Risk Factors of Ovarian Cancer Not Associated with Family History | Cedars-Sinai

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The majority of Ovarian Cancer is not associated with a family history. So really, all women need to be aware of the symptoms and see their healthcare provider regularly and discuss those symptoms if indeed they have them. If you don't have a family history, other risk factors that affect everyone is aging.

As we get older, our risk for Ovarian Cancer increases. In fact the peak ages are after the menopause, in the late fifties and early sixties. That's one thing that would affect all women. Never having had children, having a history of infertility, having endometriosis, not having taken birth control pills all are associated with a slightly increased risk of Ovarian Cancer.

On the other side while we can't stop aging, we can take birth control pills. And that's something we can actively do to reduce our risks of Ovarian Cancer by even as much as 50% if you've been taken the birth control pills for 5 years or more.

Risk Factors of Ovarian Cancer Not Associated with Family History | Cedars-Sinai

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