Relieve Pregnancy Back Pain with Chiropractic Adjustments - 40 Weeks Tips

By: Big Belli

So this week I am 17 weeks and the left side of my lower back was hurting really bad. Like, it would like, clench up and be painful when I would get up and walk. I think last week I said, "Oh, you know., I want it to slow down and I don't want to rush the pregnancy." Well, the backache started. And people keep telling me, "Oh yeah, that's gonna get worse." And I'm like, "No." So now I'm like, okay she can come.

A lot of women know, okay pregnant women get back pain during pregnancy. This is very common, it's not unique. So there's almost that misconception that because I'm pregnant I do have to just suffer and live with these symptoms of having back pain or nausea or my feet are so swollen I can't wear regular shoes. These types of symptoms that are certainly common during pregnancy but don't have to be. There is help, you know and a chiropractic is one great way of helping the body function better even during pregnancy so that you don't have to suffer with these symptoms. Oh my God, I'm nervous and excited. I'm like, Oh my gosh, wait this is happening.

So tell me exactly where you're feeling your lower back pain. It's mainly on the lower right. Ok. Part, and I sleep with a C Pillow.

Yeah. With my knees around it and sometimes if I sleep...I sleep on my left side but sometimes if I find myself on my back or my right side when I got to get up the lower right side of my body kind of locks up. My right hip and lower back. During pregnancy your body releases more relaxin hormone and that causes the joints to be a little bit more hyper mobile, they move a little bit easier because your ligaments are looser. Yeah. And the purpose of that is for your pelvis to be able to open during the birth.

Relieve Pregnancy Back Pain with Chiropractic Adjustments - 40 Weeks Tips

The challenge is you're not giving birth right now so you're not quite ready for your joints to let go. And regardless, especially your sacroiliac joint and your pelvis becomes a little hyper mobile and that's a very common issue during pregnancy and can contribute to pain. And when that happens usually the other joints very stock so we're gonna wanna help release your other sacroiliac joints so that both joints are moving in a normal fashion. The other thing that is really important during pregnancy with a woman's pelvic alignment is her sacrum. The tailbone.

Because the uterus attaches to the front of the sacrum so if it shifts slightly out of alignment which is called a subluxation that's not only... Can contribute to back pain in the mom but it can impact the position of the baby. And so what I find when a woman's sacrum is out of alignment we'll see issues with breach or transverse positioning. I feel her all the time on this side. That indicates to me that there could be a little bit of a fetal position issue going on here.

Because the baby should really be well distributed across your abdomen. So that's what we're gonna be working on today with the adjustment by releasing the alignment of your sacrum and correcting this position we'll be able to help make space for the baby. What I want to do is do an exam to take a look at you alignment of your spine and we'll do your adjustment.

Ok and one more time. You're gonna hold your hand here and resist. Ok great. So you can turn round (Victoria: This is so strange). Did you notice how your arm went a little bit weaker? Yeah, my hand was on my lower back. Right, so that tells me that your sacroiliac joint is inflamed.

Oh my gosh. Which is what we expected. So that's why it's called sacroiliitis, it's just inflammation in that joint. Very common during pregnancy and we're gonna work on the alignment of that joint to get the inflammation down. What I'm feeling is that this right side is not moving as well. Kind of hurts a little. And it's probably a little sensitive when I push on it.

Yeah. This is where your sacroiliac joint's located. So we're just coming in here, we're opening up the disc space in your lower back. And a chiropractic also really complements massage therapy because they're focusing on the muscles and the chiropractic is focusing on the alignment of the joints. Good. Everything's back into alignment now. It doesn't hurt. Nope, feels better huh? What are you doing? Addressing your alignment.

And that was your adjustment. I feel like Gumby. What do you notice differently in your body? Like, loose and like you said, "light." I don't know. Less tension. Less tension like after I've had tequila. And it's alcohol free, that's the best part. For homecare when women are coming to my practice, let's say actively with lower back pain, there is a lot that they can do to help alleviate that. Prenatal yoga, to help with stretching, strengthening the muscles in the lower back and lower legs.

Getting on a physio ball and doing some, you know exercises on that can be very alleviating for the lower back. There's also pregnancy belts that can be supportive especially if it's like, a sacroiliitis type issue and that joint is very slipping in and out. Then having that brace just to kind of help support the alignment of those joints can help her between her adjustments. Yeah, I just got back from the chiropractors. I was very willing to go and experience it today but I was also like, the closer that the date got I was getting skeptical. Like, should I do this, is it a good idea for me to be introducing something that I haven't done in years while I'm pregnant? Calling my midwifes like, I'm thinking about going to the chiropractors what do you think? They were like, "Yes, go.

We love it. We highly recommend it, please go." I feel so much better in my body right now.

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