Parkinson's Disease Taylor French guest Mike Paulus

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Parkinson's Disease Taylor French - Guest Mike Paulus Starting to walk again... The difference with vegetable extract - Hello, my name is Mike Paulus. The purpose of this video is to make viewers aware of Taylor French's condition with Parkinson's disease and what can happen when this condition changes dramatically with the intake of a nutritional extract. In the first portion of this video his caretaker Jeanette assist him into the car. This process can take as long as 5 minutes. He has limited use of his legs and arms, therefore, making him totally dependent on Jeanette to get in and out of the car, go to the bathroom, go to bed eat and so on.

Under normal circumstances, it's also very difficult for him to speak. When Taylor was living with me 18 months ago, he was able to drive, he was able to walk around, take care of himself. So you can see that the Parkinson's has certainly deteriorated his body and his system. Something else is that you can see in a response to a question that I give him. It takes a while for him to really sort of gathers his senses and it may take up to 2 minutes to respond. [background music... Jeanette talking to Taylor and giving him a drink] - yes, seeing is believing. This is the same Taylor that we've all seen in the wheelchair every day, every week.

The difference is for the last 10 days, Taylor has been taking a therapeutic dose of a vegetable extract. And after 15 minutes since his last dose, Taylor's standing, walking, moving on his own. On this particular occasion, it's for 45 minutes. But if he's on this for an extended period of time, he will regain his abilities through the miraculous nature of its neurogenic properties. We've created this video to show how important this treatment is for a Parkinson's patient. To actually give them back a normal life.

As you can see in this case, It certainly is making a big change for Taylor. - Taylor French: Don't you ever speak with your mouth full. - Never... You're saying never speak with your mouthful? Obviously the extract is also increased a sense of humor. [ Jeanette laughs ] And uh... Or I see a restored sense of humor, It's never lost. For most of us raising our arms is no big deal. For Taylor it requires a lot of help.

Parkinson's Disease Taylor French   guest Mike Paulus

On this day he effortly brings them up twittering his fingers in the air. Could you imagine how much difference this can make If he has his capability for 24 hours every day? Not for just once, in 9 months for 45 minutes? So after Jeanette asks Taylor, 'Hey Taylor you want to go for a walk?' He turns around, head storms the front of the house and this part is a miracle as he calmly ambles towards the gate. Usually he can run in a forward, falling position, but not walk. He also needs someone to catch him at his destination. Not this time.

[Yeah! Jeanette supporting him vocally while he opens the gate] [Music...] Here, after eyeballing his Buick and being determined, a bit of a ham when the camera is going. Taylor now decides he's man enough to drive the car. Especially after being fed by Jeanette. Can he do this? Remember, he's not walked on his own or driven in months! Confidence is now getting the best of him and he will try. Sure enough on his own power he makes all the moves that are easy for the rest of us, but impossible for him. As you can see when we say, under your own power, that means a lot. For someone to make all the moves of getting into a car themselves.

Starting it up, positioning the steering wheel, closing the door, rolling up the window. All these requires a lot of concentration and effort for someone who normally needs to be helped into a car. [Starting car...] - This is an incredible miracle.

Pulling it out, we're hoping that he's paying attention here and not crashing into anything. But you can see he's totally in control. Unbelievable! There he goes and we suspect he'll return. Please contact us or 949-842-9291 We appreciate help...

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