybe in 10 years..." but I was told this 10 years ago many people told me again this now... But if I would wait, I was thinking, if I would wait I will never do it.

I was in touch with Miss Hanna Borek, and she is a representative I came to know like this about this company. Regarding the therapies and then coming through there was occupational therapy where I used to try to exercise my hand, the fingers to picking up some... Stones to still keep moving, with my body it was really good. I felt definitely some progress within these three weeks I get some progress.

Then the physiotherapy then as usual practice with muscles of my body so ... As well and then the acupuncture I felt as well a good progress mainly with my spasms after not being more relaxed it was really good and I think it was enough from the beginning I thought that it will be less that I'd need more hours daily to practice. But within a few days I felt tired and it was quite enough and I had more than three hours daily physical activity and that was I think in balance, in harmony so my body, even when I was tired, It was not too much I really appreciate that the communication between me and the staff the people that are providing this treatment they were asking how I feel every day, if I'm tired or not, if I need to for example, cancel something, if I feel something, something some discomfort at all it's fine. I got six injections in each one there was 20 million stem cells plus six injections of the growth factors plus another supportive procedures as vitamins.

SCI Patient Zdeněk, tells about his treatment experience with Global Stem Cells

I'd like to focus mainly on physiotherapy to practice my body to support this treatment, but this is some type of mission, because it costs lots of effort and as well some amount of money so now, I will focus on this training to get the best improvement My expectation is to improve my bladder function. Bowel function definitely my hands if possible to be as much independent as I can. I really appreciate that our communication was really great I got really all the informations which I needed Or if I didn't know something I asked and they were always very warm to me and they shared all the things, which I need to know that was really fine because I think a part of the treatment, is not only to get the stem cells and the physiotherapy and some more all is about the people. So if people create an environment which is very friendly where you can feel almost like at home this is very important. Staff like; nurses and their support I was as well satisfied with their help and I think our communication was without any problems they were always very helpful.

I would like to mention Miss Hanna Borek, she helped me a lot with many things she answered all the question and she was very helpful when we came to Bangkok she came to see us and she provided me the feeling that I can be very sure that this is the best treatment I can get and it was really important to me, that in one way it's not only about to get the treatment and to make some type of business, to hand over the money, I get some injections and... But it was generally about the people, the communications and feeling that it is based on... You are like friends. For people who are hesitating or considering to go for the treatment, the stem cell treatment or not definitely there is a main factor which is money, if you have the oportunity, you have the money to try and go then you should go, because its same in life, if you will never try you will never see. And I made the choice to come I got some results within these days, some progress this is for me important because this gave me hope and motivation to continue and the hope I think is the most important thing in life.