RETINOSCHISIS - Artidro Testimonio - Testimony - Part 1

Author: IOM Instituto Oftalmol├│gico Matamoros

Today I am going to see Dr Nelson Matamoros Sotomayor in the Clinic Kennedy Policentro in Guayaquil... He is going to review my eyes, after 14-15 years after he operated me...I have faith he can improve my sight even more. My brother who lives in Guayaquil and works for TV brought me there because he told me the Dr was quite extraordinary... So I went and the Dr reviewed me and did the surgery... My right eye was shut down since 20 years... After surgery it improved to 30/40% of sight. This result was quite a rebirth for me... Since then I didn't get any new operation.

I was told that it was dangerous to get operated again... I was told that I could lose the little sight I have if I get another surgery... So you were told that 2 years ago by Doctors in Cuenca nearby where you live? I saw many Doctors and they all told me not to get operated.

So you are going back to Dr Matamoros to see if anything can be done? I am optimistic because the technology has made advances and Dr Matamoros is always improving himself... He we can see that he has a RETINOSCHISIS on the left eye, The retina has a hole because of a high myopia. This created a hole in central area of vision, so the sight has been altered. So we are going to operate to clean his left eye... Before it was not possible to operate that because we didn't have the tomography to evaluate the size of the hole... I think it will be a good alternative for him. His sight improved since we did it 16 years ago and I think we can go further...It is worth doing it. Dr, 2 years ago other Doctors told him not to do it..

There is always new way to help and we are going to do it. Good news Artidro? Yes, Genius! So Artidro, Dr Matamoros told you, after many exams, that you can be operated...Nobody else told you? No, I went to see many Doctors 2 years ago, they did many exams as well, like tomography, radiography of the eyes... But nobody told me that I had a hole on the retina of the left eye... This Dr Matamoros has been able to detect. The other Doctors told me nothing could be done because they didn't detect this hole, this is why they couldn't offer a solution. Dr Matamoros is planning this surgery as soon as possible.

RETINOSCHISIS - Artidro  Testimonio - Testimony - Part 1

This surgery is going to happen soon. So how do you feel about that? I feel optimistic, I know that everything is going to work out perfectly! So the surgery is going to be on the left eye? The right eye cannot be improved more? Yes, the right eye went from blind to 30/40% sight but it was the optimum result possible... The surgery will be on the left eye and I feel that it will be the best result possible.

RETINOSCHISIS - Artidro Testimonio - Testimony - Part 1

Today I am going to see Dr Nelson Matamoros Sotomayor in the Clinic Kennedy Policentro in Guayaquil... He is going to review my eyes, after 14-15 years after he operated me...I have…

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