Prevent a Miscarriage. 5 Simple, All-natural, Yet Highly Effective Ways to Avoid Miscarriage

By: Iva Keene

Hello! I'd like to share with you five simple things you can do to improve your body's ability to hold on to a pregnancy and avoid a miscarriage. Most causes of miscarriages can be boiled down to two things; nutrients deficiencies and toxin overload. In fact from a naturopathic perspective this applies to most diseases and conditions. However the key is to know which toxins and which nutrients apply to which conditions and diseases. So here are five important tips for preventing miscarriage. These are not the only ones but they are some of the most important ones. 1. Take CoQ10 - this co-enzyme is food for your cellular engines called mitochondria.

From about 30 onwards our body's CoQ10 reserves start to drop. This predisposes us to ageing and accumulation of toxins within our cells as the cells themselves get less energy to detox properly. 2. Check you thyroid function - Your thyroid gland sets the rhythm, a pace at which all cellular processes take place. It's a bit like music. Some songs are slow and some are fast.

For a healthy pregnancy you need that nice rhythm that keeps you dancing at a pleasant pace without exhausting you or sending you to sleep because its too slow. Similarly if your thyroid function is sluggish and slow than all your cellular processes will be sluggish and slow. For a fertilised egg this can spell a disaster as chromosomal errors are more likely to happen when the cellular division is slow. 3. Minimize EM radiation exposure - Our beloved cell phones, iPads, laptops and even our hair dryers all emit electromagnetic radiation which can damage an embryo.

Never work with your laptop in your lap. Don't keep your mobile phone on your body (unless it is switched off or on flight mode) - this especially goes for men who keep cell phones in their pockets next to their testicles. Studies show that this close proximity can damage sperm which can in turn predispose to male infertility and miscarriages. Always use a headset when talking on your phone - your brain cells can also get damaged by this type of radiation. 4. Don't colour your hair around the time of conception and during the first trimester of your pregnancy. Your baby is most sensitive to chromosomal damage during the conception days and the first trimester of your pregnancy when his or her organs are being formed.

Prevent a Miscarriage. 5 Simple, All-natural, Yet Highly Effective Ways to Avoid Miscarriage

Studies show that many chemicals you put on your skin can be detected in your bloodstream within 26 seconds! Hair dies are full of toxic chemicals shown to be teratogenic and xenoestrogenic. Which means they can damage the embryo and affect your hormonal balance. You don't want any of this ideally during the whole preconception period of 120 days and during the whole pregnancy but especially during the week of conception and first trimester of your pregnancy.

5. Eat spinach - bet you didn't see this one coming! Yes out of all those fancy super foods with exotic names we have overlooked the humble and inexpensive spinach. As kids in the 70's and 80's we watched popeye and olive eat spinach on TV and now it seems it's former glory should be restored. The spinach vegetable is a rich source of iron needed for healthy cellular division of the fertilised egg and for its survival before it attaches to the endometrial lining of the uterus where it can get iron from the body. It is also a rich source of chlorophyl an antioxidant which will protect the embryo from free radical damage caused by the many toxins which circulate in the air, water, food etc. And lastly spinach has been shown to reduce inflammation linked to autoimmune conditions which can also predispose to miscarriage. Of course make sure your spinach is organic! Don't eat it contaminated with pesticides which can also predispose to miscarriage! If you're interested in dozens more of these type of tips which have been shown to help prevent miscarriage.

You can request a free copy of our miscarriage prevention report here at: Thank you for watching the miscarriage prevention series. I hope you feel a lot more hopeful and positive about your next pregnancy now that you know that most miscarriages can be averted and that you can do this with your dietary, lifestyle and supplementation choices. Bye for now.


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