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Hello, my name is Steve; I am from Modesto, CA. I had gone to my dentist in May of 2013, and she had noticed a small sore on the right side of my tongue. She referred me to Dr. Cadra immediately, and so I came to his office, and he took a look, and he told me that this was not good. And so he immediately ... Well, within 2 days, I had a biopsy performed. And a week later, the biopsy came back that I had stage 2 tongue cancer. What I appreciated about him was his honest, forthright attitude towards me; he did not pull any punches whatsoever.

But he had a very kind but yet firm manner about him - This is what you have, and this is how we're going to deal with it. And it is very serious, and we needed to act right away. I appreciated that with him. I think out of everything about Dr. Cadra is that I appreciated his forthright attitude. Would I come back to him? Most definitely, but I hope I don't ever have to!.


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