Open Dental Webinar- Open Dental Basics Demo

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After our webinar today you should be able to select the different modules in Open Dental, know the main purpose of each module, know where to find the Appointment List, select and add new patients, make break, delete, and set complete appointments, attach procedures to an appointment and remove procedures, edit patient information, add a new insurance plan and see where to enter benefit information, select an existing insurance plan to avoid creating a duplicate plan for a new patient, understand very basic charting, edit procedure status, know that default procedure notes, quick-paced notes, and auto notes exist, save and print treatment plans, find patient and family level balances in the account module, enter payments and adjustments, and print walk out statements. Open Dental has seven modules. Each module can be accessed by clicking the Left vertical toolbar button along the left side of your screen here there's Appointments, Family, Account, Treatment Plan, Chart, Images for scanned documents or importing photos, and the Manage module. The Family through the Images module are all patient specific. No matter what module you're in there's a main toolbar common to each module and a second toolbar specific to each module. I've got just a pretend database set up here with pretend doctors and hygienists. Open Dental can support unlimited operatories so if you had 10 or more operatories you can easily do that.

Scroll bar to the right just lets your scroll up and down through the 24-hour day can't quite see it but there's a red horizon line that just goes across the screen just gives you a visual indication of the current time of day. The calendar here on the upper right we can just quickly jump to any day that we want the little blue arrows we need the calendar let us jump forward a day, a week, a month, or back the same direction. Today button will bring you back to today let's go ahead and add a new patient we'll make an appointment for them. To do that we're going to go to our select patient button on the upper left corner of our screen, just clicking select patient. Open Dental is set up for character recognition so we can see the list of all of our patients right now on the left hand side when I start typing in the patient's last name it's going to search to see if we have anyone with that same name already in our system so let's say our patients name is Sarah Jordan I'm just typing in Jordan there in the upper right where it says last name and I don't think anyone else in my system with Jordan so I know I'm not creating a duplicate patient. Add in the first name and the other fields that you see phone address city state those are just for search purposes not where we would enter in her personal information.

If I was quickly wanting to input a family at one time if Sarah had a few children that she wanted to get also in our system we could choose the button on the lower right that says add many. I'll click so you can see what that would look like and then I can quickly input a guarantor for the account and up to four additional family members. If they do have a large family you can of course always add more family members directly from the Family module. In this case we're just adding Sarah so I'm going to cancel here and I'm just going to click the button on the lower right that says add PT for add patient and that brings us into our Edit Patient screen. Patient status on the left here just always defaults to Patient if we needed to put someone in our system because they were the policyholder for the insurance or they were the one that needed to receive the statement they were the main billing person we could put them in our system as Non Patient so they don't show up on a recall reports in this case she is a patient we'll mark that she's female, birth date just goes in a two-digit month two-digit day four digit year format, we don't need to enter any slash of their dashes and we tab over at calculate to the age for us there's a place for a wireless work phone email address.

Email is really handy to have with Open Dental, you can email appointment reminders, billing statements, treatment plans. I'll just put in our Open Dental service email you can assign preferred contact, confirmation, and recall methods for your patient Under billing type there's a few that come with Open Dental - standard account, pre-collection, and sent to collections. I've added a couple of additional distinctions as an example email and Medicaid so when you're sending out statements at the end of the month you can filter and choose if you want to send to all of your billing types or if you only want to send to your standard, or just your email, and so on. Once we have everything set here the way we want we're just going to click OK on the lower right there to save that information.

Open Dental Webinar- Open Dental Basics Demo

Then we'll go ahead and get her scheduled for an appointment. There are a couple of different ways we can do it if I wanted to put her stay at one o'clock in Tina's hygiene column I can just put my cursor there at one o'clock in that operatory and double click. We're already on Sara so she shows up, but if I wasn't on her name I could just start typing it in pull her in you can have appointment types created and opened dental most of the time depending on how you have your operatories set up and who is assigned hours to the laboratory that will define who the provider of the appointment is and then the color is based on the providers specific color in your practice, but if you have your practice set up to go based on colors by procedure you can set that up and open and also you could have a certain color for crowns, fillings, hygiene appointments, and so on so just another feature that's available. On the next screen that comes up our edit appointment screen on the upper-left status shows scheduled if this appointment was several weeks in the future and she wanted to be notified if there was an earlier appointment we can choose the little drop down there and I can mark that appointment as ASAP and then I'll show you in a little bit a list where you can find those patients that want to come in sooner so that you can keep your schedule full. Provider and hygienists assigned automatically populates based on the operatory that they've been placed in.

On the upper-left little toggle I can drag down or up to make that appointment longer or shorter there's a place on the lower left there where can add any kind of appointment note maybe she has a toothache lower left and I want to indicate that for the doctor can check it when they come in to do the exam in the middle section at the top where it says single click on items in the list below to add them to this appointment this is what we call our pointment procs quick adds so I can easily attach procedures to the appointment and these are really meant for codes that do not require a tooth number or surface so if I want to quickly attach a comp exam by wingspan ona Pro fee I can just click my top option there and I've attached all this procedures if there's something I want to add that's not in my Quick Pick list here I can click the Add button to bring up a list of all my procedure code and this section can be modified for things you commonly do it can be single codes or multiple like the one I've attached here and let's say maybe we do plan to do white wings in a panel today but the patient has mentioned that they have a gag reflex and maybe she's just not able to do the bite wings today so I want to keep them treatment planned for next time but I don't want them to be attached to this appointment so I could just simply single click the bite wings so only my pro feed my panel and my exam are highlighted in grey and that is what's attached to this particular appointment and then we see a brief overview of her patient info in the lower section just in the center and then a fee for this appointment based on those procedures that we attached and then once we're ready to save it we'll just okay to save they've got my appointment set there another way that we can make an appointment is just by using a button on the far right that says make appt with a large blue plus sign for make appointment so I'll click there we would select our patient first click OK and again it brings us into that edit patient screen maybe I'll attach a limited exam and a PA and when you're using that make appointment button when you click ok it just puts the appointment on that pin board for you just below the calendar there on the upper right so I can drag that across to today or I could choose a different day on the calendar and move it pinboard is really handy if anyone needs to reschedule if you had a whole family that needs to reschedule you can drag multiple appointments to that pin board go to a different day and just quickly get them rescheduled I've practiced with up to 20 patients at a time so you can spent multiple patients there and if I open that appointment on the right hand side there's also a button that says audit trail so we can see the history of that appointment when it was created if everyone in your practice has their own login you can see who created it and if there were any subsequent changes have that changed to a different day or a different procedure was attached or unattached you can track those changes a little circle on the upper right corner of the appointment is just her confirmation status you can see on the right-hand side to the left of the make appointment button there's all these different confirmation statuses these can be customized for your practice as well and each status can have a particular color assigned to it so at a glance you can see what the status is for that patient if a patient's a as an appointment maybe she was supposed to come early for that limited examine PA you can right-click and choose the option to break the appointment or the little symbol to the left of the confirmation statuses with a blue box and the expert will also break the appointment I'm just choosing break appointment if your office has a no-show policy you can assign a fee for that broken appointment you can add a note about it and then it remains on the schedule like that just with an X through it if they're not coming back you can simply right click and delete that appointment or on the lower right those symbols next to the confirmation status is the red X will also delete an appointment or you can choose that option to send to unscheduled list if the patient mentioned they would like to reschedule but they'll call you later and you want to make sure that they don't slip through the cracks so you can choose that option sent on scheduled or again the symbol on the far right little box with the red letter you will also send them to the unscheduled list so there's more than one way to do it and now we've opened up some time on our schedule if we have someone that wants to come in sooner they can sell that time we can find those unscheduled and those patients that want to come sooner a little icon above the calendar on the upper right it kind of looks like a little notepad with the lower right corner fold it up when I hover my mouse over it it says appointment list I'm just clicking there this is where you're going to find your patients that are due for recall but not scheduled a list of patients with upcoming appointments if you wanted to send reminders plan track or I'll show you in just a little bit are unscheduled and our ASAP lists radiology a lot of our medical offices use the radiology to create radiology orders that's not something I dental office would need to worry about and the insurance verify you can create a list of upcoming appointments and just see when was the last time you actually verified that they had active coverage clicking on the unscheduled list you can see what it looks like and it looks just the same ASAP list if dad someone on that list could double click their name open it up give them a call see if they want to take that open time if they do on the lower right there's a button that says pinboard I'm just clicking that pinboard button we can close out of this list and move them up to our open time and the same exact thing with the ASEP list if you knew somebody wanted to come in sooner open up their appointment pinboard it and pull them into an earlier time really fast and easy let's say this appointment has been confirmed for Sara and pretend we sent out reminders let's just marked it the little green circle there on the upper right when she actually arrives for her appointment we can mark her as arrived so I'm clicked on her appointment so her appointment is highlighted and I can click the word arrived in my list of different confirmation options there and it can take up to 20 seconds or so her color circle changes again and then she shows up in this waiting room here on the lower right so we can see how long she's been waiting the back office knows she's waiting to go back and then during that time we can verify make sure her address and information hasn't changed it has we can update that have her fill out any forms that she still may need to work on if you're doing digital forms we can click the forms button and our top menu bar there and I'll go ahead and click the ad maybe we need her to sign to acknowledge that we've given her a HIPAA handout and she can sign there if we need to update her personal info or ad insurance to her plan would go to the family module on the upper left it's a little symbol that looks kind of like three little monopolies people now we're looking at the family module I can either double click on her name or in this white patient information section just to bring up all of her info I need to make any changes on the upper right is also we recall us tracked the right now we see she's a pro fee type recall she's scheduled today I can open up that recall information and I've got an interval set for my pretend practice here for six months in a day but if I wanted to change it for this individual of doctor said you should really be on a four month interval and I can double click to open this up and I can change her to four months here if a patient does not want to be contacted for recall on the upper right we can disable their recall or we can put in a certain dollar amount if they're not paying their bill and we don't want to remind them to make an appointment when they're not paying we can put in not to have them show north tell their balances below twenty dollars or whatever you specify or until a certain date if you know that your patient is someone who travels to a warm place where the winner and comes back late spring if they are a pareo patient you can also choose that option with a button step pareo so will be a pareo type recall instead of a regular Pro fee and with a newer version of open dental if you do have patients that don't have insurance and your office has a different discount cash reschedule you can actually create a discount plan you can see the button with the yellow umbrella business and insurance and just to the right of it a discount plan so that whenever your treatment planning and charging out work your full fee will charge it on the account but it will also automatically add in a line-item discount adjustment so the patient can see the benefit they're getting from you in this case we're just going to add regular insurance I'm just clicking that add insurance button we'll be prompted whether or not page the subscriber in this case will say yes in the next screen that comes up here in the green section at the top we can choose the relationship to the subscriber in this case she is the subscriber so we'd leave it as self if we call the check out her plan found that she has active coverage I'll just click that Now button just so close in today's date that I have verified this coverage if when you checked on coverage you found that they had used a portion of their yearly max before coming to your practice on the upper right where it says adjustments to insurance benefits and there's an add button I can indicate maybe she's already used 300 somewhere else and you can also indicate whether or not they've met their deductible so this would only be utilized for work that was not done within your practice any work that you do in your office will automatically subtract from their yearly max if you have other patients in your practice that you know may work for the same employer might have the exact same insurance plan we can use this button that says pick from list I'm just clicking there and then we can search by employer group number carrier so on so maybe she worked for Nike shoes I've done a Nike plan in there she also has MetLife so I'm going to highlight that plan and click OK on the lower right just pull that in so instead of having to retype all this information and create a duplicate plan I've got it all there for me if we try to save and we haven't entered in all the information it'll remind us forgot our subscriber ID so we'll just pop that in and ok to save and we would add a secondary plan the exact same way is go to add insurance I'm going to say new plan maybe she works for L'Oreal cosmetics so now I've got a prime and a secondary plan you can add a third a fourth or if they had like a supplementary Aflac there's multiple plans if you do ever have the instance where you need to bill medical and you can also set up to bill a medical you just can't do it electronically unless you're signed up with a specific medical claims Clearinghouse if we realize that we entered it incorrectly and the secondary plan should really be the primary I can double-click to open it up and in the green section at the top where it says order 2 I'm just changing it to 1 and then when I click OK and we'll just pull that primary for standard 2 that first position there if a patient comes in and they say they have changed their their job puzzle Oriel cosmetics have gone away they only have one plan now we can open up a plan and we would never want to delete the plan if they have a new job we also would never want to just edit an existing plan these are attached with other subscribers so if she doesn't work for L'Oreal anymore we're just going to drop this plan on the upper-left the button that says drop if she did have another secondary insurance then we would just go to our ad insurance and add a new plan so again we don't want to be editing existing plans if they have a new job we would drop it and then re add a new one if they have additional family members we can also add them here on the upper left just above where it says patient picture unavailable we've got four family member buttons there's the add obviously to add someone delete if you entered someone in error as long as they don't have anything attached any procedures or forms attached to the account then you can delete them if there was more than one patient we wanted to make sure that one specific patient received the bill and we could highlight that patient and choose this that guarantor or the move button so if a child grew up got their own job had their own insurance needed to be on their own account we can move them to another family or to their own account if we need to scan a copy of their insurance card or a letter from a doctor we can do that from the images module all the folders that you see here are customizable you can add new ones you can change the name and you could put them in a different order if you wanted them to be if we wouldn't we can highlight our insurance folder and I've got my single scan or if there's more than one page we've got your multi scan option there I can also add a patient photo from this window I would just highlight my patient pictures and choose the import button and let's see I've got the pictures in here and that will show here in the family module and also when we hover over their appointment so let's say she's all set she spelled out our paperwork she's ready to go back to the operatory we can mark her as ready so everybody knows she's ready to go back and then once she goes back to the operatory to take her out of that waiting room feature we would just click in room and that takes her out of that waiting room feature we'll go ahead and move to the chart we've got our large 3d graphic to start just below that there's a small section that could be used for anything a lot of offices use it just to track things are going on in the patient's life maybe we can just pop in a date maybe she's expecting a promotion at work maybe she loves to garden patient information can also access from here just a shortcut if they mention a change they forgot to mention the front in this white section I would just double click the shortcut to get back to that edit patient screen and the pink section here is where we can add medical information so if I just double click in that pink section there's several different tabs on this main tab in the Med urgent note I'll just type in tests but if there was something you wanted to be aware of urgently and see it in bold on the chart and the appointment we could pop it in their service notes that she likes a blanket for when she's having dental work done on the upper right if she does need pre-med for her dental visits we can check that box for a pre-med and then going through the tabs we can add problems maybe she has a knee replacement in that place she needs the pre-med medications that patient is taking and the allergies they might have or just no known allergies and since medical offices also sometimes use open now there's a place to enter family history information vital signs just by clicking that add vital sign this of course could just be in the chart notes as well and there's even a place to track tobacco use to the right of the tooth chart we've got different tabs and her treatment missing teeth movements primary planned appointments the show tab and the draw tab we'll start with the enter treatment tab we've got some surface buttons and then just below that different entry statuses for their treatment plan completed existing current provider existing other referred and conditions so when your charting work you want to choose the correct status so treatment plan for anything that needs to be done if you chart anything while you're on that complete status it will charge to the patient's account existing current provider would be if you had an old paper chart that you wanted to just convert that patient's chart into a digital format existing other for new patients or to chart work that was done at another practice referred for anything you're sending out and condition for anything you just need to keeping a watch on but you're not necessarily doing treatment right away okay so let's start with our existing other I've just clicked a little circle there next to existing other and let's say um 2 and 14 have existing energy composite so I'm just clicking tooth number 2 on the large chart there and number 14 and you can see to the right we've got all these combinations for posterior composites anterior and amalgam I'm just going to choose from the amalgam those are what we call our quick buttons and those can also be customized and then you also have the option to set up different categories with buttons associated that's with them for things that you commonly chart so I can also manually choose my surfaces and then choose what type of material if it's amalgam or composite so if number 3 had an existing MLG composite I can just highlight numbers you manually choose my surfaces and then just click the word composite and it will chart the correct code for me for a 3 surface posterior and you can see the composite is just a little bit lighter color than the ally just indicating different materials being used anything existing an open end I'll show up as green let's chart a few things are actually need to be done so I'm going to change my status to treat plan let's say 28 29 and a couple of occlusal maybe number 18 needs a crown and maybe we're going to keep a watch on tooth number 30 so I've changed my status to condition and under my fillings I've got a watch button set up and it'll just put a little W just below the tooth there you can also choose a diagnosis so if you wanted to say number 31 and just to the right of the surface buttons there's different diagnosis options so I could choose maybe just incipient caries and add a watch you can also add a surface watch timing we're keeping an eye on the occlusal of four and you can choose if you want it to be a particular color you can customize that missing teeth the next cabover if you do have teeth missing you can actually remove them from the graphic two strips we can highlight maybe one 16 and 32 and then I can just click the button that says missing maybe number 8 is also missing if I want to clean up the tooth numbers and hide them from my view I can do that as well just by highlighting the teeth I want to hide and clicking the button that says hidden if you do have a tooth like number 8 here that you have missing but you want to restore that space with either an implant or a bridge or partial you'd want to leave that tooth number there so that you can chart treatment for it and you can have a button set up just really quickly will be highlight 7 8 9 and quickly chart a bridge movement you can make an accurate representation of how the patient's mouth prevents if number 10 is a little crooked you could rotate it if that number 17 is present but it's not arrested yet we can drop it or clue Sulli once it gets to negative 12 it just graze out just indicating that it's not erupted if it's impacted we can tip it in slightly and then if we wanted to stay the picture of how patients mouths look today under the tooth chart button there's a little drop-down and we can choose that option save to images and it'll just save it in their images module or if we wanted to show a bigger view of the teeth we can click that drop-down and choose that show big option and close out of there if you do have kids coming in you can set the teeth this primary with the button that fists at all primary or you can do a mixed dentition and then as the baby tooth exfoliate you could just highlight like number a for example and then just click the permanent button I'm going to go ahead and put them all back to permanent planned appointments here just a feature that's available not something that you have to use with it's pretty handy to make a template for their next operative appointment so if I wanted to click the Add button here it brings up a screen kind of like our scheduling screen maybe we want to do the fillings on 28 and 29 first so I could highlight those and maybe two little clues would normally not take very long that patient has indicated that they have a really hard time getting numb and you can tell they might just need a little extra TLC so in the upper left I can take my little toggle there and drag it down to make it a little bit longer and just add a note need extra time per doctor so nobody shortens it and then will okay to save it and you add multiple appointments there if we wanted to also add one for the crown for 18 and if you realized oh the crown should be first there's two little arrows little green up and down arrows there I can move the order if I wanted to change it it can be scheduled from here just by highlighting the one that you want to schedule and choosing the button that says pin board or if scheduling is done at the front they can choose that make appointment button and they can see oh there's the number one plan appointment doctor wants to do first highlight it copy the pinboard and then just go to a different day and get that scheduled looks it really fast and easy and this would only be meant for operative work it would not be recommended for a recall it will confuse the system since the recall is already tracked in a different way show tab here gives you an overview of everything that you're seeing on the chart to see all these little checkbox marked here if you wanted to narrow down what you're seeing in your clinical progress notes I can manually do it just by clicking the none button and say if I wanted to see just treatment plan procedures or just teeth I'm keeping a watch on and take those out you can also choose that box that says selected teeth so if I wanted to highlight one or more teeth I can check that box for selected teeth just makes it really easy to find what I'm looking for without having to scroll all up and down through the chart and then you can also have chart views that you create so if you wanted one to be able to manually click f6 for the half of my watches or f3 for prescriptions or f2 for a treatment plan and you don't have to be looking at this show tab anytime you're in the chart you can use those F keys to just move to the view that you want to see draw up here gives you an overview of what the colors mean a little color legend these can be customized for your practice if you wanted them to be different and then you have the option to draw so if we were to click the little circle button next to or says pen I can draw in I retained arch wire or a little crack an abscess and you can change colors just by clicking one of the color boxes on the right or you can have other options and you can erase it if you made a mistake and then just go back to pointer when you're done show you really quickly we've already charted our missing teeth so now that when we go into our pair your chart those missing page will be blocked out and then we can chart like we normally would it will skip over those missing teeth plus and then when we close out it automatically saves our exam if you have DirectX installed you can also see a graphic view of the perio chart you can set up a limited ortho chart if your office does or so in general and you wanted a separate place to keep ortho notes on the upper left above the tooth chart you can have template set up for things that you commonly prescribes you can print out prescriptions you do have the option to also sign up for electronic prescriptions you can create lab cases to attach to your appointments you can track and make sure you have your crowns or bridges back in time and you can have multiple labs set up if you use more than one and the type of products that that lab makes for you you can also attach a custom lab slip so if you wanted to scan in a lab slip for one that you commonly use you can have it in your system and have it pull in automatically the patient's name your doctor's info if you are doing digital forms you can also have digital consent forms so if your patient may be refused x-rays or you needed consent for an extraction you can bring those up they can sign for it and it'll just keep track of those in the chart had a medical history filled out I'll just start one when they come in for their next six months you could highlight a medical history and just click the copy button so it would bring up a copy of their last medical history you can make any changes if there are any and have them sign for it patients often don't like to have to fill out a form all again that's kind of a handy way to alleviate some of that stress for the patient you can also create custom exam sheets if you wanted to have a custom oral cancer screening or anything like that this is just a test so you could have it set up however you want with checkboxes places to be able to freetype looking at our treatment plan we see a list of everything that we shoot and plan including what's on the schedule for today to the right we see different priority options and on the lower right an overview of their coverage info and it shows she started use 300 so she's only got 1200 left for the remainder of the year so if I wanted to say maybe she is going to do those fillings first it's what we recommend first maybe the crown is going to be third and that bridge is going to be expected she wants to save up for it and if you wanted to print out a treatment plan just showing say the fillings right now maybe it's too stressful to see the cost for everything else there's more than one way you can do it we can choose the button that says new TP and we could just stay Phil's 12 and 13 highlight the fillings and pull them over or we can highlight one or more procedures and choose the button assess a VP so I've got my main plan with everything and now just my stage treatment plan and I can double click to open this up and change the name I can print this out for my patient defusing the print TP button we can email it they can sign for it and it would look just like that I can sign and it'll just be indicated with little X that they find for that treatment always a good idea to save a copy of the treatment plan as well if a patient declines treatment stuff you had recommended a couple of fillings and or whatever treatment it was and they declined say maybe she doesn't want to do that crown for 18 you can make a priority status call declined and then you could say that and I'll just mark it as declined and then this can be deleted from their chart since they're not planning to do the work so just take it out but it's still here so if they ever come in down the road complaining that you never told them they needed their tooth fixed you've got a record that you recommended it on this day and time you can also make discounts from here if I wanted to highlight one or more procedures on the upper left next to the button that says pre-authorization as a button that says discount so I could quickly pop in a discount if I wanted to take it out I could just highlight again choose my discount and leave it as zero just to clear out that disc and I entered you can manually enter dollar amounts as well just by opening any procedure and on the right hand side all the way to the right kind of in the middle you can put in a dollar amount so if this procedure gets completed it'll also enter a line-item adjustment taking twenty-five dollars off of balance we also sent from this window so if we wanted to send a pre-op for those first fillings we're going to do we would highlight choose our pre-authorization button choose the plan and the relationship and click OK if we needed to add a short narrative we can pop one in and then I can click OK if I want to batch it and send it later or if I have electronic claims I can click the send button with the red arrow or we can just print it if we want to mail it in and then pre-ops remain on the upper right corner of this window when I click on that pre-op it also highlights the procedures that are attached to it going back to the chart let's say number 17 really needs to be extracted so I can mark it as referred and chart an extraction for it and in my notes I can open this up if I wanted to actually attach a referral doctor to this procedure I'm right where it goes referral and then just across there's a little square button with little 3 dot ellipses there I can click there and then click plus refer to on the upper left of the next window that came up and I can bring up a list of my referral doctors I've got Dr. Clark here is my surgery guy just highlighting and clicking ok if you don't have a pattern of referral slips for this doctor you can make a generic one and open dental or again you can even scan in if you had a list of their referral such you could scan a copy in so you always have one to be able to utilize you can print it you can email it you can create a PDF and now that Dr. Is attached and then you can track those procedures that you've referred out there's a report in open dental it's just under reports and then on the right hand side the one while I'm highlighting it those referred proc tracking so if you've got a letter from the specialist thing thanks so much for referring your patient to us we've got some schedule for a consult we can open this up just by double-clicking and in the middle you choose the little drop down there and indicate their current status and then once we got a letter back saying that the treatment had been done we could mark it as completed I'll just pop in today's date and then once it's marked completed with the date it comes off of our report here and the idea was open analysts that you'd then go into that procedure and instead of being referred out since it's actually been done now we would mark it as existing other provider and then once that's done it just takes the tooth away from the chart let's say we're done with our visit today we want to complete our appointment maybe write some chart notes we can complete appointments from the chart or I personally think it's easier to do it from the appointment module so we'll go back to today and again we can either right click and choose set complete or we can choose the little symbol on the far right the little blue checkmark either one will do the same thing we can see on our appointment as well as a plus sign just indicating premed and the little box of the iron it just indicating that she has dental insurance so now that that's been grayed out the charges have gone to the account if we wanted to write notes there's a few different ways we can do it you can see on this comp exam versus default notes that just automatically showed up here that's what we call our default notes and under lists and procedure codes here any code can have a default note created for it so just write like this one right in here so and once that particular code is completed whatever note is associated with it automatically populates to the patient's account you can of course just manually type your notes or we also have what we call our quick notes so it's basically you have an abbreviation associated with a string of text and when you type in that abbreviation it just pulls it in for you so I think I have one that's question mark px I do and then it just pulls in that note for you really quickly and if you can't remember what your notes were what the abbreviation is where you can right click and choose that insert quick note to see a list of ones that you have set up and pull in the one that you want just by double clicking and then there's also what we call our Auto notes if I just click the button that says Auto note you can have a template created for each each procedure that you do in your practice and these can be set up as straight text or they can also have prompts with them like this one so it can prompt you for medical history changes or whatever the case might be and I tell people always that people get excited about wanting to make a lot of prompts if you put in 50 prompts you're going to have to click 50 times before you can finish your note so the idea is to make with others to make your notes fast though less prompts is faster and then we just click OK to pull in the bulk of our Auto note and then we can add anything that was specific to this patient if there was bleeding when flossing our crack on a tooth we can just quickly add that and okay and we're done with our note 4 procedures that were done on the same date by the same provider we can highlight multiple procedures right-click and choose the option group note and then we can pull in one note for multiple procedures and we're done go ahead and go back to the appointment if we wanted to go ahead and schedule her for her next recall before she leaves I can choose the button on the far right that says make recall and then from this window I'm going to choose scheduled recall button on the bottom in the center and it will jump my schedule ahead six months or in this case four months since we indicated that she's a four month recall and I can choose if I want to search by doctors by hygienist and it's giving me some possibilities for open times I can choose a day that I want just pull that appointment over and it automatically attached for me a pro fee and a periodic exam and that's really important when you're scheduling your recall that's how the system knows that it's a recall appointment so when you're scheduling those if you're not using that make recall button you need to at least make sure that you have a pro fee or a pareo maintenance attached if they're a pareo patient so okay to save that and then I'm just going to click the X in this little search for opening area next to that more button just to go back to my regular view here and as a patient ever calls in if they can't remember when their appointment was you can always go to your selected patient and the button that says view Pat a ppps for view Pat appointments that's where you'd go just to see when they're scheduled if there's anything sitting on the unscheduled list or the ASAP list and then rather than make a new appointment if there is something sitting on the unscheduled list you can highlight it copy the pinboard and get it scheduled we're going to move to her account here's all the charges that were done today including that broken appointment for that broken appointment we showed earlier so one patient gets their statement they will see that you're tracking those if I want to create a claim for her visit today I'm just going to click my new claim button oops not while I've got that highlighted though and then again if I want to send it right away I can click the send I can print it or I click OK if I want to batch it and send it later complete a couple of our other appointments today if I wanted to send her with a walkout for the visit on the upper right I can choose a little drop-down on the statement button and just choose a walkout and I'll just let you see what that would look like it's going to show everything that we did today that we've created a claim and also her upcoming appointments if she's going to be paying a portion today I just clicked the payment button in the upper left corner maybe she's got $10 cash she wants to pay today and well okay if we are waiting to the end of the day to send our claims we can do that from the manage module and on the upper left our little button it says send claims with the yellow umbrella so any claims that are waiting and haven't gone out yet are going to be living right here I can send them all just by clicking the send a claims if I wanted to only send a few certain ones I can highlight just send the ones that I want or I can print them if I'm doing just regular regular snail mail if you ever needed to print out a blank claim form on the upper left there's also a button that says blank that you can do that there's also a link to a report here on the upper right that says procs not billed if I were to click there I can manipulate the calendars here for whatever date range I want and just click my refresh button so if there's anybody that I missed that somehow did not get a claim created it'll show that here I can click on the bottom I select all if I want to highlight all of those and the new claims if I want to create new claims for those that got missed and then I would go ahead and send my claims and we can just pretend that that's been sent for market ascent and then once the insurance comes back and pays on that claim I would just open up that red claim there just by double-clicking and we recommend entering payments by procedure so you can track individually what the insurance paid for each procedure what the write-off was individually if there was any so on the upper right and just clicking a button that says by procedure an open dental will estimate what they think insurance should pay based on the fee schedule that you have attached and the plan that you have attached for the patient so let's say maybe they did pay according to what we thought except for the comp exam maybe they paid nothing because she's already had three exams this year prior to this one and she's only allowed three and we just popped in whatever note was on her maybe it said max number of exams reached and we'll okay to save it if there's nobody else on this claim it was just a single check for 90 dollars just nobody else attached to it's not a bulk then I would go ahead and choose my finalized payment I can choose the payment type if it was electronic fund transfer just a regular physical check or credit card type in my check number and click OK if I do have a scanner hooked up on the lower left I can also scan a copy of my EOB and then I okay and I'm done with that so now she does have a balance left over if doctor had wanted to give maybe a slight new patient discount on the upper left just to the right of the payment button is our adjustment button and you can see we've got Editions box and our subtractions box to either increase the balance or decrease the balance and you can customize these these adjustment types if you wanted to make new ones in your system let's say maybe doctors going to give her a $10 discount it will highlight from our subtractions column there and just click OK and she still owes the balance so we're going to go to our payment button we can pretend we send her out a statement maybe she's going to pay $50 I check and maybe the rest she's going to put on a credit card if you do have a X charge or pay connect you can also process the credit card from this window there is a really handy way to enter bulk payments it's a little bit faster and easier if you do get those bulks under the manage module there's the batch I&S button on the upper left just under the same send claims button in this case you would create your check first or do the finalized part first so you dad put in the amount of the check the check number and where this check came from I think I have a lot from MetLife so I'll try that and then it will bring up a list of all your patients to have outstanding claims from that particular carrier so you can go down your list find whoever's on your EOB maybe this person still is on it click the buy procedure and our what they paid and okay to save and then it just attaches that payment to this finalized check right now I've only got $100 worth of payments attached to my check is supposed to be 200 if I get busy I can close out of here scheduled a patient take a phone call and then I can go back into it when I have time again find the next person on my EOB and enter the payment and now that I've got 200 attached I can also on the lower left again scan the EOB and then close out and I'm done at the end of the day you're going to want to run a report under standard reports you can run production for the day any adjustments if you want to see your collections for the day we could just click on our payments option there and when I click OK I'll make that a little bit bigger so all the insurance payments are grouped together and then our patient payments are they're separated out by cheque cash and credit card so you want to match that up with what you sent to the bank and make sure that everything was correct in addition to the custom reports we have over a thousand custom reports on our website you can also utilize and that's a typical first visit going all the way through open dental will open up the floor if anyone has any questions or if there was anything that didn't make sense as we were going through I'm happy to show again and again I just want to reiterate that this is just for basic questions if you do have anything more complicated then please give our support call our support line a call.

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