O Epstein Barr virusu

Author: Valerija Đurđević

Good day! Here I am today with the ongoing subject we started with several previous videos. And that is the subject of Epstein-Barr virus who is responsible for my thyroid disease. For my alleged subclinical hypothyroidism that I had, as you could see in my previous videos, healed by changing my diet and taking certain supplements. Today I wanted to talk about a very important thing and that is too see what exactly is Epstein-Barr virus. I have to point out that I'm not a doctor and that I'll be talking from my layman experience. From my body experience and from the experience I got from reading many medical journals.

But mostly from what I had read in a book I mentioned a few times it changed my life, the book Medical Medium. The author is Anthony William and to him I'm most grateful because he got my life back in my hands. Well, he shortly explained.. Of course, anybody who is interested can buy the book and read in detail all about all sorts of illnesses caused by EBV. I'm talking about thyroid disease at the moment because I recently redone all my lab tests and convinced myself as well as people around me that my thyroid is not ill but was in fact attacked by Epstein-Barr virus I got who knows when, maybe as a child.

And got mononucleosis at the age of 16. Well, here it is... Epstein-Barr virus exists from the beginning of the 20th century but doctor duo Epstein and Barr discovered it in 1964. And basically it exists in more than 60 sorts. However, the first virus species are those that are less developed and are slowly progressing. You may have a weaker sort of this virus and never find out you have it.

It may never cause you any particular problems. However, the problem are other sorts that had evolved and mutated over the years and decades. They had developed various hybrids and sorts. In the book it is stated that there are 6 groups of EBV, and in each group there are about 10 sorts. As I said, the first group is the one you may never have problems with until you're maybe 70 or 80 years old when you'll maybe start to experience chronic muscle pain you'll not be able to know where it's coming from or you'll have, I don't know, joint pain and you'll not think it's the work of this virus. Or maybe you won't even feel any health issues as far as the virus goes.

O Epstein Barr virusu

The second group of Epstein-Barr virus is the one a bit advanced. You will feel it's presence at the age of 50 or 60. And virus from that group is advancing more rapidly from one phase into the other. Third group is even more aggressive and you'll feel it's negative effects in your 40s.

The fourth group are even more aggressive species when you'll feel it's devastating effect on your body in your 30s. I think that's my group. Fifth group are viruses that attack people in their 20s, they rapidly advance from first, to second, third and fourth phase.

Fourth phase is also the final phase. So, that's the fifth group, it affects you in your 20s. And final, sixth group, the most aggressive. It attacks small children and infants.

And usually illness of these children is misdiagnosed as leukemia, viral meningitis, or something like that. That's it as far as the groups go. Of course, when you'll analyze your life, or if you'll relate to something in my videos or if your life will correspond to what I've said or gone through in my life and if you get tested on Epstein-Barr virus and realize you have it, the book Medical medium can be a good reference as to what sort of virus is attacking your body and to which group it belongs. You can than adapt accordingly. Anyway, the EBV has 4 phases, and depends on the virus group from the 6 groups I mentioned These are the variables that will affect your destiny because I'm sure everybody has stress in their lives. Stress can not be avoided but it can be successfully managed. Anyhow, there are 4 phases of Epstein-Barr but modern medicine haven't yet discovered it.

The lab test that would show that the Epstein-Barr virus lives in our organs in not yet invented. If they can't find it in our blood and no acute infection is present the doctor will tell you that nothing's wrong with you. So, that's the big secret and mysterious affect of Epstein-Barr virus. I'm not sure, somebody pronounces it Epstein-Barr. Just like Einstein, the Americans say it differently than we. It's not important. You understand me.

Google it. I'm not here to share this knowledge just for the sake of it for you not checking all the facts just because you think I know something better than you. I'm just sharing what I found on the internet, in the books, and what I've experienced in my life. And I've experienced 3rd and 4th phase of Epstein-Barr virus in my life. 3rd and 4th phase I already experienced 2 years ago, in summer 2014.

I'll be talking more about it in some other video, now I want to stay on the topic of Epstein-Barr virus and my hypothyroidism experience. In 2014 I've experienced trouble with my TSH levels for the first time, the TSH levels went up but it did not go above the limit. The levels were about 4, and the lab test tolerance limit was about 5. There are different sampling and diagnosis methods from lab to lab, and this lab tolerated normal range to 5,60 and I had 4,60. So already at that point doctor Toljan told me that stress had been affecting my thyroid and that's when I started to change my diet, change my life and implement stress management. And in 2 and half months time I've decreased my TSH levels to 2. Actually 2,1 which was perfect. Later on I disregarded the whole thing, however it came back in 2016.

When TSH levels went above the range limit, to 5.8. I was under stress again, of course. We always think we're invincible. When we experience something for the first time we think to ourselves "Ah never mind, I now beat this" and just go on with your life but actually we're supposed to relive something to learn it completely and I sure learned my lesson. I'll not allow this anymore to happen to me. Especially now when I know what is actually going on.

I sensed through my intuition that it was all due to stress, but behind stress which is actually just a trigger, the real cause is Epstein-Barr virus. I'm not upset at all by this revelation, I am very happy to have learned about it. I'm happy to know that this virus no longer has the power over my body. I can proudly say "I'm healthy as fuck" and I no longer plan to give it power over my life. In 2014 I've also felt some symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome. However, nobody diagnosed me with it, I just felt inexplicable fatigue. I even didn't remember to link this with previous enormous fatigue I had experienced when I suffered from mononucleosis.

That fatigue was the worst case of tiredness ever in my life. When I was laying in the hospital for 3 weeks it was hard for me to go to the bathroom in the room, that's how tired I was. That was beyond horrible. I've felt very similar in 2014. I've just finished a big european project and exhausted myself completely.

Basically, I've felt so tired I couldn't do anything for a while. Thank God it didn't last long. But, nevertheless, I have experience with it.

Now with the help of this book I've realized it was 4th phase of EBV. However, it doesn't scare me because it can be healed. There are foods and supplements in the book that are the cure. There's all about how to kill this virus, how to control it, how to maybe even get rid of it from the body completely. I'm convinced that I'll get rid of it completely out of my body. And that's all. That's my experience with thyroid issues. I would like to close this thyroid story, I'll answer your questions if there will be any.

And that's it as far as thyroid goes. I'm continuing this motivation program, I plan other health subjects but also subjects on improving life in general. Spiritual subjects, subjects on universe, our soul, our Higher Self, meditation, universal laws that are valid here on Earth... And many, many more interesting stuff, you can all take whatever piece works for you in order to improve your life. I'll also talk about chronic fatigue syndrome. How I've beat it and handled it without realizing that it was all in fact caused by Epstein-Barr back in 2014.

But here, if somebody is now suffering from it, this person can maybe listen to my advice from my experience. I'll share ways how I've helped myself the fastest. I think that the support from your loved ones is most important. With love and God's help everything is possible. So, I hope this video was inspiring, useful and informative.

I hope that you'll listen to all of this with your open hearts and minds. Simply put all of this I shared with you on a test, your intuition test. Start from there.

You don't have to listen to a word I say and you can take nothing seriously. On the other hand, you can try, you have nothing to lose. I wish you all the luck!.

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