Occipital Nerve Stimulation Migraine Treatment Relieves Jessica's Chronic Migraine Headaches

Author: Reed Migraine

I'm Jessica Fernandez. I started getting migraines around high school, late in high school. I just didn't really know what they were. My family didn't go to the doctor all that much. My nurse actually thought I was having a stroke and I had no idea. Finally, I went to college and I was diagnosed with migraines.

From there I started taking ... Trying one-by-one each preventative because they were so debilitating, I wouldn't go to class. My family has always had this mindset, never give up.

I was going to Baylor and I got it done. Every summer school, I may have gotten it done with all C's and studying 18 hours a day just to try and make the grade because I had to get it done with this illness that I had. I found out about Reed Migraine through my neurologist. She said that there's this procedure that helps ... That could possibly help me and I get to try it. She wanted me to look into it. I've looked through the website and have looked ... Typed in different things, all different testimonials and I thought that this could really help me.

I kept my eye open for a seminar and found one. My experience with Reed Migraine started mostly with the seminar. I go in and I see some wonderful ladies who are so sweet and so welcoming. They had the light stem and it was at Forest Park Medical Center. Mostly we sat and listened.

Occipital Nerve Stimulation Migraine Treatment Relieves Jessica's Chronic Migraine Headaches

We heard testimonials. There was time for questions and I learned so much about this procedure that I couldn't find online. I got to meet other people who are going through the exact same thing I was going through which is amazing.

I think it's a huge reason why the seminars take place. After the seminar the next morning, I had my initial consultation with Reed Migraine and they determined that I had tried everything, that I had tried Botox, I had tried preventatives, I had tried Triptans and that all of these things just didn't work for me. After that, it took about a month to get my trial stimulator approved, a month to get it and approved through insurance and another month to get my permanent. But the most important thing I think that stands out about Reed migraine is the people that work there. My doctor, the surgeon that did my surgery, Dr. Will, was amazing, completely understanding, so friendly, so understanding. He answered every single question I had, always so patient. Every person that you talk to from the second you walk in the door to the second you leave to every nurse, every doctor, every person that calls on the phone and people who deal with insurance, I have never had a bad moment with them.

I knew that I just needed to establish whether or not it worked. Then I had the permanent done a month later which is apparently a long time to wait for the permanent. By the time I was about to get the permanent done, I was just such in a horrible place. I was taking so many Codeine. I had got put on medical leave from work because I was gone so much regardless of how much I tried and what hours I tried to be there, I just wasn't doing my job. Both my employer and myself knew that.

I was on medical leave and I was just waiting for a call from Reed Migraine to say, "Hey, you know, we got it approved." It was a Monday, I got that call and they said, "Okay, when do you want to schedule?" I said, "As soon as possible." They said, "Next week." I knew going into that office that I was definitely going to go through with the perm. There was unfortunately just some mistakes with my insurance company and ... But the people at Reed Migraine were completely on top of it. They called me and said, "You know what? They turned it back to us. They didn't even read the whole document. We gave it back to them.

It's been expedited." It's amazing. The staff that you have ... It's amazing, the difference that the staff makes.

It was honestly, the best thing I've ever done mostly, because it gave me my life back. It gave me my family back. I'm not grumpy all the time.

I have two cats that I actually want to play with now. I go out with friends. That hasn't been available to me for six years which is a huge time to go without having your life.

My parents really noticed the difference. My mom wasn't there for the trial. My mom was just shocked. She says, "Even your eyes look different." She says, "I haven't seen a sparkle in your eyes for years." I think it impact them maybe more than it impact me because for them not to see their child in constant pain is a huge gift. Now that my migraines can be fixed by just turning up the stimulator a little bit instead of taking medicine and waiting for it to kick in and dealing with the side effects. Now that I have that, I can continue with my life. I want to go back to school. I want to go back to grad school.

I want to get a job that I'm more into and now I can do that because I have my full effort, my full thought going through with it and that's what it's allowed me to do.

Occipital Nerve Stimulation Migraine Treatment Relieves Jessica's Chronic…

I'm Jessica Fernandez. I started getting migraines around high school, late in high school. I just didn't really know what they were. My family didn't go to the doctor all…

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