Professional Hospital of Guaynabo Puerto Rico

By: Professional Hospital

Welcome to Professional Hospital, Puerto Rico! We're located in Guaynabo which is part on the San Juan metropolitan area. Professional Hospital is focused on providing high quality and affordable care through minimally invasive techniques such as endoscopy, laparoscopic procedures, and endovascular procedures. At Professional Hospital we feature a variety of surgical specialties that include: general surgery, vascular & orthopedic surgery gynecology urology, as well as plastic surgery. Our vascular service is particularly well-known across the east coast and the caribbean for treating the most severe vascular diseases with excellent outcomes. We specialize in treating non-healing ulcers and patients with gangrene in order to prevent amputations. And now with us Dr. Iván González Cancel the first surgeon to perform a heart transplant surgery in Puerto Rico. Now, I'm part of the faculty of Professional Hospital.

In our institution we are specializing in the treatment of circulatory problems and diabetes. At this moment, Professional Hospital is largest instituion in the south of the United States devoted to the treatment of circulatory problems and its relation with diabetes particularly, what is known as gangrene. It is also very important to realize that endovascular surgery has been developing at a fast pace and is now a very important and vital area in the treatment of vascular conditions. For example more than 50% of our patients with vascular conditions can now be treated with endovascular techniques. The endovascular treatments are performed through an incision that is smaller than the tip of this pen. Through this access, we're able to perform complex procedures while allowing fast recovery to the patient. For example, procedures that would keep the patient admitted to the hospital for a week (or even more) are now performed with endovascular techniques and the patient can be discharged within 24 hours. Endovascular technologies have continued to evolve and here at the Professional Hospital in Guaynabo, PR we are at the forefront of this field.

Some of the other surgeries offered at Professional Hospital are: breast augmentation or reduction, abdominoplasty, facelift, post bariatric. Urology tests are also peformed for: enlarged prostate, prostate cancer, stones, and impotence. We have a group of professionals who specialize in orthopedic deformities or trauma.

Our Hospital has state-of-the-art facilities with comfortable and private rooms Our staff is composed of US-trained professionals from the United States and Puerto Rico. It is also our mission to address your needs in a professional and caring manner. Our staff is dedicated to the clinical care of each patient and we strive to provide a very personal care to our patients, making sure that the entire process of medical care is the best. Laparoscopy is a technique that allows us to diagnose and treat conditions in the abdominal and pelvic cavity under direct vision with a camera and minimal trauma therefore avoiding open surgery additional procedures such as gallbladder removal bariatric surgery and hernia repairs can be performed with this technique as well. Nephrology is the medical specialty that specializes in the evaluation and treatment up the kidneys. We have full capacity to manage the spectrum of renal conditions such as: renal infections to patients requiring hemodialysis. We also have a urology department which deals with the surgical intervention to male and female kidney bladder congenital diseases We also have an excellent team of internal medicine physicians that manage a number medical conditions from the respiratory system, such as asthma, pneumonia, to cardiovascular such as chest discomfort. You can contact our faculty 24 hours 7 days a week in English or Spanish.

Professional Hospital of Guaynabo Puerto Rico

For any questions you might have as a patient of Professional Hospital were located on road 199 in Guaynabo, PR. We are more than happy to answer all your questions so don't hesitate and call us at 787-740-8787 or visit our website

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