O Que Sua Língua diz Sobre sua Saúde? Você vai Gostar de Saber!

By: Natureba - Curas Naturais

THE Most of us do not think of our languages daily. They are one of the most important parts the body that are normally neglected: to eat something really hot. Like other parts of the body, the tongue may show signs of illness or trauma to It tells us that something is not right. Being able to recognize the seven signs associated to their language can help you to know when something is wrong: If your language is cracked A crack in the middle of your tongue You can develop with age. If you notice small cracks in your language, they are probably harmless. These cracks can be passed genetically. However, if the slot is accompanied by swelling of the face or lips, you should consult a doctor. It may be an indication of a rare disease Call Melkersson-Rosenthal syndrome.

If your tongue is white or whitish A thick coat and white on your tongue is a sign of a yeast infection called oral candidiasis. It is more common among children and adolescents, but it can also happen to people who wear dentures, they have a system They are weak or immune taking antibiotics. If one applies to you, visit the doctor to find out how to treat it. If you have sores on your tongue His tongue may be injured due to bites or due to small ulcers.

Most tongue ulcers appear, due to stress and acidic foods. If the sores do not disappear within two weeks, make an appointment with your doctor. These sores can also be a sign oral cancer. If your language has edges If rolling the edges of your tongue are wavy, it may mean that your language It is swollen. The swelling causes more press against the teeth. This usually happens when something more It is wrong with your body, such as allergies, a thyroid problem, fever or dehydration. Go see your doctor to find out what It may be causing the swelling.

If your tongue is pink and irregular If your tongue is pink and irregular, you You have no reason to worry. Small irregularities in their language They are called papillae. They are responsible for the recognition taste, sweet, salty, bitter, etc; of different substances.

O Que Sua Língua diz Sobre sua Saúde? Você vai Gostar de Saber!

If your tongue has spots white white spots that appear on the side or under the tongue can be a sign leukoplakia, a reaction to an irritation long-term in their language. The constant irritation causes cells the affected area may be multiplied more than usual, creating a white spot. It may not always worrying, but can be the starting point for the development cancer later. Check with your doctor to make sure that it's nothing serious. If your tongue is red and you have a fever If the language is with a red color dark, accompanied by high fever, please contact your doctor immediately. It may be a sign of scarlet fever - infection throat with a rash - or Kawasaki disease, which affects the blood vessels. Kawasaki disease is an autoimmune disease, not contagious, found in children eight years old.

If your child is with these symptoms, take it to a doctor to ensure that it be treated properly.

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