Pain & Tourettes [CC]

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I'm Emily, here on TourettesWithPets, and as you can see, this is not my normal filming location. I am on the other side of my room because my back hurts. I'm here to talk about Tourettes and pain. Not like emotional pain, like "you put yourself through so much". I'm talking about literal pain, like physical pain.

As you can see, I wear these gloves. And they are padded on the palm because I tend to hit myself, just general type hitting tics. So these protect me from getting bruises. I don't know if you can see, but I'm having a tic where my arms are trying to go back like my elbows want to touch each other, kind of.

And my shoulder blades want to do that. But it hurts really bad because- I don't know, I was doing it and then it just started hurting really bad. So, yeah, it just hurts really bad. And I was using a heat pack, let me bring it here.

This is my heat pack. Filled with corn kernels. You just pop it in the microwave and it comes out hot.

Pain & Tourettes [CC]

So it's just reusable. I was using it earlier, and it just didn't really help with the whole- usually with- a lot with Tourettes, you get muscle soreness, especially in your back and your fingers, hands, um your abdominals, just the whole shabang. You can get pain in your- eye muscles I guess? 'Cause eyerolling doesn't feel good. But, so usually heat packs help with soreness, but now I did something bad with a muscle back there so, now I'm in some pain, so that's why I'm sitting in bed. I guess there's nothing else to do other than film and look at videos on youtube. There's not too much to do. I could do homework.

It just really hurts. So pain is not good with Tourettes. A lot of people with mild Tourettes don't get pain. But more moderate-severe people get a lot of neck pain especially. ESPECIALLY NECK PAIN! It's neck and back. Usually there is people who get cramps in their hands.

This (gloves) also helps with trying to prevent hand cramps. 'Cause I'm not as flexible with these on. So my fingers can't do as much damage When they try to be flexible in a tic. They're just kinda- see without these on, I can get this finger to touch this finger and actually overlap. And as you can see, I can't do that with these on. That's just kinda all I want to talk about on this video 'cause my back really hurts.

A lot of people- the general public- when they think about problems with Tourettes, they think of social situations, which you're just kinda forced to constantly- like it's not a a big deal. Unless someone decides to be a butt. The actual problems with Tourettes, the main ones, are pain, like soreness and pulling muscles and whatnot, and then sleeping is a big one. Another one- there are a few more. I'm gonna make a video on the rest of the problems with Tourettes.

Like not just- like "someone thought I was weird", but like actual problems like pain. I hope you like the video, if you did leave a like. I'll be making more content, so you can hit that subscribe button if you want to see more. And I'll see you guys in the next video! Bye!.

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