Osteoporosis Exercise | Start Exercising Today | Part 5

Author: Margaret Martin

Margaret: Hi, I'm Margaret Martin. Welcome back to MelioGuide. And today, I provide you with an opportunity to listen to users of the exercise for better bones. Josephine: One of the things about doing this program is that, now it's part of everyday. I found different things to do, and exercises that I actually enjoy doing, that I can do on a daily basis and fit into my routine. Any time I tried it in the past I might have done it for few weeks and then stopped. But this time, I think just because of the nature of the exercises and once I'm particular with thinking about some of the strength ones and some of the cardiovascular. So, just getting in the walking and building up my stamina certainly has improved over the six months.

Basically the way my program works is in fact, I can do it all in my bedroom. So, often what happens is, I've been out for a walk. I've done some cardiovascular exercise and then I come back and it's with the use of a ball, basically, in my own bedroom space. I'm able to work through all of the exercises.

So, instead needing to...which is probably the biggest drawback to going to gym for me was that you had to go out again in the evening. In order to keep doing it, I think being in the comfort of your own home is terrific, and it's a lot easier to do it. So, all my exercises actually can be done in the space that's there within the bedroom. So, requires a small amount of space and very little equipment. Ken: Swimming have been my form of exercise virtue all my life. I I swam competitively when I was young, both high school and university, and continued. If I had lose weight or I had to get in shape I went to the pool, and swam some laps. And, I always considered that...I think that was part of the shock.

I always considered that to be the best of all exercise and I kept everything going. To realize that there was a major component that was lacking in that. My exercise had to change. Margaret: The MelioGuide Exercise for Better Bones book, will provide you with a detailed list of exercises based on your activity level and fracture risk.

Osteoporosis Exercise | Start Exercising Today | Part 5

We identify the bones and muscles that are targeted in each exercise, provide clear directions of how to perform with safe form, as well as detailed exercise schedules. If you've been thinking of starting an exercise program that you know its safe and efficient for your bones, then I encourage you to click on the link, to purchase an Exercise for Better Bones. You are also welcome to consult with me at any time, you can schedule time on my scheduler and if you happen to be Ottawa, I'd love to see you at my clinic. So, thanks for tuning in.

I'm Margaret from MelioGuide.

Osteoporosis Exercise | Start Exercising Today | Part 5

Margaret: Hi, I'm Margaret Martin. Welcome back to MelioGuide. And today, I provide you with an opportunity to listen to users of the exercise for better bones. Josephine: One of…

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