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I'm Emily, here on Tourettes with Pets, and uh I'm gonna be doing a Q&A video and these questions, some of them are paraphrased and shortened so they're not exactly the question but they have the same content. So... I'll get right to it. So why do I only wear gloves on my right hand? Well sometimes I wear them on both I am left handed so when I write I find it kinda odd especially when I color things I like doing art I find it, it feels odd and I don't have as much control so a lot of the time I just wear them on my right hand and when I eat I don't wear put them on either hand. Just so I don't get them dirty. When focusing on a movie or something, do my tics snap me out of like the concentration zone like when you're concentrating on something and like something like a loud noise might distract you. Um, some of my tics do, but I don't know why this color balance keeps going off it keeps going red and then blue! Oh well. See! But uh it does sometimes snap me out of it but a lot of my vocal ones will snap me out of it whenever I turn my head too much to the side.

That'll snap me out of it. But my normal hand ones or just lil tics. They won't snap me out of it. Um, is there a way to get rid of tic disorders? Um, there's no cure for them, but there are a lot of treatments depending on what you like to do with treatment plans. There are neuroleptics which I take and so that's just medication. There are a few different types that you can take. They're all based off of 2 molecules I think? Or maybe 3. But they're all dif-bluh-bluh-bluh, they're variations of it.

So I take those. There are some therapies that can help. I forget what the full name is.

It's CBIT. Cbit. But it's something cognitive something, for tics. And it's therapy. And that can help and something that is very similar to it is , I think it's habit reversal? It's habit something therapy and it's extremely similar, but it can kind of be tweaked to be applied to tics. And it's kinda really similar to CBIT. Let's see... Do you realize you have a tic after you do it? Some of my tics I do, a lot of them- It's a lot like if you're having a yawn.

Q & A!  March 2017 [CC]

Sometimes you'll notice you're doing it. Or if you have a really loud sneeze you'll notice you've done it, but a lot of my tics I don't realize I've, like, I mean I know that I'm doing them, but they're kinda in the background. So I don't really notice it. I mean I know I have them all of the time, but I mean, I have them all of the time so they're not really in my first thoughts. I'm just- they're just kinda in the background. But I do know when I have them and whatnot. But I don't always really realize it? 'cuz if I realized it all of the time I would just never concentrate on anything ever.

There are quite a few tics, especially verbal tics, of my tics that make my head go this way that will snap me out of it. And I'll be like "gee I'm having a tic". Let's see... Do I want to take an operation for my Tourettes? Um, there is an operation, it is, is it deep brain something? I forget. But um, no I wouldn't go for that. Really that's meant for just people with like really like can't walk, and people who aren't having a quality of life too much.

If there's like- it- you'd need to also take out a bunch of medications that just doesn't work with you. So I'm not to that point at all. And I don't think I'll ever be to that point. I deal with my tics, and a lot of it has to do with how you deal with your tics. I'm pretty good with my tics.

I don't care too much. But um when it gets in the way of things it's just kinda- that sucks but I mean there's nothing I can do about it. But I probably would never go for an operation. Oh and about the earlier question about if there's a way to get rid of tic disorders, that's a treatment. Another treatment is dental bits. Something I forget it pushes- it puts pressure on a nerve that causes a bunch of- not causes- but is involved with movement disorders. So for some people that works. But it's not a cure.

It's just a treatment. Let's see... Uh, describe what tics feel like. Um, my tics generally feel like pressure and then movement. It's kind of like if you're about to have a sneeze.

You kinda like a split second before you're like "Oh no I'm gonna sneeze" like you feel the whole "I'm gonna sneeze" thing. That's how that feels for me and I feel like pressure and I don't know it's not too good of a feeling but it doesn't hurt. And my favorite tic. Let me think.

My favorite tic. It might be the one where I go like this right now. I mean that's kinda cute.

It might be my tic where I go "nhh", 'cuz that's kinda cute. Kinda endearing. And cute. And my least favorite tic is probably my eye rolling tic and the tic where I really turn my head to the left. 'Cuz that gets in the way of my driving.

And am I waxing or waning now with my Tourettes, right now I am waxing. And we're trying to get medication to help but right now it's trial and error. Um, how did my family and friends react at first to my tics? My family was mostly concerned because I was like whipping my head around and they were like "that can't feel good" 'cuz I mean you're neck- I was really whipping it around. My neck couldn't of felt good. Um, my friends were kinda concerned 'cuz I developed it mostly over the summer. So my friends that hadn't seen me all summer or at band camp, they were like- the first day of school that year I was like really freakin' out that day.

So I had a really bad tic day, and so yeah they were kinda like "are you okay?" I mean they weren't making fun of me or anything, but they were genuinely concerned. Let's see.. Do my parents help me? They do help me with driving, getting to appointments, for things for my Tourettes. Yeah they do help me. They- I'm generally expected to do the same things as my siblings. And I still have chores and whatnot. I don't need any help or have any walking issues with my Tourettes.

It's just driving and sometimes I have to talk to teachers, but yeah other than that I'm pretty much, I guess normal functioning. Have I taken a sleep aid for help with my sleep and ticcing while I'm sleeping. I haven't taken anything specifically for a sleep aid but my medicine that I do take makes me extremely sleepy afterwards, so I've never needed one. Um, I always take it at bed time, so I've never needed a sleep aid. But, um, yeah I've never needed a sleep aid 'cuz I pretty much have one.

Um, how old am I? I am 16. Does Tourettes hurt? Some of the tics do hurt like thumping myself or a lot of neck tics hurt. 'Cuz you're cracking your neck all day. But ticcing in itself does not hurt. For me it feels like a slight pressure kind of? But for some people they don't like it. But mine it doesn't bother me.

It ticcing exhausting? It is. It's pretty much like a full body work out all of the time. So let's see. Have I ever been bullied for having Tourettes? I have a couple of times, but like, it's not like people who are like actually looking to bully me about my Tourettes. They would just- pardon my french- be a bunch of buttheads.

They were buttheads already! And they saw something they could try I've had that happen a couple of times. And I have really nice friends and they're always sticking up for me. So I'm really lucky to have them. Can I walk during tic attacks? I cannot. At least during the deep stages of my tic attacks. I cannot walk. I'm completely curled up. My toes and feet and knees do not wanna- excuse me- do not wanna work.

Neither do my hips. They're just kinda tensed up. And so that's all I have for today. I hope you like the video, if you did leave a like, if you want to see more content go ahead and subscribe. And I'll see you guys in the next video.

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