Pain Doctor Explains Low Back Pain

Author: Pain Doctor

Low Back Pain can be a very debilitating condition. Pain in the lower back or lumbar region is relatively common. Estimates indicate that approximately 84% of all people over 18 years old will be subject to one form of low back pain or another, at least once in their lifetime. Three current episodes of low back pain are also widespread. Some reports estimates that up to 78% of low back pain patients who are at high risk of three laps of their condition. Chronic low back pain is associated with significant debility or lack of function for longer than three months. Approximately 12% of people in the United States of America experience chronic low back pain accompanied by functional disabilities. Chronic cases often begin with a low-level pain that escalates and gradually becomes worse and worse.

Low back pain has been the subject of many investigative studies and there is good clinical evidence from many kinds of treatments that provide relief. These treatments include pharmacological treatments such as incest or non steroidal anti-inflammatory and sometimes even opium treatments. Interventional therapies include various forms of injections that might diagnose this source of pain and treat this source of pain.

Alternative treatments such as biofeedback, acupuncture, chiropractic care and others have also been well study and shown that helped people with chronic low back pain. Finding a doctor who uses of comprehensive approach to attack your pain from any angles is always the best option.

Pain Doctor Explains Low Back Pain

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