Problems after Taking Supplements, GERD - Neil J

Author: Dr. Gilbert Jaudy

(Music) Hi, my name is Neil, and my story began at age 22, my last year in college. My buddy introduced me to supplements, and the supplements that I took with him basically induced energy, and it offered a spark on the last year my college. Helped me study and whatnot, and basically were a good idea. Had no symptoms at the start, but over time, about a year, year-and-a-half after taking the supplements, I started to get extreme heartburn and burning sensation in the stomach, so basically, after that, I was so addicted to the supplement, I probably took the supplements about three to six months longer, not listening to my body and how it was responding, and so basically, after that, I started having more and more pain, so this is probably like 23 - 24, and while I was having all the pain, I was trying to start a career, you know, ..

You know, make money, have a good job, and all, you know, whatnot, so, a lot of the symptoms I was having at 24 were probably... I'd have stuff in the back of my throat, acid reflux, and an extreme burning. Any time I ate or drank even water, I would get acid in the back of my throat, and it was really, really bad and scary. I basically tried to, you know, change my diet, eat as well as I possibly could, and, you know, basically lower the symptoms, but really, almost nothing worked at all, so that brought me up to about 25 - 26. I held on for a year or two, you know, just being as good as I could, but I was just living through pain, basically.

Then I consulted numerous doctors about how to beat this illness, and basically what they did is they prescribed a lot of drugs for me, so we had proton pump inhibitors, beta blockers, all kinds of drugs that did absolutely nothing, probably even increased symptoms or made things a little bit worse, so after all of that, they put me on maybe a year trial of those drugs and nothing worked, so then I consulted a couple other doctors. They had heard of this surgery that could basically repair the lower esophageal sphincter, or the LES, and it was a procedure called the Nissen Fundoplication. I had that done in July of 2013 and then this fundoplication was... Well, it was told to me by the surgeon that it was a good idea, and that it would basically solve all the problems that I had. Turns out that after the surgery, not only did I not get better, I got way, way worse, and I went from one or two chronic issues to about five.

So basically when you get this fundoplication, the first sign and symptom of having this fundoplication, you can barely eat or drink anything, and they told me that. I mean, I knew that, however, I don't think you know how bad it is until you really experience it. When they wrapped my stomach to close the lower esophageal sphincter, it basically made it so that I couldn't get oxygen to the brain, so the chronic issues I had before were the throat and acid reflux in the back, you know, back of throat, as well as a little bit burning sensation in the stomach, and then after the surgery, I had basically, headaches. Every single day I'd wake up foggy. Couldn't think, couldn't get oxygen to the brain. More pain, so not only in the stomach area, but actually I had right under the solar plexus, I had burning pain that was probably caused by the scar tissue, and I had a lot of numbness in my left arm after the surgery as well. As well as, digesting and eating food was even harder, so it went from before the surgery, I could maybe get away with having an alcoholic drink or two, or maybe a cup of coffee to absolutely not, your body will, you know, will not function after drinking anything, so all of that happened, and I was really struggling for... I kept working.

Problems after Taking Supplements, GERD - Neil J

I was in actually in a mortgage department. Kept working for about a year, year and a half, and eventually just had to give up. I couldn't beat the disease that I had, which it was labeled as GERD, gastro-oesophageal reflux disease, as well as, obviously, a myriad of other things. I saw probably 10 to 15 doctors within that year, year-and-a-half, before I gave up, so I tried everything not to give up my work, and I basically had had enough, so then eventually I, you know, consulted other doctors, and then came in the next year across Dr. Jaudy.

It was through a family friend, and I've been seeing them now for 10 days. I can tell you that before the 10 days, I couldn't eat much of anything. I mostly was eating soup, and if I did try to eat something real, it would just close down my whole system, but now I'm actually able to eat more normal foods, such as bread and sausage and turkey, and I mean, almost, you name it. He's allowed me to eat that, and my system has done okay with it. My energy has come back, my head doesn't hurt nearly as bad.

I would say, you know, eighty percent of my headaches are gone. They come back a little bit. I mean it's only been nine or ten days, so it's pretty amazing how far I've come with all of this. The burning underneath the solar plexus has relieved, which is unreal, because I used to always say that it would be a possibility to beat this if that burning sensation went away, and it's pretty much relieved, so I'm very happy with where I've come with this treatment, and excited to see how it's going to go into the future. The treatment, the Organ Remapping, Brain Remapping, is basically made it so that I can breathe better again.

It's made it so that I can digest things better, and one of the biggest things so far that's happened for me, as I can actually sleep, and that is HUGE because I could not sleep through the night before doing this Organ Remapping, so it's been huge for me, and it's, yeah, it's helped quite a bit. One the big things that make Dr. Jaudy different to me is his diagnosis. So the way that he could literally tell me the symptoms in which I'm feeling every day and how they relate in the body, that was really impressive. I was blown away when he could tell me exactly the symptoms in which I had, but not only the symptoms, but where they occurred, and why they occurred, and how you could actually combat the problem. The other thing about Dr.

Jaudy that I really like is he's really patient with you, and he listens, and he works with you, and the medical community has kind of forgotten this idea that people need to be worked with, and they need to, you know, have that care, and in their life that's a really big deal to anybody that's seeking professional advice or help. I can tell you this, after seeing 20-plus doctors, don't give up hope there is a solution out there. Always get up every day trying to be whatever you have, because there are solutions, and with Dr. Jaudy, he's definitely helped me see kind of the light on how, you know, things were going to be beaten. A lot of the things that I couldn't do before, like, for example, if I tried to eat, say, a burger and fries, which Dr. Jaudy had me eating on day, like, five of this treatment, I would have been out of commission for two or three days. It wouldn't..

Would not have... I wouldn't even thought it. Actually, when he told me that I was going to have french fries, I laughed, and I laughed at him because I was, like, that can't possibly happen. You're crazy, you're out of your mind, and so he was just like, what are you talking about? You haven't had french fries in a couple years? I was just like, no, I haven't, and I think it's absurd that we could do this in five days. However, I went and got the french fries and the burger, and it was fine because I came back with, you know, back to work with him, and he just shut down the symptoms again, so it's pretty amazing what he can do, even if you think you can't eat, or that you've seen somebody that has told you discouraging remarks that you can never get better, you absolutely can. You've just got to seek the right advice.

If you're suffering from GERD, please don't, you know, consult a surgeon first. Try this out. It could really help you. (Music).

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Problems after Taking Supplements, GERD - Neil J

(Music) Hi, my name is Neil, and my story began at age 22, my last year in college. My buddy introduced me to supplements, and the supplements that I took with him basically induced…

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