Part 1- Retinopathia Pigmentosa Behandlung / Retinitis Pigmentosa Treatment

Author: Osman Fıratlı

Hi ; could you please introduce yourself? - I am Rosmarie Zardi from Switzerland.. Of the italian part from Switzerland I'm a RP patient and I'm here for the improvement of my eyesight - When were you diagnosed ? I got the diagnose when I was in kindergarten. They did not tell me but I became my first eyeglasses. - When und how did you decide to come to our clinic for the treatment ? My son had researched on the internet and sent me a link first , he sent me the other link about cuba they apply micro-operations. But i felt immediately ''no'' .. It was unlikeable ..

And here , i had the feeling '' this is the right address, the only right place '' ... And really it is. -What type of improvements and result do you have now ? I was urged to come here, because i was really blind on my left eye and I could only see a little bit with my right eye ... And it has worsened very fast so that I couldn't see my face in the mirror. Therefore I was frightened. ..therefore I had the feeling that I had to do something now.

... Although they only accept patients until 60 years old, maximum 65 ; I am 70... They have accepted me for the treatment. - How do you feel with the treatment, what type of a result, has your vision improved, how improved? - I can say that I'm really happy for coming here and it was really the only right thing that I could make ...because no body could help me in switzerland. Three different ophthalmologist have told me that there was nothing to do - one of the doctors told me : ''where nothing more exist, nothing can be done'' - the other doctor have told : '' You do not need to have any hopes, nobody can help you'' - and the third one told me : '' Yes, there might be something with the experiments on animals. But; it's not safe. Should we write you the waiting list'' - Yes, and now i'm very happy that I came here although I haven't received any support from Switzerland. - Unfortunately - It has helped me because before I came here ; I was very unsafe on the streets and in the mall where I had always gone alone I always walked into the things, walked into the people, shopping wagens and open doors.

I always had bruising. Because of crashing into something. Now, I feel myself much safer..

Part 1- Retinopathia Pigmentosa Behandlung / Retinitis Pigmentosa Treatment

I can walk alone, I can walk the whole road to my apartment in Istanbul. .. And I don't fear anymore that I hit somewhere or fall down the stairs.. ..

It's over now.. Thanks God - How is your reading? - Now; I can read without glasses. Since 3 years I have been reading every book with a magnifier... ...and I didn't read because I needed a magnifier and the glasses were also not helping .. I love reading... And therefore; I am really very happy that I can read now. I can also see the placards on the street, at houses etc.. That I wasn't able to see before How about your adaptation ? I still have problems with my left eye.

But if you think, it was totally blind when I first came here.. ... After the first sessions I haven't felt anything. ... But after the second session, I was able to read 3 lines from 40 cm. ... Although before I was even not able to see the paper at all -- after the third session, i could read 9 lines this time ... With the eye that was blind before .

I have also had very good improvements with my right eye ... I can see many things better and more clear than before here, we have a balcony where we gather with the patients .. We look directly to the marmara sea and between the patients we test ourselves how many ships we can see at the beginning, in the first 5 days; I have never been able to see more than 3 ships.. ...and suddenly one day I could see 11, and then 19 ... Suddenly 22 .. And yesterday i was able to count 41 all around the see ... Of course; this all makes me very happy. On the contrary; I was frequently depressive.

...someone feels that it's not normal and also hard for the other people.. It's a burden ... If someone see not good ..or see so bad like me. .

The patients perform an eye test at an eye-hospital at the first day when they come here .. And at the end of the treatment the same test is repeated. ... And I really had a very good result with this..

For me my left eye was completely blind and it can see again.. .. I will come again, because my treatment will continue a while.. .. I want to see even better than this.. ... Finally; I just want to talk about my results.

I am very satisfied here.. As I said , at the beginning and at the end , we perform a visual field test at an eye hospital here ... And like I felt the improvements during the therapy , the visual field examination at the hospital show the same result for my eyes. .. And it really proves me again that my eyesight is better than before ... Therefore I am very thankful to every people here who helped me through this ... And you who listened to me so far.. Thank you.

See you again !.

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