SCI Patient, Glenda Travelled From South Africa To Bangkok For Stem Cell Treatment

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It's very difficult because when you haven't experienced something for so long it actually takes you time to register what you're feeling and sort of "oh God", you know, "what was that?" and yeah I mean one thing I haven't had for a long time was smell, which is like really weird and you don't actually realize that you don't have smell until you can actually smell something and you go "wait, what? Oh yeah I hadn't smelled that for years" and so yeah that was probably the first one yeah it was the smell and then the feeling in the legs, once again it was, it took me totally unaware and I was just sort of sitting and somebody put their hands on my leg and was like "oh, wow, I felt that" and so a lot of the things that have sort of happened i have not been expecting them which is actually nice because it means that I'm not sort of that trying to talk myself into feeling them they've totally been random and unexpected but the main thing that I've got back is a lot of sensory, which is a good start and I've also started to be able to slightly move a muscle even though I can't actually move the leg yet, the muscles you can see is starting to contract and try to do something which is not bad going considering I've only been here for literally just over a week so I've actually had far more improvements than I thought I should have, To be honest I came here thinking maybe I'll I'll get one or two minor bits and pieces back but thinking the main will be that quite a few months or weeks after going home and so I've actually been surprised actually especially the sensory I did not just expect to... I mean they were doing acupuncture and the first two treatments I didn't feel the needles at all and in the third one she put them in and it was like "I felt that" you know it's like I mean the one-time thing about being paralyzed is you do get benefits you can have injections and that without paying and unfortunately now that part's that benefits gone because i actually do feel the needles now but i was not respecting that only after the third or fourth day of being here so yeah there's been a lot of a small sort of improvements but those little improvements all add up and it's a start. Before I came here you know I've never met anybody, it's all been via the internet so by being able to watch other patients who have been through the treatment and also to physically be able to see because especially when you see them when they first came and in six months down you think well yeah when I saw them six months ago they couldn't move the arm now that I feel so some things work for them and it gives you a lot more confidence in the actual procedure and taking a chance to come over. When I said to Hannah at the beginning I asked her what the program was and this was before I actually arrived and she wrote back and she said well actually we can't give you a program until we've met you and assist you and that because we we will give you the therapies that are great for you not just a general...after sort of meeting me and assessing did I only get my sort of treatment plan that she said you know I might need more aqua I might need more physio than the other person and which is sort of my main things have been so physio and that I have had a lot of the acupuncture but once again it's down to my needs not just a general my acupuncture is probably different to what they'll give somebody else because they've sort of taped it on what my requirements. It's been a very sort of like...I've pretty much done each of the therapies everyday so where they've given me physio, aqua... And...acupuncture it's been a combination of four different therapies which they pretty much given me every day and then the stem cells have been almost like every second day unfortunately because of the damage on my spine they have tried a lot of times to do it directly lumbar but unfortunately that's just not happening so they've been doing it intravenously. I think the main thing that sort of attracted me was the whole treatment package was in other research and that they mainly doing just the stem cells and physio they don't look at the whole person and your nutrition they don't look at any other aspects besides physio and stem cell where here they were offering a whole package that included your well-being before, after, during so you not only doing just physio, you're doing acupuncture you're doing nutrition you're doing your aqua plus your normal physio and that's sort of thing.

Included in that is they've almost mixed like your traditional with science by including the stem cells so you're getting a full pack, they're sort of taking every aspect to give you as much chance of success at the end of it. A lot of places you I mean I haven't gone through a lot of surgeries from my condition you start to feel like just a piece of meat on this on the table they don't really give a damn what your feelings are and that's why is it so nice here where they really do care about you as a person. I actually can't fault them it's as I said to you at the very beginning what I why I actually chose this particular treatment program cause they're plenty around the world I mean you can go to America you can go to Europe there's, there's loads... There's other ones in Thailand is that they work as a team it's not just the stem cells it's not just physio and they are doing a whole program a whole thing and so it's very teamwork and you can see that you know they work as a team they consult as a team they're all very much involved with you as well it's not like somewhere you know in the background there's a team but you never meet them here they've all been very approachable very hands-on and very involved in my actual program since I arrived. A ot of people don't realize that this research is going on because it's not readily available they will go to the doctor, they'll ask them what I can do that the doctors won't say oh hey there's stem cell you can try and if they do they can be pretty negative but all I can say in my experience is that I know that I'm going to be a lot better off after this treatment than if I'd listened to the conventional side and not given it a go, if you don't try you'll never know and if you're sort of looking for some sort of improvement in life then yeah it's the way to go.

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