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You're not really feeling good right now? No, not really, one of the most painful things I've ever experienced Believe me it is throbbing and stinging And I haven't slept for the last four nights It's a real hindrance to daily activities You know? You notice something like a hangnail You know? And then that day it just started getting worse. You have something called a paronychia. Somehow some bacteria got under the space between the skin and the nail and they got into the skin there and you have an abscess with pus and when there's pus it needs to be drained. All right, so this is where we put on gloves and betadine up the entire hand Ok and then I'm going to numb up this back nerve here... Just a little sting...Just a little sting. Not too bad. You feel the medicine going in? No... No..

Don't feel anything now So I get the nerve where it goes through on this one What I do is I try to go in right about where the edge of the nail is. And so I look down the finger and see... You're lining it up where it should be. Yeah and that gets us just right at the side of the bone and to get it on the other side I don't turn your hand around because that would hurt to get stuck on the palm side of the finger I'm instead going to use a longer needle to go in right where we did before Anything? Yeah Okay I'm going to be putting the medicine in as I go down and I'm going deeper this time..You are? To hit the nerve down on the bottom side Oh! You hit a nerve there...Sorry. Let's give it a lot of medicine and then we're going to do the same thing over here Yeah we number it up from the back.

You feeling it?... Yeah Sorry It does sting as it goes in and this is how it's done I actually just did a literature search on the computer and found that in February of 2016 an article was published in a surgical rehabilitation journal that showed that in a series of cases that they did, they found that if they use antibiotics, they had no better outcome except in one single case and that one single case they said it wasn't adequately drained, so drainage is the treatment not antibiotics with all their side effects and resistant organisms. Is it still hurting?...Not now Does it feel better than when we started? I'll push more gently. So I'm kind of milking it over from this side... That's just dead white blood cells attacking that...and bacteria Does it hurt when I do this? No, not yet...Ok so if we look at it from the top, all that yellow color that was there is disappearing Does it hurt to push down here?...No, not there...Up here?... Not too much Now I'm going to open that up more..

You're really going to come up with that. Boy! What do you do for fun? I go fishing Fuller Lake, Sugar Pine... Closer I've been catching them trout over at uh Chana high school pond over there Oh yeah at the regional park... Yeah, they stocked it for the kids fishing Oh and they're still in there?... Oh yeah, they put three thousand pounds in there It's just a small pond. Have you been there lately? Oh it's all tapped out now...Oh it is?..

Paronychia Fingernail Abscess Infection Treatment | Auburn Medical Group

I got, I loaded my freezer up You did? And they spiced it up with some big ones, some three pounders. I caught two of those Oh you did? Yeah and then the regular, you know, pan-fry side. At this point we're not getting any more pus out, just a little bit of blood We'll just put a dressing on it and have you keep that on, but just letting this drain and then heal as the incision heals as it normally would over the following days What about showers and washing your hands and getting them wet? I want you to keep it covered and keep stuff from getting in it for, until we see it on Monday Alright, let's see... Better already? Yep... Okay good Thanks for joining us, we're glad that you joined us for this drainage of Max's paronychia.

If you like videos like this, make sure you're subscribed and tell friends who enjoy watching videos like this Hopefully...Here it is... Yeah hopefully Max won't have to be in the next one. Until next time this is Max and myself, Dr. Mark Vaughan, telling you to stay in good health.

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Paronychia Fingernail Abscess Infection Treatment | Auburn Medical Group

You're not really feeling good right now? No, not really, one of the most painful things I've ever experienced Believe me it is throbbing and stinging And I haven't slept…

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