Retinitis Pigmentosa Eye Exercise to Improve Eyesight

Author: Envision Self-Healing

Hi I'm Will Fuller from Envision where we're dedicated to helping you improve your eyesight and quality of life by taking healing eighty right past and today's I am going to be looking at a retinitis pigmentosa eye exercise to help improve your eyesight i have covered this exercise itself in my blog post "The eye exercise that's saving my sight and for those of you who don't know it's simply three different sized pieces of paper that blocks the central region and you wave your hands to the side of the head and help stimulate the peripheral cells which other cells in your referred two reasons why that exercise is important one is because uh... Everybody are who works as a provision that if you have at one point today society most of the sample work how central vision because you know i would be to use the computers and reading books and what have you whereas before we used to spend more time uh... In the periphery in developer for a lot more in order to spot so all of us are the working on central vision imagine somebody with a condition like writes about the statement except where the sellers in the periphery of sorts it's become weaker and you start using the ability access this information in the preferred so eventually year end up with something called tunnel vision where and we can see difficult for tom so the problem with that is that your reinvent over pretty soon were your attention on your central vision and that imbalance between central periphery is increased so the first thing that the exercises extremely grateful is that it's blocking the central vision so it's giving it that much needed rest that reach us doesn't get on a day-to-day painted spaces so the second thing that is really good for is that it's then stimulating their throats outside i said before now the reason why that's you watson is because hearing vision self-healing we believe that they settles and still be stimulated and be activated hamstrings so you can develop slowdown the great video it's happening or just like myself agree that the people uh... Work with is that they've improved that proform vision it's no uh..

Quite like as if one day for television than you do if you these exercises and then or something you've got but the purple vision it doesn't work that way but you do acts in a gradual increase and send me no improvement but you know awareness uh... In your preferred and of course all he is a degenerative disease seven theory it's meant to continuously yet what someone's so he couldn't even maintain way you all that's a very successful say is revision isn't here eating i'd stand reduced period that mark the first thing is to maintain that the second thing is today and stimulate themselves and that's what this exercise is doing it's it's helping keep those cells active and then we went and work a little bit more and finance he sought to improve the periphery so this week's place was uh... Every inspired by somebody he's working very hard uh..

To improve their eyesight on their it's about a statement except trying to really get to groups we the r_p_a_ exercise and stimulating he's for approval ratings hands silent anne aust an excellent question which is when you're wedding has to decide should be let me read my has arrived too too solid sitting on the police old should it be where he can see his hat so again if you think about opportunity statements resources that he was uh... Arrest somebody would uh... For proofread aggression tickets less and less and less sir if he's waiting or anybody with uh... Oh is waiting to the hands around the side and they're gonna have to be able to see it if they believe that panting playsets were roundly and becomes easier to see mile students is that you wanted to but uh... Explain happen for those reasons black and the fuss is when we talked about how do you wanna maintain what it is that strong emu and you want restful strong but you also want to uh... Strengthen what his no-hassle was weak in our body andy condition that you have and you really want to keep that as a principal mine simulating that ulti if u one inmate a mock strong insure with the front as central vision he went to stimulate the areas where you can still c_e_o_ fingers and hands is it's going to help keep those cells activated and prevent uh... And delay focus generation so you want to keep that nice and strong every time there was a stimulating the periphery you're also helping to rest central vision and reminding the brain had a look you've got a purple recently uh... So i've weapons provisions let's bring some balance back now the second uh..

Point is that you still wanna work those areas that you can see nap you might say that you can see in those areas all i would say have that you can see aswell and it's important that there's a difference that tourism is the mentor feedback would be very careful with self-healing uh... The self messages with so the wit site myopia and or nearsightedness ligand to look at the chong analyst say treated chong without a glasses i said all i can see a line now obviously that's not the case but if you order factual feedback you're constantly telling yourself all a policy a policy policy of this fall you won't see so try and change busted twelve one on uh... Mental side something as well and we want to try and reinforce it's not necessarily somewhere you can see it somewhere that's just not as clear uh..

Retinitis Pigmentosa Eye Exercise to Improve Eyesight

As the rest of your vision and that's why i have a time when you blocking of some provisions covering that you get used to accessing the world around june sells cheap right back over to the periphery and you can access it that much more site just hoping that the piece of paper it is going to help you stopped shooting into what you can see in your refer you know it's going to be different degrees at that and when i say you can see i mean it's good to be as clear as a central region because nobody has that for everyone the periphery is in at the time now of course is areas uh... We could maybe say fuzzy patches or in areas where uh... You'll have a sort of maybe you can see here than it would disappear repair reappeared and that's it your own again if you notice if you have to piece of paper on and he stopped playing with the different every issue and i just think he's still not have a sense of something pat and that is there is so secure that no a strong position to grasp of the work with them and strengthen and you're still feedback or when this is uh... Something it's moving and that's what's going to help stimulate themselves to keep them active and also uh..

Question the cells storm and we won't wake them up i'm going to bring them back to life so even though you're not seeing it necessary is clearly houston one-on-one all these areas uh... Because you could help start like tomorrow smart as possible now there's a few uh... That fit following some amount of previous pokes you or so you see and one of the matter our talk about having flashing light switches free festive are exercised phone or talk about what in the dog you use flashing lights to help stimulate the preferred i would say talk about it in bali uh... How the step-by-step on improving my vision of the documentary whilst talk about the details and using flashing lights stimulate preferred this is a good time to emphasize the point why that would be suckered so somebody used other made him a large piece of paper and made concious well and preferred that's why we don't fit the individual and the dog and then we use the flashing lights denies areas and the reason for that is the brought cells respond to low-level and they were designed for speaking the door as well as picking majority preferred sir by being in the dark compartment themselves dot when much more and easier to see things preferred within flashing lights because the itself salam uh..

Learn relaxing so even if you find you column see your hands when you're doing next year and a lot move to the dog get some flashing lights and flash minimize areas and he won't be surprised on how much you can still see in the periphery and what you can see preferred now still you're gonna come across where even with the question lecture but i have areas might be slightly brighter uh... Others now they've areas that onset broad or in fact maybe it does disappear and you can see then that is main area of the list of what i want to try third so if that's your particular area now this guy's eh... Other people who say we've block over who's been losing proportion it's the same thing you wanna find those areas of honestly as some of the report forty spots uh... Consists of the things catch them that's what you want focus these flashing lights help stimulate the s_l_s and bring them more activity and keeping strong so one last point net as far as suspects a size is concerned we tend to think about referee has ways on the outside now don't forget and that's probably uh... Online for district's holed up by seven talking about my preferred it don't forget your periphery is also alive and it's also about some of mine being that you need to adjust the piece of paper that you use of the particulars of blocks of sichuan vision and say that you can see above uh..

All maybe see is the right word be able to access uh... Purple field level purple field and by itself when you do the exercises where version of your hands always fashion lines you want to try and then in or areas of the purple who may be one of the lots of you has several maybe marine allowed bar remember that this central visions and your own three percent uh... Your whole visual fields as you looked at me now central vision really is is probably about whitehead and the rest of what you see all the periphery on june twenty million wrote cells each on it where's the central vision is only six million themselves so if there really is at the emphasis darryl for a full vision so uh... Unite and be uh..

Restricted to wear it you stimulate assesses lots of areas for you to work out and just at the time educating its size just be aware during your everyday uh... Even if you don't out central vision compensate out something and looking forward just fine choon yin and pay more attention to your preferred and yourself get up and spac and stock to be amazed at some of the things that you are still able to see into periphery and will serve as you saw strengthen may sell as we start doing the rest of the only exercises you will start to see an increase in the periphery of what's in the world around you subtle ways uh... He compares to comments below it will give us a shout online transfer account williams let me and or also mia on placement william blurred vision but it was going to be imprisoned self-healing fan page find out some of the great stuff that we've got going on that you can also check out um..

Mine and reach its apla possibly to every week they can get on chimps or your wife pediatrician up on utube well so heavier exercises are going well and happy eating.

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Retinitis Pigmentosa Eye Exercise to Improve Eyesight

Hi I'm Will Fuller from Envision where we're dedicated to helping you improve your eyesight and quality of life by taking healing eighty right past and today's…

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