Ram Ravi, MD | Varicose Veins


I'm Dr. Ravi. I practice internal medicine and _____. _____ is a new field of medicine where we assess and create patients with venous disease.

It is estimated that about 20 percent of American women, and 7 percent of American men will have venous disease in their lifetime. Among these, about 20 percent will get venous ulcers because of their varicose veins. I am going to discuss today about the varicose veins. The ___ veins are divided into deep and superficial venous system. The superficial venous system drains into the mid-venous system by direct connection, and also there are other connections called perforating veins. All the veins have valves. The valves direct the blood flow towards the heart. The deep venous system is embedded in the leg muscles.

When the muscles contract, they squeeze the blood towards the heart and the blood is emptied into the heart. Heated by the gravity, when the blood flow is blocked, the blood pours in the leg and causes pressure in the veins and varicose veins are formed. The varicose vein can cause symptoms such as pain, swelling, aching, and redness. When the varicose veins are left untreated, they can cause skin changes.

Also, they can cause ulceration. In fact it's well known that the varicose vein problem is a ____ problem. Several family members can be affected by this. After all of these we will do an ultrasound of the leg, which will be a ____ ultrasound where we do the venous mapping. By this we try to find out where the problem is and how we can correct it. ____ of the varicose vein starts with simple conservative measures. The first and the important one would would be regular exercise. It will help the veins empty into the heart.

Ram Ravi, MD | Varicose Veins

Also, patients can keep their legs elevated when they are sitting. We also advise the patients to keep their legs about their heart level by keeping their heel up at least for about 10 minutes, twice a day. Other _______ suggest not wearing the high heels, controlling their weight are important too One of the ____ we do is wearing _____. This is one of the most important intervention we do to the varicose vein patients. This is a special compression pulse where the pressure is high in the lower leg and it gradually decreases towards the ___. Because of this the blood is squeezed up toward the heart which aids the emptying of the blood in the vein. Patients should wear this compression hose most of the time when they are standing, or sitting still.

Also, we do ask patients to take some medications such as ibuprofen or motrin. Which can decrease the inflammation and the pain. Horse Chestnut Seed Extract is also known to help decrease the pain and swelling of varicose vein. If these simple measures don't help, then we consider doing office procedures.

Office procedures are done under local anesthesia and patients can walk immediately after the procedure. If you'd like any more information about varicose veins or any other health issue you can contact Ohio Medical Group or North Ohio Heart locations. Thank you.

Ram Ravi, MD | Varicose Veins

I'm Dr. Ravi. I practice internal medicine and _____. _____ is a new field of medicine where we assess and create patients with venous disease.It is estimated that about 20 percent…

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