Sacroiliac Sprains Are One Of The Causes Of Low Back Pain

Author: Alpha Chiropractic & Physical Therapy

There are several major types of low back injuries that we have. Sacroiliac sprains are one of the common ones. When people describe a sharp stab right here and they point to this spot - many people call it their knob or the kind of hip area - that part is your ilium. The ilium is sticking backwards, which is why you can feel that little bump right there. There are all kinds ligaments that connect the ilium to the sacrum and this helps make up your sacroiliac joint. This joint goes through a lot of motion as we bend, turn, twist, getting out of a seated position.

That's why people feel pain when they bend over, get out of a chair, a little bit of a turn and twist or when they're sleeping on their side at night they feel that sharp stab just off the center of the back right at that point. When this joint is really sprained it can cause pain radiating down the leg towards the knee and foot area. Overall, sacroiliac sprains respond to different types of treatment. They're not going to respond to a decompression. Decompression treatment is for the spine.

It aggravates sacroiliac sprains. We're going to work at getting the pain and inflammation down. Those ligaments and tendons that are crossing this area, we need to calm them down with ice, electric therapy, cold laser, different treatments. We'll probably use Graston therapy to work those ligaments with chronic sprains and strains to get them to heal as they should. We'll work the muscles above the area below that hip. We're also going to work on core strength and endurance to see how well the pelvis and glut muscles are working to stabilize that spine. I don't know how many times we've seen people with chronic problems that have bothered them for years and years that respond within a few weeks to feel very noticeable difference quickly on that intensity of that sharp stabbing right at that SI joint.

Sacroiliac Sprains Are One Of The Causes Of Low Back Pain

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