POTS, Headache, Fatigue, Dizziness, Gut Issues - Angelique on Arianna-Part 1

Author: Dr. Gilbert Jaudy

(Music) My name is Angelique, and I have a 14-year-old daughter that I brought to Dr. Jaudy. Constant, throbbing headache, and initially we thought that maybe the headache was the problem, although for quite some time she had lots of other symptoms, and so, her symptoms included, really, the inability to adjust to heat, and cold was always kind of an issue as well.

On top of the headache, she also had extreme fatigue, an inability to go to school almost really, for a month, because doing school work, or being up and about for a long period of time, even laughing with her friends, made her feel dizzy, very light headed, and also she had a lot of gut issues. She... For a year was unable to eat gluten and carbohydrates and things like that. And so, we were dealing with a lot of issues that started to really compact, and we came to Dr. Jaudy because a friend actually recommended him, and it's been such a blessing that we've been able to come here. In five days... Her headache, for about a month, was about a seven on a scale of one to 10, and she had a hard time sleeping, getting to sleep.

She was waking up throughout the night, and within two days, the headache had gone down to a six, and then a five after, I think it was just four days worth of treatment, and although that was something that my husband I were kind of focused on, we came to find out, through Dr. Jaudy, through a series of tests that she actually had something called POTS disorder and this is a syndrome and something that affects kids, I guess around her age, but can compile through decades worth of not dealing with the autonomic system, and she had all of these issues that within a week Dr. Jaudy started taking care of, to where she didn't have lightheadedness anymore, there was no dizziness anymore. She's now able to eat anything that she wants, so this gluten intolerance isn't actually anything that's even real. Not for her. This is something that was part of this disorder, and so to see the smile on her face... She can now get sleep, she can eat, she's not lightheaded, she can laugh and feel okay.

The throbbing is not really a throbbing anymore in her head. It's maybe a dull pain that we're still working through, and I have absolutely no doubt in my mind, that when we're done with this treatment here, that it's all going to be taken care of, and it's something that she's going to be able to now say, yeah, I had this disorder, but I beat this disorder in just a couple of weeks. I think that with Dr. Jaudy, he gives you a diet to follow, that's not hard, he gives you exercises to do when you're not in his office that also are not hard, but when you work the program, it works, and I cannot even tell you how blessed we feel to have found Dr. Jaudy, and how incredibly quick it is, but just how it works, and no other doctor has been able to treat her. We've been to ER's, a neurologist, an endocrinologist, and family physicians, and they've all told us something different, and yet everything they've told us, and everything they've tried to treat, hasn't worked.

POTS, Headache, Fatigue, Dizziness, Gut Issues - Angelique on Arianna-Part 1

Her situation was... Her syndrome, I guess, was getting worse, and it's frustrating as a parent to go to a doctor who supposed to be able to help you, and nobody can help you, and you just get more and more and more tense, but as soon as you walk into the doors of this office, and you talk to your Dr. Tina and you talk to Dr. Jaudy, they put you at ease immediately, and can see kind of the frustration or the fear that you have in your eyes, and they're, they're quick to really put you at ease, and say, don't worry, we got this, we're going to take care of it, and they do, and it's just been something that has been a blessing to us and our family and we're going to miss them when we're not here anymore, but we're glad that we're here. So, Arianna has actually been suffering longer than two months. She had a two-month-long headache, and I think it was the headache that was our big concern, you know, a two month long headache, I've never heard of such a thing, you know. Usually you have a headache, and you get some medication, or people with migraines can take a migraine shot, it gets rid of it, you know. So that to us was our big fear: a two-month-long headache, but actually, I think, looking back, after hearing Dr.

Jaudy speak of this POTS disorder, she'd been having symptoms for years. The gluten intolerances, this inability to eat, you know, the losing weight because of that had been going on for a year or more. Six months worth of her just not even wanting to eat period, because it hurt every time she ate. She would have a headache here and there. Fatigue was probably a part of this for at least a year, so the symptoms actually had been going on for a long time. It was just the headache for two months, and when I mentioned that two-month-long throbbing pain, and you can imagine, you can't function when you have a headache for a day, for two days, let alone two months, and you're fourteen years old, and all you want to do is go to school, and hang out with your friends, and she hasn't even been able to do that, so yeah, it was actually symptoms for quite some time.

In regards to the neurologists and cardiologists, and people who are, you know, who are supposed to be leading in the industry... We're from San Diego, and so, we've been to Children's Hospital, we've contacted UCLA, USC, neurology departments everywhere from LA to San Diego, and we've been in the emergency room with this headache because it's been so debilitating, and they all want to treat it as, oh, you have a headache. Well, let's look at the headache. Does the anti-depressant, the anti-seizure medication, the steroids... None of it works. The beta blockers, everything they tried, and yet they weren't willing to look at all the other symptoms, that I was trying to tell them she had.

I feel like if they're going to tell us, oh, she just has a migraine, then some sort of migraine medication should work, and when they try four or five different things for a migraine, eventually something should start to help, and it didn't, and that's what's so frustrating, so we've gone down the road of the leading children's hospitals, the leading hospitals, as far as universities go, and it didn't work, and you know, let me say something else too, about Dr. Jaudy. A lot of people say, gosh, it sounds too good to be true: no medication, no surgery. What do you have to do.

I'm telling you, he figures out what's wrong, and pinpoints that part of the brain that he needs to work on. Then there is nothing crazy about it. I mean it's... You would think the simplest treatment, and almost too good to believe, like this really is going to treat this, and it does, that helps with her particular condition with the autonomic system. It does, and I wouldn't sit here if it didn't work, and it's worth every bit of it in time, in dedication to working the program in and out.

It's worth every bit of it, and as a parent, you will do anything for your kids to feel better, and, you know, we'll continue to tell people about this place, as much as we can. Hi, my name is Arianna, and for the past couple months, I have had at throbbing headache, like in the back of my head, and it just would not go away, and we went to several different doctors, and ER doctors, and just everything, and they've given me migraine shots and everything that they could do to treat the headache, and it did not go away, so we came to Dr. Jaudy, and then... My headache on a scale from one to 10, was about like a seven when I came in, and it has been like that consistently, and I was not able to... I could barely, like, go outside. I couldn't walk around much. I couldn't really do anything because everything made it worse, and so we came in here, in fact, nothing was changing it, and then, you know, the first day of treatment, but while... Within the first couple days my headache went better, and it went down to a six, and then to a five, just by the end of the first week and, yeah, I couldn't go to school for several weeks because concentrating made it worse, and every time I stood up, I'd get lightheaded, and my face was red all the time, and just, I couldn't barely do anything, so, yeah, I couldn't go to school, or couldn't go out and do things.

Everything was super bright, and everything was really loud, so I just sat, like, in a dark room for several weeks, and you couldn't really go out to eat, go out to do anything. I was tired constantly, and I couldn't eat anything because everything hurt time, and I didn't want to eat for six months because it hurt every time, and I couldn't, you know, I'd go out with my friends and I they'd all have pizza, and I couldn't eat anything, so that was very difficult, and so, yeah, tired all the time and every time I stood up, I'd get light headed, and have to sit back down, and it was very difficult. Dr.

Jaudy is very different from other doctors we've been to because all the other doctors, they all thought, oh, you have a headache, we'll give you some medicine. It will help the headache and you'll be fine, but it didn't, and I had all these other symptoms and they're like, but you have a headache, so let's give you a bunch medicine and all these different things, and they didn't do anything, and they would only treat the headache, so we came here, and Dr. Jaudy, okay, you have a headache.

What other symptoms do you have? And then he told me that I have POTS disorder, which is why I had all of the symptoms, and so, then he treated the part of the brain that was causing all of the symptoms, and not just giving me some medicine, and hoping it works. I think Dr. Jaudy works very fast, and you know, you go on for so long for maybe several years, and you go to a million different doctors and just not getting any results, and its completely hopeless.

Yeah, I'm just going to have to deal with this forever, but then I come to Dr. Jaudy, thinking okay, let's try another doctor, and then you start feeling better within like a week or a couple days, and it definitely gives you a little more hope, and you think okay, let's gets rid of this. So, it's good. (Music).

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