Relieve TMJ Pain Easily

By: Santa Cruz NonForce Chiropractors

I'm going to teach you what you can do for a tight jaw, for a tight temporal mandibular joint or TMJ for short that sometimes leads to not just jaw pain or your bite being off, but also can lead the headaches. Especially headaches that you might wake up with in the morning. If you've been told you clench your teeth or you grind your teeth this is what you can do. You can take magnesium.

Magnesium is a mineral–it's not expensive. But you want to make sure that you get an absorbable form. Many patients say 'I already have it with my calcium.' But actually with your calcium it's just 60 grams.

I want you to take 200 to 800 milligrams of magnesium. You'll know that you have the right amount of magnesium – 200 to 800, somewhere in that range – because if you take too much to get loose stool. Then you just back off and you take the amount that's tolerable to your body, before you go to bed if you're working up with headaches or clenching or grinding your teeth at night.

In addition, I'm going to teach you a massage of the muscles in your jaw. The muscles in your jaw go from here to here. So they go like my like my finger is – that direction right there. What you can do with your other finger is you can come in the front of your cheek and you can push directly back – from the front to the back – along the muscle.

Relieve TMJ Pain Easily

And while you're doing that you can slowly open your mouth and close your mouth, massaging each area, working out trigger points and adhesions. So I'm going to show you what that looks like. Put your finger in your muscle belly from the front to the back and then you slowly open up your mouth. And then you change into another position and you slowly open up your mouth. You can wash your hands and put your finger inside your mouth and still find the same front of those muscles and do the same massage. Often times at the end of the day when I'm going home and I've had a tense job, then my bite isn't quite right and even on the drive home I do this massage and after a few times my bite is just fine and I've alleviated any possibility of getting a headache that night.

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