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Pre-diabetes is when your blood sugar is elevated above the normal range but it is not diagnostic for diabetes. So, people who have a fasting blood sugar between 100 and 125 would be in that at risk category for developing diabetes. That doesn’t mean you will automatically have diabetes if you are in that at risk stage, but it does mean you have the opportunity to begin to make life changes to insure a healthier life. There are over 57 million Americans that fall into that at risk category. We have a great opportunity to increase our level of activity, decrease our weight and keep aware of the foods we are eating, activity levels and just knowing what our numbers are and how we can keep them away from that diabetes level.

Three numbers to be thinking about, LDL, if you don’t have diabetes, 130 or less, your blood pressure, all of us, 130 over 80 or less. That fasting blood sugar should be 126 or less. If it’s in that at risk category you need to start thinking about the changes that you can make. Foods don’t cause diabetes. People always say it is all those starchy foods I eat.

That is not what causes diabetes. People have to remember, decreasing your weight in to a healthy range and healthy living will make you healthier and eating a candy bar or having a hot chocolate does not make you have diabetes. It is not the food you eat it’s the weight that you carry and your level of inactivity that will contribute to developing diabetes.

Portions, have that cake just have a small piece. Then have a big bowl of blueberries after that. It all comes down to portion and choice and calories count. Think about today, today is what we all have and that’s a gift, so think about what can I do today to make myself healthier. Maybe, that is as simple as, I am going to eat an apple today or I’m going to take the stairs today or I’m going to visit a friend I haven’t seen for a long time. Those are all things that will set the stage for a healthier life and it’s just one little thing. I tell people, just start with today, choose one thing that will make you feel better about yourself, do something to serve somebody else, do something to serve yourself, eat more fruits and vegetables, walk a little bit more, that’s all you have to do and it will begin to build.

Pre Diabetes - The Nebraska Medical Center

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