Reginald, Crohn's disease & Epilepsy

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Reginald Godee, Crohn's disease and epilepsy, The Netherlands 10/2016 My name is Reginald Godee, I'm 43 years old. I come from Heusden, North Brabant. And now I use more then 8 months only medical cannabis oil and cannabis in correlation with Crohn's disease and epilepsy.

In 2012, I was told that I have Crohn's disease. It was a very tense stressful time. Then I got sick, I got diarrhea, fever. Initially a ... Yeah, stress, overwrought mind. But it did not take off, the fever just kept rising. It was actually not possible to get any grip.

And to make a very long story short, I was admitted to the hospital. I was told, crohn's disease. At first I got a prednisolone cure. Now, Prednisone is a horse means so I should't use that for too long.

Got then adjusted to immune system suppressant drugs. Azathioprine, then within 3 months I got pancreatitis. Then, another medication was prescribed.

Reginald, Crohn's disease & Epilepsy

3 days later, again a inflammation of the pancreas. Consult with the doctor. Uh..

Back on prednisone. And it went on like that for half a year and then my doctor was like, you can't continue with using prednisone. Well I did agree with her on that. There were a few options of other medications.

Then I got lanvis. Lanvis is a drug that is also used in the control of leukemia, as an example. So it also does indicate, it is not a candy You have to imagine at that time I was still going 3 to 12 times a day to the bathroom. I projected all day in my head, actually jealous cows because my stool was just one cow patty. Just the smell was much worse. I had to sleep every afternoon. Because otherwise I could not even function as a father for my daughter. Than at 8 pm I just fell over.

I was barely able to do anything. I could walk no more than a kilometer, 2 kilometers. Cycling was actually still not a option at that time. Obviously I was not satisfied with that. So I was increasingly searching on Internet about Crohn's disease. Then I came across stories of others. And so I came up videos of people trying to manage Crohn's disease with cannabis oil. "CQ" Making an attempt to heal.

I was pretty frustrated about that, also because of financial circumstances. I am single father on welfare, so the financial area was not so great. A friend, another crohn patient, who pointed me to a number of channels. Which still gave me the chance to use the cannabis oil. It was as if a miracle happened and I'm talkingabout the period from December last year, 2015. From 2012 to 2015 I had seen no solid stool. I was not able to function properly in my opinion. Even errands or exercising was a problem.

I started with cannabis oil, 3 days later I had hard stools. A week later, I didn't need to sleep anymore during the day. I could just be a father for my daughter.

And also comfortable for my own feeling, I had less need of the environment around me for my household and all sorts of other things, to get that back on track. So in short, I felt that I got my life back. All this time I have, I've always been very open about cannabis use, even to doctors in the hospital. And I found it surprising that they seem to be selectively deaf actually. While I'm talking about a tool that gives people their lives back.

And you're talking about a natural way... About a natural medicine. Without too many adverse side effects. While if I view the list of side effects of my other medications. That 's, then I think, why is there not a lot more attention for? There is a way for people to manage their disease, can cure. Without too many adverse side effects. Even cheaper than all the regular medication.

Than I find it so, yes it's really weird to experience as a patient, as a sick human. That there is not given more heed about. So yes that's why I do this video and with this foundation (PGMCG - Patient Group Medicinal Cannabis users) and many other people that are involved in helping sick people, I want to suppor them. Because it should be legalized, there must be a lot more attention. And I also think people should be much more open about it. As a patient I'm also open for it, just because the stigma that it's "drugs". Or you become seriously addicted or you are going to mesh.

To help the world get rid of you. I think if there's one way for me to get out of the aid, for example, it would be right that cannabis oil is legally available. Thus I could build my life back.

Also get perspective on work again and just being able to function again. That's what I wanted to tell. That's a comment from my specialist. And that made me ring a bell within me. Hey! It's about that endocannabinoids system. Because I am such a person, saying it for all my life, I function better when I have smoked a joint. And if you talk to people in the coffee shop or just stoners say, you hear that a lot.

Reginald, Crohn's disease & Epilepsy

Reginald Godee, Crohn's disease and epilepsy, The Netherlands 10/2016 My name is Reginald Godee, I'm 43 years old. I come from Heusden, North Brabant. And now I use more then…

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