Part 2 Skin Deep Male Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia) Surgery

Author: Edelstein Cosmetic

One of the concerns that I have for you is that because you've lost a fair amount of weight. I can see that your skin has lost some of its elasticity. You could end up with loose hanging skin. So that brings in the second option.

The second option is to do what we would call a formal breast reduction. We remove fat, breast tissue. And extra skin. Should I think about maybe going all out and doing everything at once or do you think that it's better to just start with the one procedure first? I would say your, probably your best bet is the ultrasonic liposuction. If, by chance, afterwards, we find that you have loose, extra skin you always have the second option to fall back on, so you haven't burned any bridges. MAN: Right, so you don't have scars if you don't need them. DOCTOR: Exactly. So what's Friday going to be like? It's going to be an early morning.

I start at, I have to be at the hospital at 6:00 AM, but my surgery is not until 8:00 o'clock. And then I can't leave there until, they said at least noon. Yeah. It's gonna be like Christmas Eve.

Christmas morning. Can't sleep the night before and all that stuff. So. I'm a little nervous for Jay. You know, he doesn't know exactly what the results are gonna to be like. He's never gone through a surgery like this before. There's a lot of recovery time. He's going to be sore for a really long time.

Part 2 Skin Deep Male Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia) Surgery

He's going to be in pain. I had a doctor in Nova Scotia that was going to do the surgery and I was on a waiting list for a really long time. It was about a year and a half. Every time that I would call back they would say. Well, there's things going on. We have emergency cases.

Call us back in three months and we'll see where we are, and we'll see if we can book something then. And then I was promised we'll book something in January. And I just gave up on them. I just got to a point where I couldn't handle it anymore. And I decided my life is too important, I have to do something about it and by golly, I'm gonna pay for it myself. And just go somewhere else and so I came to Toronto.

The operation, the total is going to be $3,875. [crosstalk]. FEMALE DOCTOR: We'll put this in the right arm.

With the blood pressure cuff. Until you feel more comfortable to wear that for a couple of hours. JAY: Hm. Just a little needle prick.

[INAUDIBLE] FEMALE DOCTOR: Okay Jason, here comes Maggie, she'll put you to sleep. All right? You think some good things. Have pleasant dreams. We'll see you in a little while all right? DR. EDELSTEIN: We are going to be treating him with ultrasonic liposuction, which is similar to standard liposuction but we add an additional step. We're gonna treat the tissue with ultrasound that imparts energy and helps the cavity, or liquefy the fat in the breast tissue. And I find that it's particularly useful in men for breast reductions. First thing that we do here is we're gonna infiltrate some fluid.

It'll expand the tissues. Right now, I haven't started yet. I'm just doing some what we call pre-tunnelling. And the fluid helps to control bleeding and bruising. This is also known as tumescence. There we go. And this is the ultrasound probe. And look here, you can see some of that liquified fat and breast tissue is coming out already.

That's what this is right here. I make a second small incision so that I can do some liposuction from this area. We call it cross tunneling. I'm just using some very fine, what we call fast absorbing tacks. Which will come out as he's showering over the next week or two. It's getting similar to the other side as opposed to sort of a little bit of prominence that you had before.

You can see it's smoother. So I think that went well. These little pads will absorb anything that leaks, any of the fluid that I put in before. And it also helps to keep everything compressed. MAN: Open your mouth wide.

Okay. WOMAN: Hi. Hi, Jay, how are you? I'm good. How are you doing? SHIRLEY: I'm Shirley.

Welcome to the hospital. Now, you have a little bit of oozing down here. Which is a little bit of blood seeping through. But you look great. Okay. Leave your dressing dry and intact. Okay, until Sunday. JAY: Okay.

Did you mind if I take a look? Not at all. I'm back up here now for my post-operative appointment with the doctor, and Shawn's actually gone away to school. So, he's not here to show him. I'm sure he'd like to see, and he wishes me the best, but just haven't seen him yet. But looking forward to it. Have a seat, Jay, okay? So how are you? Pretty good. How are you? Fine. Good.

Since I saw you last, how are things coming? JAY: I'm obviously wearing one layer of clothes, no layers today. [LAUGH] So, I do see a huge difference. Excellent. How long is it since the surgery? Has it been six to eight weeks? Seven weeks, I think. About seven. Okay. Yeah.

Do you mind if I take a look? JAY: Not a problem. I'm just going to have. I'm just going to touch gently here. He's still a little bit early. It's about seven weeks after the surgery and generally speaking, he can look forward to more improvement out to about three to four months. I was quite happy that he didn't develop loose hanging skin which was one of the concerns.

The things that I can do now, rather than I would let myself do before. Swimming is one, which I would never have done before, without a shirt. I can feel a difference in my perception of myself already. I was kind of hoping that people would notice a little bit more, but blending in is pretty good too. Shopping is quite fun because I can go into the store and find so many more options than I used to find before. I would find a tee shirt in the store before and think, do I have a sweatshirt that would look good with that? And now I don't have to do that. [INAUDIBLE] JAY: Oh yeah, this is cool.

What do you think? Oh, I like that. JAY: Yeah, me too. I think I'm going to get this.

It's not too snug. JAY: Yeah, this will be like my new shirt for after. I will, eventually, get to where I feel totally comfortable with myself.

And I'm sure of that because I never would have wore something like this, obviously, before, or the new clothes that I'm buying and it feels really good to be able to start that battle, to get to where I want to be. Before I wasn't getting anywhere. I was actually going backwards. But now I'm going in the right direction. SHIRLEY: I think generally Jay is pleased with the results of the operation. I know that he can see a difference, and he is happy with that. I've always thought that Jay was outgoing and bubbly but he seems to be even more so now that he's had the surgery. He seems to be not as concerned or self-conscious about himself.

You wanna put my email address along the bottom of the screen here? [LAUGH] Call me out, here's my number. [LAUGH] Yeah I am. I'm very looking forward to possibly meeting somebody and starting something lasting and meaningful. I only need one if he's the right one, so I'm gonna wait for him. But I'm more prepared for having that relationship, so, hopefully, he'll find me.

Part 2 Skin Deep Male Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia) Surgery

One of the concerns that I have for you is that because you've lost a fair amount of weight. I can see that your skin has lost some of its elasticity. You could end up with loose…

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