Part 2 - Brain fog, Depression, & Anxiety

Author: Thyroid Pharmacist Izabella Wentz

- All right, guys, I am back. I'm sorry. It seems to be one of those nights where technology is just not cooperating with me. So if you can see me and hear me, go ahead and send me some hearts, and let me know that you're here. I'll be taking your questions again. If you wanted to start chatting in some questions, letting me know where you're from, we would love to hang out with you a little bit more. Let's see, Annaliese.

I have a 5.6-centimeter nodule, and I'm told it's too big to shrink and I need a partial thyroidectomy. I would love your thoughts. It's a solid nodule, but not cancerous.

So Annaliese, we talk about some strategies to shrink nodules in The Thyroid Secrets. One of them is gonna be acupuncture. Another one is the autoimmune paleo diet. We get into that in episode five, and another one is gonna be getting rid of infections. H. Pylori is one particular infection that can cause nodules.

We cover that in episode eight, and another thing is getting on a small dose of thyroid hormone can help shrink those nodules. I didn't always know this, but everything that we recommend for Hashimoto's and for autoimmune thyroid disease throughout The Thyroid Secret and what I've recommended in my books Hashimoto's Protocol and The Root Cause, these strategies can actually shrink nodules. I wasn't trying to do this. I'm not... I am smart, but I didn't think of it. But I started getting all these messages from people who used the protocols within my books, and they were able to get rid of their nodules. Tanya says, what's the highest level of antibodies you've seen? I think maybe 10,000 plus, but I think I might have seen higher than that.

Part 2  -  Brain fog, Depression, & Anxiety

There's also cutoffs where different labs will say it's greater than this number. Let's see here. Any questions here? I loved your first episode. How many times should we check our antibodies? You know, I definitely recommend checking them when you first get started and trying to see what the baseline is, and then as you're making lifestyle changes, every three months or so to see if you're on the right path. You're gonna see, you know, whenever I work with clients, if I wanna be more aggressive, I test their antibodies every month to see a progression, but every three months, you'll be able to see the full impact of your interventions.

So let me see if I could... I got cut off last time. This is actually, you guys, my third time doing Facebook Live. So I wanted to let you know, hopefully you guys are here with me and hopefully you're watching.

We're talking about The Thyroid Secrets. We're talking about episode two that goes through brain fog, depression, anxiety, and all of these mood-related issues. Before I actually forget, some of you guys have been asking about if you can get the DVDs for The Thyroid Secret, and I'm excited to share that you can. So we had these beautiful DVD sets made. This is a pretty little back, and then you can get all of the episodes here on these fancy DVDs.

There's also digital options for getting The Thyroid Secret, and if you guys go into the page and click the button that says Learn More, you can learn more about owning the DVDs or owning the digital package of The Thyroid Secret. But without further ado, let's get through some of the big takeaways for people with thyroid disease. Now, one major takeaway is that anxiety, depression, brain fog, mood swings, bipolar disorder, these can all be caused by thyroid disease. Another big takeaway is that proper thyroid care can mean that you no longer have any of these diagnoses. So you are no longer quote-unquote bipolar, or you're no longer depressed. You can get rid of all of these symptoms. It's really quite amazing.

I'm not saying that every single case of depression or every single case of bipolar disorder is caused by thyroid disease, but I'm saying it's an important root cause, and this needs to be investigated. If you guys are here, I'd love to hear from you, and I'll be taking some of your questions. So go ahead and, looks like you guys are here. Wonderful. Sonya says, my THS is good, but I feel terrible all the time.

I'm on Eltroxin, which is a European version of T4 medication, but my T3 is low. Please advise. So it may be helpful to get on T3 hormone directly. Some people do not convert T4 to T3 correctly within their bodies.

So according to conventional medicine, they're a minority, but what I've seen is actually a majority of people don't convert properly from T4 to T3. PJ says, would you recommend wormwood to treat H. Pylori infection? Wormwood is more helpful for parasitic infections. Mastic gum can be very, very helpful for treating H.

Pylori, so that's something we talk about more in episode eight. Jenna wants to know, can you have Graves' and Hashi's? You can actually have both, and again, many people say they're the same condition, just affecting different parts of the immune system. Julie says, I love Nature-Throid.

So this medication is really, really helpful for a lot of people with thyroid disease. I've seen people say that they have more energy, they lose weight, and their mood improves, and their brain, once again, feels like it's attached to their bodies once they get on this medication, and it can be as simple change as that. Tammy wants to know, I'm trying to change my diet. How long will it be to feel better? You know, nutrition is one of those things that can be quite amazing.

I was personally shocked. I had irritable bowel syndrome and acid reflux, and within three days of getting off of gluten, dairy, and soy, those completely went away. And honestly, I would say give it at least three weeks to three months to see the full effects of the intervention, but you might start seeing changes in just a few days. Joanna says hey there, Isabella, I have Hashimoto's, and currently my other hormone levels are very unbalanced, causing irregular, unpleasant periods, headache, and nausea. Is this hormonal imbalance common with Hashimoto's? Joanna, it can be. So a lot of times what happens, and we cover this in great detail in episode six, is there's a great connection between thyroid hormones and some of the hormones produced by our adrenal glands. And some of these are gonna be pre-cursors to our sex hormones that help balance our periods and balance our fertility. And so a lot of times, in people with thyroid disease, these are going to be out of balance, and what you wanna do is you wanna address the health of your adrenals and your stress response.

We go through the strategies for that in episode six, and in some cases, some people have found benefits from doing things like progesterone, and we also have a wonderful cooking demo in episode five that talks about balancing hormones with my dear friend, Magdalena Wszelaki, who is also somebody that was able to reverse her thyroid condition and reverse hormonal imbalances really using food as medicine. So Magdalena is a big, big foodie, and she's somebody that has been able to see a tremendous improvement in not just herself but also in clients that she's worked with. So I hope you'll check into that.

Rachel says, how do you convince my endocrinologist to test for potential deficiencies like B12 and D3 when they're old school and only want to do a thyroid panel. So Rachel, one of the things you can do is you can ask a primary care doctor for these. You don't necessarily need to ask your endocrinologist for this. So I would encourage you to do that. Another option is to get your own lab tests done. There's a wonderful company called Ulta Labs that lets patients self-order their own labs, and sometimes, you know, it's paying out of pocket first, and then you can actually submit it to insurance. Now, be mindful, this is the only company that does it, Ulta Labs. If you go to, I have it under my resources there, but other times, and this is the only company that will allow you to get insurance reimbursement, but you do have to check with your insurance first.

So there's a way to go around that. Most people are gonna be deficient in B12 and Vitamin D with thyroid disease, and most of my ladies and gentlemen that get into remission, they have those levels optimized. We cover that in great detail in episode five, so I hope that you'll tune in for that.

If you're just joining, I wanna let you know that we're currently screening day two of The Thyroid Secrets. If you go into the link in the description, you'll be able to click on that and register for day two. I hope that you really, really enjoy the episode. It connects the dots between all of the brain-related symptoms and what you can really do about them. Pauline says hello from Australia.

Thank you for your amazing work. What are your thoughts on LDN, and I'm trying everything without success and have been seeking many people with Hashi's and other issues. LDN can be really, really helpful, Pauline. I hope you check into episode three. We'll be airing that tomorrow that, and that's gonna cover some of the innovative therapies like Low Dose Naltrexone, which is a medication with very, very few side effects and amazing properties for balancing thyroid and immune system function, has even been used for cancer and addictions. Amy says, you're cutting out on me. Okay, so it could be my internet or your internet, so if you guys can hear me, if you could let me know.

If you could make a comment here and let me know if you can hear me or if I'm cutting out. Joanna, she says hello from Chicago. You're amazing. Thank you for helping us. Nice to see you. I'm here.

I miss you guys. I hope to see you soon. Francesca, I didn't receive an email of episode one.

How can I access? Francesca, if you register in the link in the description of this Facebook Live, when you click on that, you'll be able to get a confirmation email that will have information on how to watch the episodes. Tanya says, do you have to register for each day? No, Tanya, you don't. So we're sending out emails every day to let you know which episodes are out, but sometimes they get caught in the spam filters. So one of the things that I would encourage you all to do is to check your spam box and see if our email went there and mark it as not spam, and also add to your address book. That will tell Gmail or whatever your mail provider that this is not spam, that this is an email you want. The thing is, we've had over 500,000 people register for The Thyroid Secret, and the internet police, when they see us sending out links to this many people, they assume that we're spamming or something like that, which of course we're not, we would never do that, and so you wanna check your spam box, 'cause sometimes our emails may end up there.

That would be the very first place to check, and for all of you guys, we're still getting a lot of people signing up for The Thyroid Secret, and so even if you are getting our emails, I would ask you to drag, if you're in Gmail, to drag our emails from the promotions tab to the primary folder so that you always get them there and you can always see them as we release each new episode and that you can also add us to your address book and then take us out of the spam box. That way, you'll be able to get all the notifications and we're also gonna be, we're also gonna be announcing some fun things over the next few days, which I'm really, really excited about. Woohoo! Pamela says, I cannot see where I can get the DVD. So Pamela, we'll be sending an email about that sometime tomorrow, and if you also go and watch today's episode, there's gonna be a little button below, and maybe we need to make it more obvious for you guys, 'cause a lot of you have been asking, but it says learn more about The Thyroid Secret, and that's how you can learn more about owning The Thyroid Secret, and we have DVD options, and we also have wonderful options where you can get digital access, and we also have something I'm really excited about, which is the Gold Package, which includes like every single interview that we did. I try to fit every bit of goodie information in these nine episodes, but, of course I couldn't, because we have 100 experts and 60 patients. So if you're a nerd like me and somebody who likes to know everything, you can access that as well. Pamela wants to know what time are the series.

Each day, we're releasing an episode, a new episode, at, let's see if I can get this right, six p.m. Eastern, which is gonna be five p.m. Central, four p.m. Mountain, and three p.m. Pacific, and then you'll have a full 24 hours to watch, and then we release the next episode the next day, and so on and so forth.

So March first through the ninth is when we're releasing one episode a day of The Thyroid Secret. If you haven't registered, go to the description here where you can click on the link that will let you register for The Thyroid Secret. Let me see here. Hello from Kentucky says Theresa. Thank you so much for helping. How about any major allergies with Hashimoto's? Theresa, yes, allergies are such a common symptom of Hashimoto's.

That was one of the symptoms I had, and I was on like, Xyzal and Allegra, Claritin, and, you know, I have to tell you something. I'm like, a really, really relaxed and happy-go-lucky person. Not when you put me on Zyrtec or Claritin. For some reason, it just kind of made me feel really, really weird. Made me very sleepy. And it helped my allergies slightly. What I found is that toxicity in the body is what really builds up and leads the allergies.

Episode four covers the toxicity protocols. My book Hashimoto's Protocol also covers the role of toxicity, and I have a chapter on supporting the liver in Hashimoto's Protocol where again, this was one of those serendipitous things where I had people with severe allergies, even Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. Once they went through my liver support protocol for two years..

Or, two years, what am I saying. Two weeks, they were able to reverse their symptoms, and this was shocking to me of course but now, I've seen this time and time again, so you actually can reverse your allergies if you address the health of your liver and the health of your gut and the health of your adrenals. And we cover that in The Thyroid Secret in the subsequent episodes.

Shanna says, thank you for doing this work. Oh, my pleasure. You guys, this is really my life's work, and just such an honor to share this information with you. I know I personally, I mean, tears in my eyes, but I personally struggled with thyroid disease for 10 years and not knowing it.

I used to be quite the couch potato. I would sleep for 11, 12 hours a night, but I was this really ambitious person, but I couldn't do anything, and I had all these dreams and goals and thoughts of things I would do, and I was exhausted for most of my 20s, and I spent time, like, basically, I would go to work, come back home, and lay on the couch and fall asleep. And I couldn't pursue anything. So this is really, really personal to me is to get you guys this help, because, you know, what I've seen in my clients, and I don't have that many clients 'cause there's only one of me, but I wanna give you this information in The Thyroid Secret so that you can recover your health on your own because I don't think this should be the world's biggest secret on how to get your health back. What I've seen in my clients is once they get their health back, they do amazing things. They write books. They go back to horseback riding. They have babies.

They start businesses. They go back to school. They get married. And the world can change once you recover your health.

But yeah, so that's really why I do what I do, because I get excited about the transformations that happen when people recover their health. Elana wants to know, does ringing in the ears, is that related to thyroid disease and Hashimoto's? So yeah, actually, then the thyroid antibodies are attacking the thyroid gland, you're gonna have some inflammation of the thyroid gland, and this inflammation can actually impact our voice box, which is right next to the thyroid gland. So the ringing in the ears may actually be vibrations that are coming from the voice box.

So the higher the thyroid antibodies, the more likely this is gonna happen. We have seen, when we reduce or eliminate the thyroid antibodies, that these vibrations will go away, or these vibrations and ringing in the ears will go away. There's also a connection between the Mthfr mutation and ringing in the ears, so we discuss that more in the series as well.

So I hope you tune into every single episode, because really, I put this information out for you guys so you can recover your health. If you're watching this, we're getting close on time here. We're getting ready to wrap out in about 15, 20 minutes, but if you can share this on your timeline and let your friends and family know, especially during this winter season, that if they're suffering from brain fog, depression, anxiety, that, not to lose hope. Because in many cases, this could be related to their thyroid glands, and once you address that, you no longer have these mood issues. And really, mood is temporary, and it's something that you don't have to deal with. You can feel good again. I know it doesn't feel like that.

So, Gina says, I'm so tired of being overweight and tired, tired, tired. Gina, I'm so glad that you're here, and I really, really hear you, because the conventional treatments don't really offer much to us, do they? I was placed on thyroid hormones, and they helped a little bit, but I was still barely fitting into my sweatpants, and I was still exhausted. The solutions that we present in The Thyroid Secret are gonna give you your health back. They're gonna give you your life back. There's a nutrient, for example, known as thiamine that I discuss in episode five, that can reverse fatigue in three days in people with thyroid disorders, and it's close to miraculous. I get messages from people all the time that try this intervention. One person just recently sent me an email, and they said that they were on disability, and once they started thiamine, they were able to go back to work part-time and eventually full-time.

And these simple solutions, a lot of times they're very inexpensive, and they can give you your health back. You just have to know about them, and the truth is that most doctors don't, and this is why I've spent the last year traveling around the country to get a group of really passionate people together so we can shout this from the rooftops and, you know, this is why we do what we do. Stacy says, you're amazing. Thanks for doing this, sharing your research and experience. Thank you so much for that feedback.

It's been challenging to do this for sure. It's taken close to a year of my life of really intense work and traveling around, but I think, you know, it's so worth it, because just seeing the comments from you guys yesterday and today, I could just see the ripple effect of this, and I could just see how many of you guys are gonna be able to finally get your health back. I don't care if you've suffered for two weeks, two years, or 20 years. The solutions that we're gonna be sharing with you are gonna really, really help you recover. I've seen this time and time again. Again, personally, I haven't worked with that many people. I mean, a thousand people's a lot, but it's not 500,000, so I'm really, really glad that you're here, and if you could share this with everybody that you know, I would really, really appreciate it so we can let people know that they do not have to have mental illness. They do not have to suffer.

They don't have to be fat, lazy, or fatigued, or crazy, or whatever, whatever society calls them. I know I got a lot of the lazy, and, you know, some of the crazy as well, and some of you guys get these really hurtful messages from the outside world because people just don't get that we're actually, you know, that you're actually sick, and thyroid disease is an invisible illness and it affects so many of us, but it's something that we can absolutely recover from. David said, my wife is so sad that her beautiful, long, dark hair is falling out in clumps. She was diagnosed five years ago and can't seem to lose weight and so tired.

We feel like there's a light at the end of this tunnel. Oh, David, I'm so glad that you guys are here. There's absolutely light at the end of this tunnel.

You can get your hair back. She can get her energy back. She can feel beautiful, fit, and happy once more. I lost almost a third of my hair, so it's all back. First is came back in little..

First if stopped falling out, then it came back in little spikes, and now it's all here. So you can absolutely recover that if you do the right things. So, getting on T3 hormones can be a dramatic change. Optimizing your nutrients. Optimizing your diet.

And we're gonna get into that in all the episodes, so I really hope you guys take the time to watch every single episode. Really take this time for yourself. I try to put it out in a daily format so instead of watching reality TV or something else that was fun but not so educational, you'd be watching this Thyroid Secret, which is also fun and super educational. So I know we've got some exciting things happening for you guys. Some of the episodes, you might laugh, you might cry.

Definitely you're gonna learn a ton about how to recover your health. Let's see. Thank you, Tanya, thank you so much for sharing this. I really, really appreciate it, so this is gonna help so many people. Robin, is episode two available? I didn't get an email with the link today.

So episode two is available. If you go to the link here embedded, you can click on that, and you can register again, and that will give you the schedule page. I recommend bookmarking that so you can keep watching that. Cathy says, I cannot access the videos. What do you need to do? If you could email Let's see.

I just sent that out. They should be able to get you in and help you out. Tanya said, I'm telling my mom I'm not crazy for no reason. I love it.

Yeah, you know, our family members, they care about us, and oftentimes, they just don't get it. Joint pain, brain fog, fallout all the time. You know, Karen, these are very common symptoms of thyroid disease. Not many people know about this. So we're gonna help you recover from that. I really encourage you to check out episode five when we talk about nutrition and we have the wonderful Doctor Peter Osborne who wrote the book No Grain, No Pain, and I think you'll find that really, really helpful.

PJ Genova, can you name the main supplements again that you recommend for thyroid? Selenium is one of those really, really helpful supplements for most people with thyroid disease. Then thiamine is really helpful. Magnesium is really, really helpful. B12, although you wanna test for that, and then Vitamin D, and you wanna test for that as well. Joanna wants to know, when I have Graves' and Hashimoto's, can my daughter have more chance for it? So you know, absolutely. So there's a genetic predisposition to having the condition.

So if you have a family member that's been diagnosed, you're at greater risk, and your family members are at greater risk. This doesn't mean that genes are our destiny, absolutely not. It means that we actually need to modify our environment. So The Thyroid Secret actually goes into prevention. So how do you prevent having thyroid disease? So I encourage you to share this with your friends and family members as well.

Let's see here. Where is episode two? I didn't receive an email link, and nothing on the web page. Let me see if you can get you guys the link without messing up everything on my computer. I'm typing here. Let's see. You guys watch the comments here. I will try to post a link for you where you can see the schedule, and once you see the schedule page, you'll be able to click through, and this will give you access to click on the links to get to today's episode.

So let me put that on there for you. All right. Okay. Let's hope the internet and computer works for me. Okay.

You guys, I just chatted you a link. If you go to, you will be able to click through and watch all of the episodes, and make sure you bookmark that page. So, good to go, Alicia. Glad to hear that. Oh, she said got to go. Great. So ladies and gentlemen, if you can click on that link, let me know if it's working for you to get to the schedule page. Louann wants to know, are low magnesium and B12 levels symptoms associated with restless leg? Absolutely, and then small intestinal bacterial overgrowth can also be associated, and we cover that in episode eight.

So I hope that you check into that. So, let's see. Laureen wants to know, has anyone been able to grow their hair back? Absolutely.

So I lost a third of my hair, and now, it's all back. So I'm really glad. Let me see here. What else did I wanna talk to you guys about? So I hope that you're enjoying The Thyroid Secret series. I hope that you know that brain fog, depression, anxiety, mood disorders, you do not have to live with them. They can be related to thyroid disease and getting proper treatment is what you need to do to recover your health. I've really enjoyed chatting with you guys and connecting with all of you tonight. Go ahead and go to the description in this link here to sign up for The Thyroid Secret if you haven't, and I also have a comment here that I wrote up for The Thyroid Secret with the schedule page.

I'm gonna take just a few more questions, and my dear hubby said he would post a link to where you can actually find out more about owning The Thyroid Secret series, in case you wanted to get the DVDs. So look out for a link from that. He's on a computer here too. Amy says, is it too late to watch episode? I just found out about this. Amy, actually, episode one is still open, so go ahead and hop on, and go get 'em. Betty says the link works. Thanks, I'm glad to hear that, awesome.

Oh, Pam says one reason people may not think they got the link for episode two is because it came with the subject line Doctor Kelly Brogan is live in five, four, three. Thank you so much for that feedback. I was really excited to share the work of my dear friend, Doctor Kelly Brogan, who's an integrative psychiatrist who actually specializes in getting people off of psychiatric medications and figures out why they have these symptoms known as mood disorders and helps people get rid of their mental health diagnoses. So she was talking about the important role in the thyroid gland, and I was really excite to let you guys know about her work, which is happening in episode two, but maybe we should not be as fun and creative with some of those subject lines. But nonetheless you guys, please make sure that you open every single email that you get from us, 'cause we're gonna be making really fun announcements and exciting stuff.

I really, really wanna tell you, but I've been sworn to secrecy. Okay, I'm gonna tell you. We're gonna have prizes, and they're gonna be really great, and make sure you watch your emails, 'cause we're gonna be announcing each episode, and we're gonna be announcing prizes. Some really, really fun stuff is gonna be happening. So, please make sure you add us to your address book, drag us to the primary folder, and yep, we're gonna be getting you this information over the next nine days, so you may be getting more emails from us than usual, and that's just because we're trying to get the excitement going, and getting you guys all the information you need to watch The Thyroid Secret and make sure you don't miss out, because it's only online for nine days for free, and we're not gonna be putting it back up on there. So I really, really wanna make sure that as many of you watch it that need this information, because I do not think it needs to be kept behind closed doors.

I think everybody deserves to get their health back, their life back, and there are solutions you can do in your very own home to feel better and a lot of strategies that are covered on insurance that you can use with your doctor, and of course there's some more advanced strategies too, and we cover all of this great stuff so that you can recover your health, and you can be in charge of your own health. You can be empowered and really get your life back, because you deserve to feel beautiful, fit, powerful, calm, not anxious, not depressed, and I really want this for you guys. After I got my life back, it's like I have to shout it from the rooftop. You can't stop me. So, let's see here.

A couple more questions. Liz says, what do you think about the difference between functional medicine and integrative medicine? You know, it's very, very similar. Sometimes, it's almost the same thing, and I would say it's just kind of a way that different people use it, but some functional medicine practitioners may not prescribe any medications at all, whereas integrative medicine practitioners are generally gonna combine the best of both worlds where they do prescribe medications. I personally think that you wanna make sure you take the best of everything, and some functional medicine practitioners also prescribe medications, but people, various disciplines, like naturopathic doctors, chiropractic doctors, acupuncturists, you know, nutritionists can be functional medicine practitioners, and not all of them can prescribe meds. So that would be kind of the difference there, and for me, it's like, you always wanna make sure you do everything you can to feel your best and recover your health, and if medications are a part of your journey, then more power to you, if that's what you need to get through.

But I also wanna make sure that you do all of these other things and that you're aware of all of these other things that can be done, that, in some cases, can work better than medications, and without the side effects. So, I'm glad to hear Sherry was able to access episode two. Audra said so much is geared toward adults. Are there resources for children? Audra, episode seven we talk about fertility, all about fertility, so getting ready for pregnancy, preventing miscarriage, what to do during pregnancy, what to do in the post-partum period, how to prevent developmental disabilities, how to tell if a baby or your child has hypothyroidism, so we do cover that in episode seven, so I really hope that you tune in for that. That's a really... I don't know, I think like every episode is my favorite episode, but that one is a really touching and really special 'cause we have some wonderful children in that episode, and we also talk about the connection between Down syndrome and thyroid disorders.

So what not many people know is that some children with Down syndrome can actually thrive when their thyroid is treated properly. So, let's see here. Let's see here. Some people say, I can't find the second episode, I can't find the second episode. If you guys could click on the schedule link, that'll take you there. We'll see if we can do something about this tomorrow where I can get you the direct episode links.

Liz wants to know, should we get our children checked? Yeah, I really think you should have the children checked because pregnancy, puberty, and perimenopause are the most common times when thyroid conditions develop, and a lot of times, and we have in episode one and episode two, as well as episode three, we have some stories of people who lost a part of their childhood because they were depressed or they weren't growing or they were exhausted, and it's because they had thyroid disease, and I don't wanna see that. I want everybody to have their thyroid tested, and you do the TSH test as well as thyroid antibody test to see if there is a thyroid condition going on, and then, you know, you take hormones if needed, and The Thyroid Secret will give you all these resources. So episode five, nutrition, all of the interventions in that episode are gonna be related to children, with the exception of dosing, because we talk about adult dosing for some of the nutrients, so you definitely wanna make sure that you check in with your doctor or pharmacist about that, because we dose supplements, nutrients, and medications based on weight, and generally, children are gonna weigh less than adults. And so that's gonna be something that I highly recommend that you do. Okay.

Jodie wants to know, is there a link between ADHD and thyroid issues? Jodie, absolutely. So this is a very, very common masquerader. So, not having focus can be a symptom of thyroid disease, and once you address your thyroid function, you can recover from that as well. Okay, so then, let's see here. Thank you so much, you guys, for dialing in tonight. I really, really am grateful for you being here and taking this time to really focus on yourself and educate yourself about how you can recover your health. It's really, really important, and I'm very proud of you for being here.

If you guys wanted to register, you haven't yet, there is a link here in my description that goes over how to register. If you are having any challenges with browsers not working, that kind of thing, please email my team, and then also I did post a link to the schedule page here for you guys. That should give you an opportunity to go through and watch today's episode, and you do wanna save that for future reference so that you, you know, in case the email stars don't align. And I also wanna encourage you guys to make sure, even if you got our emails, if you could mark them in the primary folder and then add us to your address book, that will actually send Google and Yahoo and all these other kind of email things, email programs, that'll let them know that you actually want to receive emails from us, and that will prevent other people's emails from going to spam, and that'll prevent your emails from going to spam in the future. So thank you guys all so much for being here. I really appreciate you taking this time for yourself, and I really look forward to connecting with you more. I'm gonna be online tomorrow night.

Hopefully I won't have, crossing fingers, I won't have any power outages or issues, but make sure, if you're watching this, and if you haven't liked my page already, if you just came through as a share, go ahead and click on my Like button, 'cause then whenever you're browsing Facebook, whenever I'm around to answer your questions and talk, you'll get a notification, so it'll just pop up and say, Thyroid Pharmacist Doctor Isabella Wentz is live, and so then you can just hop on over and say hello. So thank you all for your time. It was a pleasure connecting with you, and yeah, thank you guys. Looking forward to connecting with you a little bit more tomorrow, and I hope you enjoy episode two of The Thyroid Secret. Again, you can start watching tonight and tomorrow.

You'll have access to it tomorrow as well, so for the next 21 hours. Thank you.

Part 2 - Brain fog, Depression, & Anxiety

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Behind the Scenes of The Thyroid Secret + Q&A

- Guys, Dr. Izabella Wentz here, this is actually my very first Facebook Live event, so I'm so excited to be here with you tonite. We're going to go behind the scenes of The…

By: Thyroid Pharmacist Izabella Wentz
Brain fog, Depression, Anxiety

- Hey, welcome. Dr. Izabella Wentz, here.Day two of The Thyroid Secret is here. And I'm gonna be taking your questions, live. And we're also gonna be talking about some of the…

By: Thyroid Pharmacist Izabella Wentz
Addressing Hashimoto's, PCOS & Infertility with Bio-Identical Hormones…

Hi my name is Alda Patino and I am one of Dr. Shels' consultants here at Dr. Shel Wellness and Aesthetic Center. Before working here I was actually one of her patients. I came in…

By: Dr. Shel Wellness & Aesthetic Center