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Today we are opening the Perfix Plug hernia patch made by Bard Davol. We've had many inquiries into when we were going to shoot a video for the Perfix Plug, which is one of the most utilized hernia meshes on the market. There are no easy peel device tags on this packaging like we see with most meshes. But we do have the Lot number right here.

The Perfix Plug is the first bare polypropylene mesh that we have looked at. Previous hernia meshes that we have investigated have all had a coating applied over the polypropylene. With coated meshes we see a very high rate of infections. We don't see many infections at all with bare polypropylene meshes, such as the Perfix Plug.

However, we have observed very high rates of severe, debilitating pain associated with the Perfix Plug. Now let's take a closer look at why the Perfix Plug is causing such excruciating pain. The polypropylene that's made the use the Perfix Plug doesn't come in just a flat sheet, it's a long thread that's woven together to make the mesh. Polypropylene is the same material that is used to make fishing line.

Imagine an entire fishing line woven together to make this mesh. That's all this is. A few pennies worth of material that sells for hundreds to thousands of dollars per mesh.

Perfix Plug Hernia Mesh Unboxing & Lawsuit Explanation | Hollis Law Firm

The weaving of the polypropylene results in it having thousands of little pores or holes throughout the mesh. After the Perfix Plug is inserted into the inguinal canal, also known as the groin, the body begins its healing process. Several weeks to months after the Perfix Plug is inserted, the body will start to regenerate nerves in the area of the surgery. As the nerves regenerate, they branch out into every direction... Trying to regain that sensation in that specific part of the body, which is when these little holes become a really big problem. Here I have some dental floss to act as a nerve for us.

As the nerve interacts with the mesh, it can go in and out of these little holes, and eventually it will become entangled in it. This is referred to as the "Trellis Effect" because it looks like a vine growing on lattice. Eventually hundreds to thousands of nerve ends become entangled all in these little bitty holes. Now this mesh is made of polypropylene, and again polypropylene will erode through tissue and organs. Now as this Perfix Plug erodes through the tissue and the mesh migrates throughout the body, all of the nerves that are attached to all of these little pores, all these holes, those nerves are stretched with the mesh. And then the stretching and the tearing of a nerve is one of the most painful experiences possible. It's a constant pain all day long, and it last for years, for the rest of some people's lives, or until they have this mesh removed. There is one other horrible complication with the Perfix Plug.

These meshes used for inguinal hernias in the groin, are typically used in men... Much, much more than women. And it's resulting in severe sexual dysfunction in men, and many of them end up losing a testicle. Now why does this happen? Because again the Perfix Plug is put into the groin near or on the spermatic cord, which connects to the testicle. As the Perfix Plug erodes through tissue, it eventually comes in contact with the spermatic cord. The polypropylene will even erode through the spermatic cord. Sexual dysfunction will occur once the spermatic cord is involved with this mesh. I bet you really wish your doctor would have let you known that before putting a mesh inside of you.

Next up we are going to look at another bare inguinal polypropylene hernia mesh, also made by Bard Davol, called the 3DMax. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up-to-date with our latest videos. Thank you.

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