PMS and PMDD - Mental Health Videos with Kati Morton

By: Kati Morton

Hey everyone, this weeks video topic is what is the difference between PMS and PMDD. And what do we do if we have them. So stay tuned.

Music So like I said, this weeks video topic is what's PMS and what is PMDD and how do we know if we have one or the other, and what does that even mean, right? And I'm sorry guys, 'cos I know this is a very woman centric video topic but I promise I'll do others that are more man centric, so. The first one, PMS, is something that people use a lot and it can really frustrate us because they'll say "What are you PMSing or blablabla?" "What is that just 'cos you're about to start your period?" "What's wrong with you blabla?" And PMS is something that is actually very common. There a tonne of different statistics that I've looked up but, it it almost equates to about half of women struggle with PMS. And, this is the week before we start our period. We'll be irritable, we'll have a lot of, what they call in the therapy world, like mood lability, like our moods like noises I'm happy, I'm sad, I want to cry, I want to scream, I want to kill you, oh my god everything's so stressful! And we may be bloated, umm a lot of us will umm, feel really tired and just irritable right? And it's almost, ahh, it kind of varies from person to person, but that in a nutshell is what PMS is and as soon as we start our period, poof, it goes away right. Now, PMDD which I am in the DSM for because I want to make sure that I've got it correct, because I haven't personally dealt with this and I, um, don't have any clients that have it currently. So it's something that I had to lean about.

And PMDD, for lack of more knowledge, which I'm going to walk you through the diagnosis, is just an extreme version of PMS. But it still will stop as soon as we start our period, okay, and most commonly it is still the week before we have our period when it's at its worst. Some people will have it longer and it can go almost the entire month, where they only have like a week where they're free of symptoms. But the DSM states that we must have 5 or more the following symptoms and they must be present most of the time during that week before our period. And the symptoms are: feeling sad, hopeless or self-deprecating, self-deprecating being like "I'm terrible, I can never do this right" when you're always putting yourself down. The second one, feeling tense, anxious or on edge, we've all had that, you know, where you just feel really, it's just that irritability component. Three, marked lability of mood, like I was talking about we're up and down, um, frequent tearfullness, you know, 'cos were all over the place with out emotions.

Number four persistent irritability, anger and increased interpersonal conflicts. A lot of times we'll start fights with people just because we're irritable, right. Number five decreased interest in usual activities, so you might withdraw from certain social relationships, so you might just want to stay at home, watch re-runs of Sex in the City all week, we might want to watch all of our romantic comedies that we have on DVD all week. Um, six, difficulty concentrating. Seven, feeling fatigued or lethargic.

PMS and PMDD - Mental Health Videos with Kati Morton

Eight, marked changes in appetite, so we might eat more, we tend to binge eat 'cos we'll be craving more foods. A lot of times people will crave salts or sweets. Um, number nine, hypersomnia or insomnia so that means you either sleeping a lot like I'm sleeping like 15 hours or insomnia where ahh I went to bed at 4am and I got up at 7am and that's all I needed.

Um, ten, a subjective feeling of being overwhelmed or out of control and they say subjective because what that means is that it's up to you, as a client, to express it to me as a therapist and we can together kind of decide if we feel that it is that overwhelming feeling, right. And the last one, eleven, physical symptoms such as breast tenderness or swelling, headaches and that bloating weight gain kind of thing thing that I was talking about. Now, I know that's a lot, that's eleven items and I had to read through all of these to kind of understand PMDD and, like I said you have to have five or more of the following, and it even goes as far as to say that you must have at least one of the first four, but lets not get, I feel sometimes we just get caught up in the weeds of things 'cos diagnoses can be so intense and overwhelming. To know that you have PMDD is something that you're going to have to go to a doctor for. You're going to either have to see your regular doctor, your obgyn - whoever your gynnaecologist might be, either a psychiatrist or your therapist. Those are the people you would see who would make sure you have the features of it and you're diagnosed properly. Now, once we're given a diagnosis, ok, so I thought I had PMDD but it's just PMS or I thought I just had PMS and everybody felt this way but my doctor just said I have PMDD, now what do I do.

The best thing to do is medication, and I know you're thinking "Kati, I don't want to take medication, I'm holistic, I don't like that stuff". Medication can mean a lot of things. It can be anything from, I take in ibuprofen because I have really bad cramps or um, I take it because I have a lot of um, breast tenderness or I'm really bloated, right. It can anything from that to taking some medication you get from your doctor, or taking the midols of the world, all those different kinds of medications that are out there that help us with these symptoms. And there are actually medications to help with PMDD.

I'm not as familiar with them, or the side effects. Always ask questions before you go on any medication from your doctor so that you know what the side effect profile is, how it can help you, stuff like that. Um, but that is usually the easiest thing for any acheyness and stuff like that we're gonna wanna make sure that we have medication to help with the symptoms that we have and the second best thing that we can do is planning. Pay attention to when your period is, mark it in your calendar, know when the week before is coming and guess what, maybe don't plan a tonne of events with people at work or people who if you're irritable and you're agitated that you can't just say you know I've been having a bad week like I told you, I'm going to have to go home, you don't have that ability. So do your best to plan around that time and also during that time make sure that you're eating properly, you're taking time for yourself, you're not over caffinating, you're not doing those things that can make us on edge and irritable in general.

We need to take care of ourselves. Watch my video on yoga stretches and try to take time to self care because we all know that our hormones are driven by the food we eat and what we do with our bodies, so we need you know healthy mind, healthy body and in order to make that happen and to make our PMDD and our PMS as less intrusive as possible is to take that time for ourselves. So if you, yourself have experiences with this and you have things that help you, I know some people put hot heating pads on your tummy when you're having really bad cramps and that helps, some of you put it on your backs and that helps. There are a bunch of different things so please leave your experiences and your tips and things that can help because we'll all work together and I'm going to learn more too. Like I said I don't have a tonne of experience working with this so I had to read a lot and try to learn about what it is and what it looks like, but we can get better.

And also, before I forget, make sure that you talk to your doctor and you notice for sure that this is happening before your period, not all month long because a lot of times they'll misdiagnose our depression as PMDD and we don't want to be treated for something we don't really have , right. So the more questions we ask, the more honest we are about it the better our outcome. And keep working with me as we take one step more towards a healthy mind and a healthy body. And don't forget to check out my website There are tonnes of forums, theres a free workbook and I am going to put out two new workbooks soon and you don't want to miss it and if you haven't got the first one hop on there 'cos it's free and nothings better than free, right. So you can sign up for it, it's my eating disorder workbook, I'll have others coming out and you don't want to miss, there are forums, chat rooms. You can friend one another and you can share your helpful tips and experiences. I'm also on Twitter @katimorton and I've opened up my Instagram katimorton1 'cause somebody took my name, jerk.

So, anyways check me out. I'm all over Facebook, Tumblr, I'm trying to think of other places but there's tonnes of places, Google+ you can follow me and that will give you more info, more tips and tricks and you'll make sure not to miss anything okay. Do I need to say anything else mumbling awkward. I need to get the new one, this is old now. It's like sell it on Amazon and they'll only give me like 10$ crying noise. I don't want to get rid of it though, it's all tabbed and highlighted. It's so helpful.

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