Post Weekend Recovery with Ask Dr Heather

Author: Abby K Life

What's up Facebook friends! Abigail Kluttz here and it is a pajama day I don't want to get out of my pajamas today but y'all are maybe gonna make me get out of my pajamas today got five requests for ten days so I'm probably gonna go to the post office I do have my sparkly slippers on and I'm not above walking in maybe I'll put a sweatshirt on take off my bathrobe but we're not doing this today I just got done traveling and here in a minute I'm gonna have Dr. Heather Cardin jump on and talk about a few tips and tricks you can do to recover before that I just want to show you so whenever I am traveling I collect beanie boos for Charlotte so when she tells me it's time for another trip and I need to go away sometimes it makes me second-guess what I'm doing but this is the beanie boo I got her this trip and they're really fun they're in every single Airport so if you are a traveling person then and you have kids like they're cheap and they're in every airport so they can collect them so this one's Pablo and he says if you give me some love I'll do a trick I like to play fetch just toss me a stick so like she has tons and tons of beanie boos like it kind of I mean they're they're everywhere the know this was the Halloween beanie boo it was an extra-special one she has her friends over they have parties with all these beanie boos you know forget dolls beanie boos there's about 12 more but let's see here let's see real quick anyone who private message is me who has never tried therapeutic ketones and gets a 10 day I am going to put in a little treat for you and I will have Dr. Heather come on amazing absolutely amazing so first three private message you will get a splash a mere ten-day wasn't that generous of me Dr. Heather absolutely yeah are you in your pajamas today I am yes I could stand up I have my orange on for rst day but yes I still have my I can't even show you I have my Christmas pajama pants on hold on they're so soft it was so cold and we got home last night we got home about 12:30 this morning so yes still in my pajamas still no voice but yeah I am very my orange because it is national on chronic regional pain Awareness Day or RSD Awareness Day so we're in my orange say with my jammies well Dr.

Heather take a minute and tell us about that and also how it's about you what happened okay so um let's dig in okay so our SD is called reflex sympathetic dystrophy it's now been that was the term used a few decades ago now it's called complex regional pain syndrome it is one of the rare neurological diseases that has no cure they won't even take patients at Mayo I'm gonna get hit with this but my neurologist has suggested that I go to Mayo my neurosurgeon they're like there's no cure for RSD just try to keep the pain under control try to keep the inflammation under control because again there's no cure and the stats of remission are very very low over someone who is over 18 and I'm definitely over 18 so it's generally onset by a crushing injury I had a skiing accident March of 2014 crushed my ankle and me getting a couple lesions in my brain and some I don't know seven herniated discs long story short it has left me in a wheelchair with what's called CHR PS or chronic regional pain syndrome so I managed it a hundred percent with diet and with lifestyle with meditation still in my pajamas not gonna stress my body out today but went on a ketogenic diet the minute I had my exercise because I knew that the ketogenic diet would help recover my body recover quicker would help protect my lean muscle mass so that was in 2014 so you can imagine how excited I was when you send me a package and you said you know what I've been praying for you I'm watching your journey I know you've had several surgeries and said I know you know what ketones are at beta-hydroxybutyrate I'm like give them to me let me have him so I knew exactly what I was putting in my body and was excited to have that opportunity and want to make that my mission to share and help people with chronic pain for me it's the whole quadrants four quadrants of health so it is diet it is lifestyle it is sleep and is that mental emotional spiritual state that you keep your body in so take the negative what somebody said the negative ninnies out of your brain and keep everything positive or make positivity louder as Ryan says I love that so definitely a part of my daily routine is doing a low carb high fat ketogenic diet keep my body under less stress you said no makeup and you have makeup on so I didn't even want to put those chemicals on my face today because I'm recovering from four days of makeup I didn't put any on I haven't washed my face on your eyebrows what's their tattoo they're always on point yeah so for our SD patients even getting a blood draw can set off a serious injury so tattooing is definitely not gonna happen to me and again trying to keep lifestyle clean not gonna put chemicals on my face today even if it's pretty healthy makeup which I've done the last four days or even put toxins on my hair so we're in my orange loudly today and yes I was excited to have my amped I know that with chronic pain that a lot of times people age prematurely so the AC eleven what Nonna's cat's claw that I'm excited to put in my body I was already using it as a standalone but we know synergistically things work better together so excited to have the opportunity to have it alongside with my beta-hydroxybutyrate alongside with might be complex which I take every day in folic acid to help all the nerves be as healthy as they can be so again getting more oxygen to my body not overstressed my body so yes it was out of my comfort zone to say I'll get on there with my pajamas on and my hair from me see today's about here from Saturday is a Friday we got to do our live on like today and she's like I'm in my pajamas I said awesome me too so here we are and thank you for sharing that I know so many people really don't didn't know your backstory and they don't know what drives your passion for the lifestyle and you know as you talked about I I can't even I know how hard you work to go do what you do and I've traveled with you before and I know like it is ten times harder for you to get in and get out and you work so hard to go share the conversation and represent this conversation and I so appreciate you but on a day like today even for you or myself and coming home and you know recovering because you don't recover I mean for me I I will eat bad when I'm tired but you know that so what are some things that you can do and I also wrote new home on a plane I don't know if you did I switched my plane ride coming back three times I ended up coming back on Southwest with a bunch of dejected Chiefs players they look like they had been partying not quite in the way I had been partying with kiddos so after a hard weekend or a party weekend or starting your Monday and what can people do to actively recover and how important is that you know it's super important if we don't let our bodies rest don't recover so some of that can be catching up on a little bit of sleep you know we know we had daylight savings time which can totally disrupt people's circadian rhythms so start in the morning slowly with healthy food so maybe not doing the extra caffeine it may be make sure you're getting all the water in I we did drive home and hit an animal on the way home which was not fun last night so a lot of emotions stuff there as well but even on the airplane it's super dry there's toxins all around us in hotels in airports and airplanes so making sure you're as clean as possible again I'm getting lots of doing lots of yoga breathing today lots of stretching because we didn't get a lot of movement this weekend but eating very healthy what you put in your body fuels your body for that day so eating healthy all weekend was super important to me knowing I was probably exposed to toxins and again the airport and hotels and things like that in cars but today in order for my body to function the way I wanted to function and continue on that mission sorry my kitties rubbing up against and that I know I needed to get ketones in my body I needed to have keto cream but not with caffeine I needed to have some herb amate tea which is better for my adrenal glands having some ginger and celery juice this morning yes I am having my amps with my extra a c11 and drinking that slowly because it does have a little caffeine in it and then again not over stressing my body not worrying about what I look like today not putting myself in that position to over push myself do zooms from my bed do phone calls from twoo patients from my bed so I can still be true to be my mission and helping serve people and then you know again not worrying about what I look like it's it's a it's a it's a hard thing to get over one thing to get over being in a wheelchair because people are surprised when they see me because I like well are you for sure your doctor Heather I'm like yeah I'm for sure it's me so that's one thing but then again no hair no makeups another thing but yeah thank you for pushing me out of my limits thank you for supporting me in my mission in whatever it takes to get there and I want to say this weekend was amazing for me I focus on the Midwest Locard Kansas City regional division which is Midwest Dallas Chicago Kansas City but to have someone from Australia to come over or to have over 20 people from China come up and tell me what the obesity rate is what the diabetes rate is what they're challenging with they're young people I've made assumptions being an acupuncturist and studying occupational a Chinese culture for 20 years not a hard study but knowing what the mentality was and doing some you know Taichi and stuff even through my recovery surprise of what they thought and how excited they were about that'd be better mission which I love that component of it not just prove it like you want to be better it's for yourself and for your family so super touched by the Asians that came up to me again from all over over the I want to say a Western China region I know they've done a lot of changing of the geography since I was in school but yeah amazed of the conversation amazed at what they had to say and really opened my eyes to how much globally we can change through media through social media through a Facebook I they don't care what I look like today but if I can teach someone that you know what we don't need to have sugars and carbs and is okay of clothes counts maybe didn't you celebrate your birthday Abigail so happy birthday to miss Abby yes we should celebrate a little bit and I always tell people pick your poison or pick the time you want to do it 12 holidays Christmas Thanksgiving Easter your birthday your child's birthday celebrate that just don't have a birthday every day so no cakes and cookies and pies every day or learn a keto recipe at your next mixer for ways to make it taste yummy and delicious right right no for me and I have it right here I just got my swift Cacao back in that's so it's just super important because I'm challenged at night with chocolate and sweet tooth but when I have this in I can do it like I I can really do it and Dr. Heather you kind of brushed a little bit on the AC 11 that is in the amp and a release that may come soon but we don't know when tell us you know it does have it so tell us just a little bit more about AC 11 it wasn't something that I was familiar with it all yeah so AC 11 is called cat's claw it's a very familiar herb even in oriental Chinese medicine or in herbology so cats claws been around for the of century it's been used in Asian cultures to help anti-aging so think of what your body does when we look at people who age like your grandma she has more wrinkles on the outside the same thing happens on the inside or if you believe a fruit piece of fruit on the counter after a few weeks it starts to shrivel up that's just the aging process happening and it happens for us we lose lean muscle mass as we age our body starts to dehydrate our disk in our backs start to dehydrate and get smaller that's why we get shorter it's called creep it's a real process it happens but what we do know is that through DNA repair the way that you look like your mom and dad and I look like a little bit like my mom and dad look like my grandma my kids look a little bit might be that DNA can actually start to change over time as we start to age so it is true you start to look like your mother or your father as you age because the DNA starts to shrink up just likely get wrinkles in our skin we get wrinkles in our DNA or long chains the exciting thing is is that to just recently 2017 there was a study done about roundworms so if you didn't know roundworms only live like two or three weeks and they get shorter like our genes or telomeres and then they die well using AC11 or cat's claw we actually found that they actually live longer and actually increased segmentation which was super exciting so if we know what it does because again it's hard to control human studies we're also unique and different we have a different gene pool makeup different age different demographics different lifestyle roundworms we can cut in control this is a dirt there in this is where they're gonna live for two to three weeks so now we know we know ancient cultures again I've been using its cat's claw you can google that look it up Wikipedia you're gonna see all the amazing anti-aging effects and we talked about that because it slows down the shrinkage of the telomeres along gates that process so to speak great for our immune system so again an herb that's been around a long time but synergistically I just tell people like baking I mean you can have grass-fed butter but boy it's a whole bunch butter if you mix it with some rub rock coconut oil or some nut butter or you know make a cookie or something out it works better synergistically well what they've done is they've taken again we've been drinking the splash or amp for the beta-hydroxybutyrate in combination which has an anti-aging effect itself or BHB does in combination with the AC eleven plus the extra B vitamins it's really going to help us maintain our our cognition our spinal cords our nerves our muscle much better and the cleaner you can get with your lifestyle I think the better results you're going to have and if we can get the cravings down and we can get the sleep happening because rest is so important what bhp does then we have so such an amazing opportunity to help our generation your children my children who are not supposed to outlive us actually live longer so many times we focus on us we're 50 or 40 I don't know what birthday you just turned but I know I can be your mother and point back 25 smash matically I can still be your mom anyway sister I'm going to say that because I'm actually 97 today a lot of cats claw and but I know it can actually help the current population of people who are 30 and 40 but think about our kids so absolutely great for kids because we know they're not supposed to outlive us for the first time in two hundred years so we've been talking a lot about for dementia for Parkinson's for Alzheimer's but I'm gonna challenge you to look at your children let's get them eating healthier let's get that AC 11 let's get the bhp get the B complexes get that in their brain in their body so they have a fighting chance yeah yeah sure yes today it is serious I know well before you came on I showed everybody the beanie boo I bought for Charlotte so if that was light and and our face and hair and robes are like you know but that's funny you know just kind of going back to the recovery day I you know I got to bed at 2:00 got back up at 6:00 just kind of hiked with momentum I'm super excited to this weekend we had a lot of people from Southeast Asia at the conference and that market is soon to come and it was just so cool watching them watch it all and here at all I guess what was a little bit more of your perspective and you got to talk to them a little bit more than I did do you think that their culture is primed and ready there I know we kind of took the u.s. By like Australia was already on the high fat low carb and us it was like two years ago people are like I don't eat high fat and now everybody's high fat and ketones you know what's it like there though i but yeah i did have a great opportunity or a blessed opportunity to speak with several of them and you know what happens is a lot of them are vegans or vegetarians which make it very hard to get into natural ketosis to get your body burning ketones so one gentleman had asked me how much do i have to run to get in ketosis both depends on how much glucose you eat and how much storage fat and there's so many combinations so if you want to be true to your nationality in your diet and I talked with another doctor from India she's like we're vegetarians how do we get in ketosis it's really hard I mean if you're not eating protein again only ten or fifteen percent now they can use the beta hydroxy butyrate to get those benefits of ketones to help that anti-aging help that brain health that neurological health so it's very exciting for them because they're always moving forward to be better and so for them it's like can't believe that there's an opportunity I just we had one gentleman ask four questions in my breakout like so you're telling me I don't have to run I don't have to faster how many days do I need to fast to get into natural ketosis because really that's what he shared with me he was doing instead of going on a ketogenic diet because again they don't eat a lot of meat they eat a lot of carbohydrates a lot of vegetables which are still carbohydrates that it would made them difficult to get the benefits but now they can do it but they are so health-conscious in every aspect this is like icing on the cake for them and I know it's just gonna globally spread so they want to be better they they don't want to eat fried chicken and pop charts and things like that but this gives them the avenue based on their diet and based on what their culture is to actually you know not consume meats or maybe just a small amount and get those benefits but I do have to say I'm no I'm talking along today I did have the opportunity to meet a couple people I'm gonna say keto Kayla I'm gonna yell out to her I did not know her story I know she shares it have you met her talked with her I don't think so this is you know only 5% of bariatric surgery succeed so Dr. Nellie will tell you about that as well she had a bariatric surgery lost some weight gained the weight which again 95% fail only 5% are successful I said that backwards so this has been the tool for her it wasn't bariatric surgery and I know I've got other friends I can't call out their name who've had bariatric surgery this has helped them get the life they want this has helped them mentally go over like people tell me I've lost weight before but I never felt like this was the new me putting ketones at that cellular level fixie that adaptation of the brain they don't see themselves as like she said the fat girl anymore the overweight person anymore you're neurologically fixing it not just losing the weight and the fat but neurologically fixing the brain that is so exciting to me when I hear all those amazing story of people who like you know I was able to quit smoking I was able to quit drinking I don't understand it I took it for energy I just want to lose a little weight and how did this happen and I've done every other thing I've had my stomach stapled I've had the lap-band and how come this time it's different though how come is because we're fixing at a neurological level and I think two years now thirty months out people are having these amazing life-changing experience it's not a oh four days four weeks it's this this fad that fed it's here to stay and I pray fully hope that this is a lifestyle we all get on board for so crazy crazy fun and super inspiring every minute of the hour that you talked to someone awesome well thank you that was way more so I was gonna get in our pajamas today and I just want you to know and all the people out here make sure you give Dr.

Heather some love you know in honor of the day today thank you for sharing your story I love you so much and thank you for working so hard to champion this conversation you have done so much for this community getting this message out your just a huge part of prove it your your fingerprints are everywhere and I go I know it transcends so much further than that for you because of everything that you've gone through so we love you Dr. Heather we appreciate you we honor you today and our prayers for your journey and your healing are always with you so thank you thank you thank you very much all right know it means a lot so thank you all right I'll see you later bye-bye bye.

Post Weekend Recovery with Ask Dr Heather

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Post Weekend Recovery with Ask Dr Heather

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