Overcoming CFS/CFIDS/ME with Water-Only Fasting with Loren Lockman

Author: Loren Lockman

Hi, I'm Loren Lockman. This afternoon I'm gonna be speaking to you for a few minutes about chronic fatigue syndrome, and how you can eliminate chronic fatigue 25 years ago I suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome, I've spent 3 years in bed at that point barely able to function, I was still working but as soon as I finished my job I went home and went to sleep. In fact, in lunch everyday I needed to go to my car with little battery-powered lamp clock, so that I could get another hour of sleep, because by 12 o'clock, every afternoon I was already exhausted. In fact, I'm sitting on the top of a rock in the Tanglewood Wellness Center and chances are good that 25 years ago I couldn't have gotten to the top of this rock, it was too much work. Today I can do anything I choose to do and the fact is that if you or someone you love is suffering from chronic fatigue symdrome or fibromialgia, or Epstein-Barr, or anything of similar conditions that have you exhausted and unable to functioning in sometimes in severe pain, you need to know that you don't need to suffer anymore Like every other specie on the planet, perfect health is our natural birth right and there's no reason that you can't experience perfect health no matter what you're experiencing right now After being sick for 3 years I've finally got tired of not being able to do almost anything and I decided at that point I probably wasn't gonna get my answers from traditional western medicine because I'd gotten worst all the time by listening to my doctors. Instead, it occured to me that if I can figure out what was going on maybe I could change it no matter what we do with what's going on for us if we're just supressing symptoms, which is all that medication can do, and almost every other alternative approach can do if we're not getting the actual cause of the problem we're not gonna be able to see anything shift long term if you're suffering from any of these conditions as chronic fatigue, and you'd like to have as much energy or more energy than you had as a child, than you had when you were 18 years old, there's no reason you can't have it For the last 14 years I've been supervising water-only fasts of anywhere from 1 to 9 weeks of life Well, today we only fast people for 6 weeks because I've decided that after 12 years I needed a day off now and overall I've worked every single day, and you know, again, thinking about 50 years of age I'm able to work every single day for 12 years if I choose to, when at 25 I could work one single day if I chose to. You can create exactly the same thing, and the way we do that here is we give people an opportunity to cleanse and heal the body and then become rehydrated, and the only thing I've found that consistently offers those results is water-only fasting We live in a toxic enviroment today, I'm glad to say that I don't and you perhaps don't either but most of us do, we live in cities, we live in suburbs, we live in places where there are poisons all around us and even inside our homes, and as the body becomes toxic it ceases to function very well so if you're suffering from chronic fatige or one of these diseases chances are very very high that your body has become burdened with toxins as a reuslt of the enviroment, as a result of your dietary choices, as a result of the cleaning products in your home, as a result of personal care products as a result of many different things.

If you're willing to get your body clean and you're willing to give your body the opportunity to cleanse itself, you can see amazing things happen 3 or 4 years ago, a young woman came, she was in her twenties. She spent the last year in bed, unable to work, she showed up here in a wheel chair, she was suffering from fibromyalgia and a number of different other conditions. Fibromyalgia, if you're not familiar with this it's like chronic fatigue in that you're exhausted all the time but it also comes with terrible joint and muscle pain and so, this poor woman was suffering terribly from this condition, she spent 6 weeks with us, and at the end of her time here she was hiking 5 miles through the mountains every day and she didnt need a wheelchair but she had more energy than she'd had the previous years put together You can experience exactly the same thing, this is a typical result, this is what happens when we give the body a chance to cleanse and heal itself, and then learn how to make the optimal choices to support the body in meeting all of these needs.

If you're willing to do those things you can function at a higher level than you've ever functioned before At the end of this video you're gonna see a URL, if you go to our website and sign up for our mailing list we'll be happy to send you lots of good information that will help you make the best choices possible. And if you want to contact us directly we'll be glad to help you any way we can. So if you have questions, or you've got concerns and you want to know wheter this process is for you, let us know, and if there is anything that we can help we'll be glad to help you.

We are not the only place where you can do this and wheter you contact us or not it doesn't make any difference, if there's anything we can do for you just let us know This is Loren Lockman, thanks again for joining us.

Overcoming CFS/CFIDS/ME with Water-Only Fasting with Loren Lockman

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