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It's kind of up and down. It's kind of... One minute..

Peter: It's a delicate balance. Yeah one minute i feel like a human, the next minute I'm like ahhh *Theme song* Good morning, good morning i'm.... Awake... I'm alive and my head doesn't even hurt i wasn't talking about my gut (Peter chuckles) it does hurt but we've made some progress.

We have. I, um... I'm able to cough without crying, which is a huge success.

Yeah, and it's a huge success because we need her to cough to clear her lungs. My lungs are... They're very junky. I'm extremely like, my abdomen is so distended and like huge from the surgery. Um, they like blow your abdomen up with air and um my whole gut is just so confused. So we are working on trying to like, get, wake up all my systems, um, my bladder seems to be awake now i have to wake up my whole gut and um, i'm not having success yet, but um, we have started the feeds through my feeding tube yep um, we changed the dressing on her, um, what do you call it? J-Tube. And so... Um..

For while it's healing we do this gauze in criss-cross pattern to um, keep it in place and let it heal and and um, when we took off the dressing it looks amazing it's like not nasty at all it's just like there it is. There it is. Perfectly clean, awesome body piercing, so um, so we uh, i um, came over to the chair yep sitting in this beautiful window my, i'm so like i haven't eaten anything in three days and i have gained 10 pounds. So obviously like my feet, i don't know if you guys are going to be able to tell but my feet are swollen um oh yeah, you can tell so um they have stopped my fluids so hopefully i mean i don't know how much of that is just from the IV fluids or like post-surgical, i have no idea but i'm very uncomfortable so hopefully we can get all the swelling down and just see everything going in the right direction, but so, thats the plan for today, we are gonna keep up with the chest PT and now that Mary can cough, that's really important. Um it's definitely still like a huge challenge but my chest PT people like they put their little hand on my back while i'm coughing, which is so sweet.

And peter holds my hand while I cough, so i've got my support system. And uh, i'm still on the continuous pain medications, so that helps. Um but i'm definitely better like, you know, like a step... In the right direction. Right? from yesterday. So... Yep.

But um i love you. I love you too honey. And i need to edit the vlog for today so we will see you guys later and first lets get a shout out to ollie, taking mary's spot on the hospital bed... You my friend.... Are... So..

Stinkin'... Cute. Ugh.. So mary's stomach is in a lot of pain. Just like her insides of her stomach *coughing* (labored breathing) ok ok Peter: ok. You alright? mmm Peter: You're one tough cookie. Mmmm Cookie of nails Peter: cookie of nails? tough Peter: tough cookie. Peter: Tough as cookie of nails.

Yeah cookie of nails yeah oh man i love you you know i had a sympathy cough oh sometimes when you cough it makes me cough haha alright i think i'm more comfortable here alright. Well PT is probably coming soon ohhhhh ugh, ok, why don't you rest until then? i'll do my best good job, do what you think you can't do uh huh. Hey guys so mary just got back from x-ray it was a rough journey. Becuase she's been in alot of pain um we think it might be just all the gases in her abdomen and fluids from the last few days of not only surgery but just all the Mary: well the surgery they pump your stomach full yeah they pump it full of air but um also like fluids to go with the anethesia and everything so we're wondering if that's, we just don't know. But i was like my pain was alot better a few hours ago. Yeah so we didn't expect it to get worse again, but... My GI tract just hasn't woken up yeah so so that's what we took an x-ray of, to see what's going on in like, in her GI, so we're waiting to hear back about that and figure out a plan to get her body feeling a little bit better Ollie boy, do you want to come up on the bed? You very silly boy Do you guys know what time it is? It's friday night Which means It's shark tank In the hospital We are just hanging out umm watching shark tank, it's a commercial break right now but we've had some turns in events tonight Lots of events yeah umm Do you want to tell them what the x-ray showed? Basically the x-ray showed i'm full of air, like post-surgical So you know during the surgery, they pump you full of air so they can perform the surgery Umm, I'm very much full of air And then there's, umm, i think it's part of my..

Intestines are paralyzed I believe they said So like a common thing post-surgery when you're getting like abdomen surgery yeah, so that happened So basically, we need to cut back on my pain meds significantly which hopefully is ok It's just this weird balance of my body needs to like be up and walking So my pain needs to be under control But the pain meds will delay my gut from waking back up So it's kind of like this catch 22 thing So we've cut back down my pain meds... But I think their still in my system So I'm doing okay, coughing is getting harder But...umm were just going to take it kind of... One step at a time Hour by hour and segment by segment If tonight goes okay maybe tomorrow... The pain will be better And we can even lessen... Pain meds more If tonight doesn't go well and I'm not able to clear my air ways obviously were going to have to add more pain meds It's this weird kind of balance But... Basically were not using the feeding tube right now...umm were just using it for draining Drainage basically But umm...yeah I think I think it's kind of lots of complications But I think we'll You know we'll figure it out and um I think, I don't really know when we picked up the camera but..

My pain had gotten really really bad and my nurse practitioner and a pain specialist were in here and they were both just like We need to get you more comfortable ummmm that was quite a few hours ago and we got me more comfortable But then unfortunately the x-ray showed that... The paralyzed gut, I don't even know So we just, you know its kind of up and down It's kind of one minute Peter: Its a delicate balance Yeah One minute I feel like a human the next minute I'm like (groans in pain) so..ah we haven't picked the camera when I am acutely acutely screaming, we will spare you that Plus... We can't really pick up the camera when needing that much assistance It's kind of all hands on deck So...Shark Tank is back on we will see you later Priorities people You guys are, you know we like you over Shark Tank Mary: No I yeah I mean were talking about important medical stuff Mary: But oh Shark Tank is on But um I think this is our little reminder to you guys don't let your life be put on pause like if you Peter: Yeah happen to be in the hospital or if you happen to be not feeling well like try to still have a date or try to still do what you would normally do If you normally watch YouTube video every night at 7 Do it If you can Okay Shark Tank's over it wasn't, it wasn't the best episode But Mary and I have another show we've been watching on Netflix umm It's called "White Collar" and its like We like like We like Ahhhh investigation what do you call that? Like... Mystery. Its not mystery it's like... Mary: Yeah Yeah investigation thing Yeah like CSI kind of things but with like an amateur involved yeah, with like an amateur..

Where is this comic relief or like umm... Is like not to heavy umm... That you can like watch it and then forget about it and you aren't like ... Gotta se the next episode so anyways that show has been that for us recently and but, i feel like whenever we have this show that we watch i start getting in investigator mode. And so Ollie and I were out walking this afternoon, it was like dreary day, really rainy and gross and I..

We are in this grassy field and there is a quarter in the ground, i was like "man is my lucky day" and then like 4 feet away were 3 more quarters and then there were 2 more quarters and... Like I started thinking like "this is like a secret message that somebody left here for somebody else to get" but... The moral of the story is I made a $1.25 and I have it in my pocket, so... If that was a secret code for somebody, I stole it. Or just maybe that was a secret message to you Peter uhhh... I wonder what it is it was a message that you should find a quarter machine and get five toys *laughs* and then leave those quarter machine toys somewhere for somebody else or maybe it means..

Somebody paid for my coffee tomorrow pocket drop. Drop you pocket. Drop your pocket and just like that I am tired out yeah. No wonder you are tired out, you've been working hard. She has, tonight she was just walking around the room and trying to keep her body moving... To get some of the air in her stomach out... So umm with time we will get there, but we are gonna get some rest and... As always, we will see you tomorrow! Good night!.

It's kind of up and down. It's kind of... One minute..Peter: It's a delicate balance. Yeah one minute i feel like a human, the next minute I'm like ahhh *Theme song*…

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