Pittsburgh Botox Treatments at The Skin Center Medical Spa featured on WTAE-TV Evening News

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Female voice: Well, who wouldn't want to turn back the hands of time and look flawless forever? But how far are you willing to go? Action news anchor Michelle Wright looks into a new procedures that makes some pretty attractive promises... Man: Is the frown like this? Melanie Wright: Right. Probably the last month. Man: Okay. And then raise your eyebrows for me? Michelle: Melanie is here because her three young children keep her busy. And she likes the idea of not having to bother with a lot of makeup. Melanie Wright: Probably my age brought all this on.

Turning 40 felt like it was time just ... I was open to suggestions. Michelle: And so, she's trying this, hoping Botox will make her life on the go a little easier. The FDA just officially approved Botox for crows' feet around the eyes, after two clinical trials. It smooths out wrinkles by temporarily blocking the connections between muscles and nerves. Dr. Dominic Brandy with the Skin Centre tells me, "Well, Botox has been used this way for a while. Patients should feel even more comfortable now." Dr.

Brandy: Obviously as you get older, this is a problem. I think it's definitely a sign of age when you see the crows' feet. So, if you can soften those a little bit with Botox, I think that makes people feel a lot better when they're looking in the mirror. Michelle: But it's not just being used more now for cosmetic reasons. Dr. Brandy tells me, "More people are seeing it out for medical reasons as well." Botox is FDA approved as well, for excessive underarm sweating.

It's also being used for migraine relief. But you might be surprised to hear that stroke victims are finding Botox makes a big difference. Dr. Brandy: A lot of patients after strokes get what is called "spasticity," so the muscles kind of go into a spasm.

Pittsburgh Botox Treatments at The Skin Center Medical Spa featured on WTAE-TV Evening News

So, what the doctor does is inject the Botox right into the muscle. And they're finding that they're getting much better function in the arm, and they don't have that issue. Michelle: And while medical uses continue to increase, cosmetic uses do, too. And Dr. Brandy expects even more after this latest FDA seal. Female voice: Now that we have the approval, even better. Michelle: Melanie should see the lines start to fade away within a couple of weeks, and last at least several months. Michelle Wright, Channel 4 Action News.

Dominic Brandy, MD, Developer of the QuickLift Discusses the Procedure on KDKA-TV-L4KAof4C9VA John: Welcome back to Showcase Pittsburgh on KDKA TV. I'm John Cline. Today in Big Show, Jamie Malinowski from Prima Yoga; Dr. Ian Bulow up from Revive Upper Cervical Chiropractic; Chris Horney from Re-Bath; Dr. Nathan Lochrie from Aspen Dental Cookie. Harris is back from New Image Hair Clinic. But right now, Dr. Dominic Brandy from the Skin Center, welcome to Showcase Pittsburgh Doctor.

Dr. Dominic: Thank you. John: We've been talking here before we got started, and you said, "John, immediately get into the quick lift." And this is something that we've seen on the commercials on television for years. What exactly is the quick lift? Dr. Dominic: Well, the quick lift is a variation of a traditional lift. I did a traditional lift for 23 years, and when people see movie stars and so forth on television, most of them have had that. And one of the telltale signs of a traditional lift is it's kind of a pulled back look. It's kind of windblown.

A lot of my patients when they come in for consul, that's the first thing they ask. "Please, I don't want that." So, a quick lift is a more vertical lift. I developed this in 2003. I published articles on it, textbook chapters and so forth. But what I do is, I tighten the skin and the muscles vertically rather than backward. So, because of that, the patient looks like themselves. They look more refreshed. They look younger.

A lot of patients tell me that people think they look like they've lost weight. John: Right. Dr.

Dominic: Because when you go vertically, essentially when you bring this up, all this skin comes up this way. John: So, you're not doing anything below. It's all above. Dr. Dominic: Right.

The beauty of the procedure is because I'm tightening everything vertically, the middle three inches I do not need to touch. Now, when I did traditional lifts for 23 years, I would have to do a complete radical release of the next skin. The patients would have a lot of a bruising, down time and so forth. And on top of that, they looked pulled back. With the quick lift, because I'm tightening everything vertically, I don't need to touch this at all.

So, the neck comes up, the jowl. The jawline gets tightened. The cheeks look fuller. The crows' feet's smoothen, and then the brow comes upwards. John: The quick lift is something that you have created? Dr. Dominic: Right. I wrote the original article. I've written textbook chapters.

John: So, if other doctors are doing it anywhere, they've learned this from you? Dr. Dominic: Right. I've done probably about 30 live surgical workshops. We usually get about 30 doctors from all over the country. And we've had doctors actually from other countries. But we've done over 3000 of them to this point.

John: In the past 10 years? Dr. Dominic: Yes. John: That is amazing. Dr. Dominic: Yeah. So, I do about 300 plus per year. John: Is this something for both men and women? Dr. Dominic: I would say 85% of my patients are women; 15% are men.

John: Age-wise, before we got started you said you had some older clients. When does it usually start, in the forties? Dr. Dominic: I would say the youngest I've done is probably 41, 42. But I would say the majority of my patients are probably between, I would say 50 and 60. But I was telling you before, I had a lady that I just did, 83. The oldest I've ever done is 87.

So, we get quite a few... John: A little bit of everything. Dr. Dominic: We get quite a few in the seventies, late sixties. And then, if they're in good health and they are still worried about their appearance, you know, eighties. John: Is this something with the quick lift, is it outpatient? So, it's done in a day, or does it require an overnight stay in a hospital? Dr. Dominic: We have a State Accredited facility. It meets very strict criteria, so it's kind of like a little mini hospital that we own.

I do all the surgery there. Patients go home. They come in the next day. And typically on average, if you're just getting a quick lift, you're going back to work in about 7 to 10 days, on average. John: So, this is under two weeks, you're pretty much back to normal or workable? Dr. Dominic: Well, it really depends. If you're doing other procedures with it, for instance some people come in and they have some bags under the eyes.

So, I may be doing a lower lid tightening procedure on them with the quick lift. That patient, they may need a couple of weeks, even two and a half, sometimes. So, it really depends on the individual genetics of the patient. There was one patient I always mention to my consultants, she went to work the next day. John: The next day? Dr.

Dominic: She was from Apollo. She drove in. I actually did the surgery without any Valium. I did the surgery. She went home, drove in the next day and went to work. Now, she's like ... John: Superwoman.

Dr. Dominic: The only woman that was able to do that? John: Right, but that's extreme. Dr. Dominic: But just to kind of show you that genetically, I always tell patients, "You know, you might be on the good side of the bell curve or the bad side of the bell curve." John: Right, everybody's going to be totally different. Dr. Dominic: But everybody's going to be a little bit different. John: So, if somebody is considering having something done, this would encompass ... The quick lift, it can be just chin and below, or it can do the whole face? Dr.

Dominic: No. Because it's vertical, it really does address the neck, the jowl, the mid face, the crows' feet and the brow, because everything goes vertically. A lot of times, what I'll do in the consult, I'll show a patient how when I do this, all that extra skin, that's got to be worked out. So, that's why the brow always elevates a little bit. John: As we get older, the skin is sinking. Dr. Dominic: Exactly. And really, most of the patients that come in, they complain about here.

But really, this is the combination of ageing from here, here, here, here, here. Just now it adds, it ends up in the background. John: There are so many people watching and they're so intrigued by you, and so intrigued by the pictures that we've been running. Your phone's going to be ringing off the hook. Dr. Dominic: Well, I hope so. John: And we have to say that the Skin Center Medical Spa, you're the number one medical spa in the State of Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Dr. Dominic: Right. John: And number seven out of the country? Dr.

Dominic: Right. We were ranked seven in the country. That was by the makers of Botox. John: Pretty impressive; pretty impressive. Dr. Dominic: Thank you. John: If you'd like to know more ... Thank you, Dr.

Brandy. If you'd like to know more, call the Skin Center. Call Dr. Brandy at 412 429 1151, or log on to theskincentremd.com.

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